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Posted on April 28, 2017
I’m a wanderlust. I love to see new places and experience culture of other countries around me. Traveling is one of my biggest favourite things to do, next to shopping. I used to be a travel agent. It was during that time when I realised that traveling was, is and will be a part of my life. I am also blessed to be in the airline industry where my insatiable need to travel is fed. Otherwise, my dream to see the world will just be that – a dream.

My husband and daughter share the same passion I have with traveling. We have our annual family trip where we pick the country to visit and explore according to our budget. We don’t travel in style. We’re lucky if we get upgraded to business class but we don’t mind wherever cabin we are in. Although sitting in business class will be a great plus especially if we are traveling long-haul.

Taken last Feb. 2014 at the Grand Central Terminal, NYC


We have been to many countries in the span of 17 years. I tell my husband that we will keep doing this as long as we can, and as long as we are financially able. I don’t want to see the world when I am old and grey. I want to enjoy all these while I can.



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