Have A Hassle-Free Family Travel With All-Inclusive Vacation Packages

Are you planning for a trip with your  family and not too sure how to go about it and where to begin? Is planning this dream family trip giving you the scare because you are not a travel agent, and you don’t want to miss anything? Your feeling of making a mess in your bookings and travel plans is quite normal. We all go through that especially when planning for a family trip because you’re not responsible to only one’s travel plan but all!

Don’t fret. Planning for the trip of the lifetime can still be achieved without you having to sweat and worry. This is the right time to consider booking a complete “all-inclusive vacation package” that will work for your family’s travel plans and needs.

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An all-inclusive vacation package is the type of travel package if you want accommodations and meals, entertainment, activities, tours, airfares, airport shuttles, and anything else you can think of to be included in your travel without the hefty price tag of having to book those one by one.

There are a myriad of online travel agencies offering complete holiday packages for the whole family of all ages. One of those agencies is Webjet and it offers Webjet Exclusives that caters for all-inclusive travel packages.

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They cover all parts of the world so you can choose from many destinations that would satisfy your family’s travel goals. You can book a complete vacation package that will include a train ride in Europe, or some fun and sun combination in a cruise to the Caribbeans! The choice is yours to make.

Being a former travel agent, I highly recommend families to go for the complete holiday package to avoid any mishaps in missed reservations, unconfirmed airline seats, and price variations of hotels and tours. It can be daunting to book them yourself one by one as the tendency to miss something is highly probable especially if you haven’t done much booking and traveling. Let the experts manage your bookings and reservations with your family’s all-inclusive vacation package.

The Travel Bug Has The Bug

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on February 20, 2018

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Well, I am not invincible much as I try! I have been down since Valentine’s Day and I got the flu bug, the nasty one. I was a kid when I remembered getting this sick over a flu. And come to think of it, I was perfectly fine up until around 6 PM on Valentine’s Day.  I still managed to come to work last Thursday for half a day since I wasn’t really too well already. And Friday-Saturday went like a blur as I stayed in bed the whole weekend.

I went to the doctor last Sunday and got my swabs and blood checked. Yup, I got the bug and from whom and where, I don’t know.

So, I’ve been confined at home since Thursday afternoon. I can only peek at civilization every now and then when I am awake. But I will be ready to report for work come Thursday. My whole week has been a sleeping marathon while my body (mind, and spirit) takes the much needed time and rest to get fully recuperated. Well, the doctor said the flu bug should be gone in 3 days time as long as I regularly drink the medications she has prescribed.

This Travel bug may not be going anywhere anytime soon with all these crazy bugs floating around. I think I will stay put for the time being.

If you’re traveling or planning to travel right now during the peak of the flu season, you may want to consider having yourself checked and be vaccinated if you like for anti-Influenza just to be safe.

How To Keep Your House Safe While You’re Traveling

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My family and I are big travelers. We always make it a point to travel together annually to our choice-of-the-year destination. And with that, we often leave the house by itself during our week-long sojourns. Are we concerned about our house’s security? Definitely! But we’re not really that scared about someone breaching the security and safety of our home because we live in a high-rise building with a tight security personnel and system everywhere. No one is allowed to come in as security system is in place so you can check if your home is safe from breaking in and unexpected accidents. That gives us the chance to do home security audit when we come back from our leave.

How about if you don’t have the same living conditions as ours? Here are some tips to help secure your place while you are on the go.

Cancel or put a hold on your subscriptions while you are away

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One tell-tale sign of an empty house is the number of unattended subscriptions and mails piling on the gate or your doorstep.

If your subscription has an option to put a hold while you are away, avail of that. If not, maybe you can ask a relative to swing by and collect the mails on a regular basis. You can also request your trusted neighbor to pick them for you only for the duration of your leave.

Secure your premises with security cams and motion detector lights and alarms

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Security cameras are deterrent to thieves let alone a combination of alarms and lights that will get triggered when the security system is compromised. Some security cameras have features where you can track them on your smart phone and can disable and enable other security features with a click.

Install alarms in your doors, gates, and windows to ensure that your place will be secured while you are away.

These types of security is really worth investing and I will definitely recommend that.

Have some of your relatives or trusted friends to come and house sit while you are away

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I have friends who leave their keys to us so we can check on their place and bunk in if we want to just to keep the house secured while they are on a long vacation. You can do the same. Have an entrusted friend or relative come over and stay while you are on a sojourn to house sit and keep things running even when you are away. This is another way of having your subscription issue sorted.

Keep some lights on

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Whenever we go on a long vacation, we keep some lights on in the house to give off the impression that someone is in there. We usually leave the kitchen, back yard, and few rooms on to illuminate the house and give that lived-in feel.


So, if you embark on a vacation with the whole family and you want to secure your home, follow these tips and enjoy your vacation without the worries!

How to Prepare Your Exams While Traveling

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on February 18, 2018

Pretty much every student knows the struggle: the finals are approaching and you have that overwhelming need to move away from the campus and travel somewhere. Perhaps it’s going to your hometown to see your old friends and family that gives you strength, or traveling to see the other cities and other countries you’ve never been to before that makes you happy, but the thought remains: what about my exams? Even though studying and traveling rarely mix well, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to combine the two and get great results.

Timetables and schedules are important

This is incredibly important; it’s useless to spend weeks working hard on a paper or an assignment that’s two weeks from now and just completely forget about something that’s due the next day. Read the timetable carefully and make a list of all your assignments and tests with dates in bold, clear writing, and put it somewhere you can see it, for example, your closet. Think of these as your deadlines which you shouldn’t miss for the world and work your way around them. The first step is reviewing your travel itinerary and looking for available times for studying. Make a study goal and a study plan while you’re traveling to ensure that you have all your tasks covered, even if it means waking up a bit earlier or going to bed a bit later than usual.


Take a good look at your schedule and pencil in some time for studying every day. This can be particularly challenging when you’re on holiday because there are so many other things which you’d rather do, but you shouldn’t fall prey to the temporary pleasure. The time you have is precious and it should be planned and used with care so that you manage to do everything: have fun, have some rest, and study. When you feel like you’re losing motivation, take a short break to remind yourself why you’re doing this in the first place and think about your aims, goals, and plans for the future. It’s okay to miss a field trip and complete that paper that’s due tomorrow – you’ll be proud of yourself for this accomplishment.


Stay healthy

It’s common for those who travel to eat out, especially when traveling with friends to an exotic new destination. There’s going to be plenty of fast food and sweets, but that doesn’t mean that you should completely forget about nutritious home-cooked meals. Eating healthy food is an important part of self-care, and you shouldn’t forget about this, as being healthy will allow you to focus on your studies better. Whenever you can, pick healthy meals with fresh vegetables and soups, and drink plenty of water. Take a walk at least once a day and try to get enough sleep every night – you will feel better and study more efficiently.

Find useful platforms

With the rise of the internet, you’re able to find great sources for your papers and classes and keep in touch with professors and classmates. When you’re unable to attend a lecture, you can borrow notes from a classmate, but wouldn’t it be great if you could find reliable notes online? Luckily, you can – there are several platforms you can use to find useful notes, or even upload some of your own and help other people (not to mention save some money for future travels too). Websites such as Stuvia, Nexus Notes, and Think Swap allow you to buy and sell great university notes, which will help you stay on track with your classes even when you’re not able to attend certain lectures.

Check your internet access

This is especially important if you’re traveling overseas and you’re not sure whether you’ll have a good connection or not. Some students only need to go to a café and order something to drink and are comfortable enough to spend hours there working on their assignments, but if that’s not your cup of tea, you can always check out the local library and use their internet to upload anything important and/or send emails. If you’re really stuck, you can always use your mobile phone, but seeing as how roaming fees are incredibly costly, you might want to avoid that altogether.

You’ve already set your priorities straight: you’re passionate about traveling but that doesn’t mean that you’ll forget about your obligations at school. Don’t worry, even if it takes some time and a bit of creativity, you will find a way to keep both sides of you in balance: the adventurer and the scholar, and when you pass the test you’ve studied for while traveling, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world.

Fast Weekend Getaway in Subic in a Budget

If you’re feeling cooped or has been dreaming of a weekend getaway with your family or friends without overspending, then Subic is a perfect destination for you.

Subic in Olangapo is a place in the Philippines that is teeming with beautiful beaches, mangroves, and plenty of fun activities to do. It is in the northern part of Luzon which is very close to Manila. Getting there is not very complicated if you are already coming from nearby metro areas like Caloocan, Manila, and Quezon City, and nearby towns along the North Express Way which is one of the main artery leading to Subic, Olongapo. You can either take a public transportation via bus or drive your own car for faster navigation. What ever your choice is to get there, you will surely find your way with GPS, the traditional map, by following the directions given by your travel guide or Subic Hotel booking confirmation’s details, or simply follow the street signs.



There are many accommodations to choose from in Subic. You do not have to spend a fortune to book a family room too. An example is, a family room for max. of 6 pax in Golden Slumber Resort for an overnight stay and the rate is based on today’s date in some hotel booking providers when you search for Subic hotels is only around Php 3,800 inclusive of tax. You can use the resort’s amenities like the pool for a quick dip.


(Photo credit:  zoobic.com.ph)

There are plenty of things to do in Subic while you are there over the weekend.  You can visit Zoobic Safari and experience nature up close, go trekking or even pet small animals too.

Entrance rates vary for adults and kids:

Adult: Php 545
Kid:  Php 445 (4 ft. and below)
FREE: kids 3 ft. and below

And if you buy your tickets online, you get 10% discount! (Based on Zoobic Safari’s website)

If the zoo is not your thing, then you can head on to Ocean Adventure and watch cute dolphins and sea lions perform their acts in front of many spectators. Ocean Adventure has a 4+1 promo right now which costs Php 3,155 for 4 pax and plus 1, making it a 5 pax rate! However, the rate is valid only until 16 Dec. 2016 but the reservation is not required for the 4+1 promo.


(Photo credit: chancesfading.blogspot.com)

Is your group into hiking and marveling on the beauty of mother nature? Then enjoy Pamulaklakin Forest Trail. Here you will get to walk for 30 minutes along a trail with a guide who will teach you how to follow a trail and even give trivia on some of the plants’ medicinal properties that you will find along the way.  The entrance fee is also relatively cheap.

Is thrilling activities and adventure your group’s thing?  Feel like a superhero or Tarzan as you zip through one tree to another with Tree Top Adventure’s adrenalin pumping rides like the canopy ride, superman ride, silver surfer, and others. Rates vary per ride or as combination. However, with your Php 100, you will surely have some activity to do in Tree Top Adventure.


Aside from the thrills and nature encounters, there are plenty of food outlets to try to satisfy your cravings without burning a whole in your pocket.  Check out some local food outlets in Subic and stretch your budget to enjoy your meals.

Hotshots – a Garden Fresh salad will cost your Php 179 and the Filipino Style Barbecue is only Php 159.

The Coffee Shop Restaurant – known  now for their coffee but for their giant tacos for only Php 90!

Or you may even try the ubiquitous McDonald’s, Jollibee, amongst others.

So, stop thinking about that weekend trip you have been longing to take and just do it! Having fun with your family or friends need not be costly as you can split the cost amongst other members of the group so everyone gets to enjoy and save too! Happy trip!


Planning a Trip to the Mount Rushmore State

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on February 15, 2018

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The USA is such a vast place that it can often be difficult to choose just one place to visit. While some people opt for a road trip, skipping from one state to another, many of us have responsibilities back home that means we have to limit the period of time that we’re away. If you’re going to visit just one state, why not consider South Dakota, otherwise known as the Mount Rushmore state? Here’s everything you need to know in advance of your trip!


Now, South Dakota is 380 miles long and 210 miles wide. With this considerable sizes comes relatively dramatic variation in weather and climate from one region to another. For general travel purposes, you can expect South Dakota to be split into two different climates. The Eastern region has a humid continental climate. You expect a humid atmosphere and moderate precipitation. The Western half is perhaps preferable, with a semiarid steppe climate. This means that you can expect plenty of sunshine and low levels of rain.

Where to Stay

As with any state, there are various options at hand when it comes to accommodation while you are away from home. The key to a successful trip is to find something with plenty of room, comfort, and sufficient amenities. You will probably see various hostels advertised. But the low costs that come hand in hand with these come at a price. You won’t be able to expect a room of your own or even a toilet or wash facilities of your own. For something reasonably priced but with privacy and comfort, consider a hotel along the lines of Comfort Inn & Suites Custer. There are poolside facilities to lounge at and accommodating guest rooms to settle down in at the end of the day. You can also look forward to extras such as Wi-Fi, free parking, a fitness centre, a business centre for any meetings you may have arranged, and plenty of reading material (such as local guides and a daily complimentary newspaper).

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Things to Do

Mount Rushmore

Of course, South Dakota’s main attraction is Mount Rushmore. Nearly three million people visit the site every year. So how should you go about seeing this tourist hotspot from the best angle possible? Well, if you want to avoid the crowds, give the months of June, July, and August a miss. This is the season where most people have vacations booked and time off work, so it figures!

If you want to learn more about the figures carved in stone, you can also take a Presidential Road Trip. A specially devised itinerary will take you along a route stopping off on all sorts of historical sites pertaining to the presidents.

Black Hills National Forest

While you’re in South Dakota, you should make the most of the natural beauty of the area. Start with the Black Hills National Forest. You may not be able to make your way around all of the best spots in a day (it’s an astounding 1.2 million acres of trees). As well as taking in the landscape and scenery, you can take part in all sorts of activities such as hiking, rock climbing, mining, and taking a look at the local wildlife. If you want to stay a little longer, you can even camp in the area!


As you can see, South Dakota holds a lot of potential for any wanderlust-stricken traveller. So add it to your travel bucket list!


How to Plan a Second Honeymoon for Your Anniversary

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on February 14, 2018

If you’re happily married, one of the best ways to celebrate your relationship and feel good about your past and future together is to plan and go on a second honeymoon. You don’t have to spend a fortune or break your budget to plan a trip for yourself and the special someone that you will both enjoy. Instead of spending a ton of money on an exotic destination or simply getting a hotel room in the nearest city, put a little effort into planning and make your second honeymoon something that you can remember for the rest of your life.

First, make sure that you get to your destination in style. If you have to fly, try to find a flight that will let you sleep during the trip so that you don’t start your second honeymoon on cramped and tired legs. Better yet, travel by trail to your destination, which allows you to relax and take in the scenic views while you dine in style and get to where you’re going quickly. If you’re staying in town, spend a little extra to ride in style, thanks to a local provider of luxury cars. For example, if you need a Hummer limo Virginia, find a respected company like ABC Luxury Ride to help you find the car to fit your romantic mood. By the time you arrive, you’ll already feel like this has been a special trip.

Next, find an activity or two that the two of you can do together to make some very special memories. Pick something that will be both exciting and memorable, preferably something that neither of you has ever done before. Go horseback riding or zip-lining, or take a hike up a nearby mountain or in a wildlife preserve. If you live near a lake or river, consider going on a boat ride, kayak, or white water rafting. The excitement of these activities will help to create lasting memories and make your marriage even stronger.

Finally, make sure that you leave some time that you can simply spend together. Get a nice room where you can have all of the privacy that you want. Don’t get too busy having fun together that you forget the whole point of this second honeymoon together. Make time that just the two of you can celebrate your marriage and happiness.