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Kolbice – Affordable Tasty Sausages in Budapest

When my colleague and I traveled to Budapest last September, we didn’t know what their staple was except for their love for paprika. I did some digging and found out that there are many food to taste in Budapest. And one of them are the tasty sausages in a cone they call Kolbice.

Our hotel is just a stone’s throw away from this small food outlet that sells tasty sausages. The sausages are small like a cocktail sausage served in a cone bread with sesame seed and some seasoning of your choice like . The food kiosk is called Kolbice. They serve nice Hungarian street food and the sausages are really nice!

I ordered a Classic as I am not sure about having spicy sauce to go with it so I just asked for a mayonnaise. My colleague and I loved the cone bread with sausages. The sausages aren’t so salty. The mayonnaise added a nice flavour to the whole meal. I wish I ordered more! The price is also very affordable considering it is filling. I paid 990 HUF which is around US$3.30. Not bad if you’re eating several sausages served in a cone.

So, if you’re visiting Budapest for the first time, check out the Kolbice and order the nice cone bread with sausages.

This is the shop just near the entrance of the Arany Janos Metro Station in Budapest.

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Unexpected Places To Travel To For Your Sweet Tooth

Posted in food, food trip, places to visit for sweet tooth, travel tips
on February 15, 2017
When it comes to organizing a trip, there are many factors you take into consideration. For example, what landmarks are situated in the local area. And what the weather is like at the time you want to travel. But for some people, food is at the top of their list. After all, traveling means you get to experience lots of new tastes and flavors that will tickle your tastebuds. And the diet can go out the window when you are on your holiday! However, a lot of people are left perplexed when deciding where to go on vacation for great grub. Therefore, here are some unexpected places to travel to for your sweet tooth.


Millions of people head to Thailand every year for their travels. And while it’s most known for its lively capital Bangkok and it’s wealth of beautiful temples, the food is also pretty impressive. And in particular, the desserts will leave your mouth watering. Khanom Krok is one you need to try. The crispy coconut cups come with a range of toppings and are consumed piping hot. Also, bua loy is another treat which will tickle your fancy. The steamed taro with sticky rice balls are smooth and soft. You will find them at restaurants and markets alike. And you will also find a wealth of jelly type desserts. For example, Luk Chub and Woon Bai Toey are both satisfying desserts you will want to try.


While you might know Singapore for its rich culture and history, food is also another reason why you will want to visit the country. With influences from Thai, Chinese, and Indian, the food is delicious to try. And if you want to please your sweet tooth, you will want to visit one of the many bakeries and cake stores in Singapore selling delicious treats like coconut buns and cheesecakes. For example, you ought to head for a cheesecake at the Cat and Fiddle. In fact, you can find out more about them at Or you might want to go and try a donut which the locals tend to enjoy at breakfast time. And don’t forget to try their peanut brittle which is to die for.

New York City

There are many reasons why people flock to the city that never sleeps every year. For one thing, the landmarks like the Statue of Liberty are to be seen at last once in your lifetime. And you might love to go and watch a play on Broadway. But food is often not one of the top reasons why people go to the city. But it should be on the top of your list. After all, there are dessert shops a plenty in the heart of the city that you will want to try. You can enjoy huge sundaes which are full of delicious sweet treats. Just look on to discover some of the delicious treats that you can find in the city. And don’t forget to head to Brooklyn and Queens too as there are some delicious dessert shops you will want to visit.

And Europe is also great to visit to fulfil your sweet tooth. Paris and Amsterdam are just two that you will love to visit with delicious treats on offer.

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My Top Countries for Delicious Food

Posted in food, food trip, travel tips
on November 4, 2015
One of my favorite things to do, when we’re traveling, is try new food. It’s a great way to explore somewhere new, and you can’t stick to what you know when you travel. I can try things I wouldn’t be able to have at home, and I can learn about dishes that I can try to recreate myself. It also helps you discover more about your hometown because you might look for restaurants serving new cuisine when you get home. There are many countries that are fantastic for food, but some are better than others. Here are my top destinations for eating your way through your vacation.


The countries in Europe have very diverse cuisines, but one of the best places to go to has to be Spain. The different regions have their own cooking, so you can get varying experiences, depending on where you go. Eating in Barcelona could be very different to eating in Murcia. There are some of Spain’s most famous dishes and produce to try, from paella to Iberico ham. Of course, you can enjoy the great tradition of tapas, where you can have lots of small plates. I love this idea because it means you can try lots of delicious things at once.


Like Europe, you can find a diverse range of foods across Asia too. Thailand is always held up as one of the best countries on the continent to visit for food. I agree that Thai food is some of the best in the world! You can find some fantastic street food to start with, just by wandering around in the right places. But the cuisine goes all the way up to more upmarket restaurants, where you can enjoy some gourmet food. Traditionally, Thai cooking has to have the flavors of spicy, sour, salty and sweet.



Another European country famous for its food, Italy has spread its cuisine all over the world. You can find delicious Italian dishes everywhere, but there’s nothing like enjoying them in the country where they come from. People often think of pizza and pasta when it comes to Italian food, but there’s more to it than that. You can try so many things on a visit to Italy, from bread to cold meats. Taking a food tour with, or even having some Italian cooking lessons, is a great way to explore the cuisine.


India is another country where the food can vary from one region to another. You’ll find very different food in the north and in the south. In the north, meals are based on roti bread, while in the south they eat rice. Even from one town to the next, you can find interesting differences. Like Thailand, you can find both delicious street food and upmarket restaurants. And there’s everything in between available too.

I can’t go traveling without trying new food, and I always encourage my daughter to try too. I can’t wait for my next trip to taste some exciting new flavors.

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Breakfast at Carluccio’s in Mirdiff City Center

Do you want to have a hearty meal for breakfast? How about enjoy a quiet breakfast early in the morning in Mirdiff City Center? I’m not even talking about tasty meals yet but just given the 2, I would consider and that is the reason why my daughter and I drove all the way to Mirdiff City Center to have our breakfast.

Carluccio’s is an Italian diner style eatery which is in the mid-range bracket. Comparing to other diners, Carluccio’s is still affordable.

So, why do we like this place? Food, price, serving size, customer service and ambiance are the factors that make us come back.

For our breakfast, my daughter and I ordered the following:

Colazione – This is your choice of eggs with grilled turkey bacon, sautéed mushrooms, grilled
tomato and toast.

Berry Crepe – This slightly sweet crepe with various berries as filling

Ham & Cheese Crepe (take-out order) – Thin crepe with turkey ham and cheese filling.

Chamomile tea

Tropical Smoothie – A mixture of banana and mango smoothie. This tasted a bit weird for me because I haven’t mixed banana with mango yet.

Tiramisu cake for my daughter’s dessert

Acqua Panna water

Our total bill was around AED 159 after discount. I used my Entertainer coupon to get another meal free (which ever has the lower value from breakfast meal). Not bad.

My daughter and I liked our orders and we were both satisfied. The food serving is just right, the taste is good (not too bland nor overpowering with salt, pepper or any spice) and the service of the crew is superb. I will definitely come back here for another round of our healthy breakfast, next time with the hubby!

My recommendation: 4 spoons and forks out of 5 (5 being the highest)

Carluccio’s in Mirdif City Centre is located at the 2nd floor, South Walk.

I was not compensated to do this review. My opinion is 100% mine and may vary from yours.

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Chopsticks in Sahara Centre, Sharjah

We love eating out and trying new delicacies from all over as long as our taste buds can take them. We found Chopsticks in Sahara Centre in Sharjah few months ago when it was newly opened in the new extension of the mall.

We were offered 25% off on our entire bill as their promotional offer that time so we decided to give it a try since we love Asian Fusion type of cuisine and they served mainly those kinds of meals.

What I like?
The serving is just right. We can order for 2 and actually can feed around 4 people.
The taste is right; cooked just the way I prefer. The vegetables were not soggy and over cooked and the viand were not overpowering with MSG or sodium.
The serving is perfect. We can actually feed 4 people with all our order.
The quiet ambiance.
I like the courteous and friendly staff.

What I don’t like?
I think, if we weren’t given an discount, I would find their meal price a bit expensive.

The ambiance:
Spacious with lots of red and black decors and motif.  It is a quiet place maybe because we went there around 4 p.m. so it was not crowded at all. Pipe-in music was not too loud and the lighting is ok.

The food selection we ordered:
For appetizer:
Shrimp Blast –

Main Course:
Chicken Fried Rice
Orange Crispy Chicken
Beef Broccoli


The price:
I paid around AED 150++ for the whole entree. I was unable to save the receipt so I couldn’t provide the exact amount but we were given 25% so it was a good deal for us.

The staff:
The staff are all friendly and accommodating. They served with a smile and were happy to provide our requests for extra water, tissue papers and condiments.

My recommendation:

I have to give this a rating of 4/5. You should check this restaurant out. They have a branch in Dubai Mall too.

*I was unable to take some photos to put in this review. I will update this when we dine in Chopsticks again.

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Colors Cafe in Deira City Centre

My daughter and I ate in this restaurant few years ago but I didn’t know that they serve breakfast and lunch buffet. Last 27 April, a friend invited us over for a lunch buffet there. The price was amazingly affordable which was AED 33 each adult and kids pay AED 16. I did not ask the age limit for a kid to be considered a kid though so let’s just assume it is below 12 years old.

The choices are international. The lunch buffet consisted of lentil soup with garlic bread and arabic bread, salad bar, fried rice, barbecue chicken, baked fish fillet with cream, vegetarian pasta, steamed vegetables, and the dessert which consisted of pineapple and watermelon cutlets, gelatin cake and chocolate fondue. The buffet served comes with choices of soda. Water is not free.

The food is okay. I liked the baked fish a lot! I find the vegetable spaghetti bland and the combination of the fruit choices and chocolate fondue is definitely a no-no! So, if you happen to have lunch buffet there, don’t make a beeline in the dessert area unless they changed it.

The environment is family friendly and non-smoking. If you wish to smoke, you can sit outside and dine al fresco.  The interior is rather dark but it’s okay because it’s lively with lots of people passing by as it is located near the main entrance of the mall.

The staff are ultra friendly and very accommodating. I will definitely come back even if the dessert portion was a bust. I was satisfied!

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