New York – My Favorite Fall Destination

The slight drop in temperature and the cool breeze blowing to my face is a pleasant respite from the extreme summer months of the UAE. We normally don’t go anywhere aside from the Philippines during summer because of our work and the request of relatives back home to visit them. So, our family annual trip’ destination usually falls on the beautiful, cool weather of autumn.

We have spent autumn in Munich, Istanbul and New York. I would say, New York tops my autumn go to place. The weather can be chilly and balmy at night but I love the cold weather. Autumn in Europe is fine too but I just don’t feel that certain autumn charm that New York has.

Here are the reasons why I love New York in autumn:

1. The trees in Central Park are bright and colorful with different hues of orange, red, yellow and brownish/burnt sienna tones of leaves.

2. The sky is clear and sunny and the air is crisp.

3. Nice time to have picnic at the park.

4. People watching while enjoying a hot cup of joe.

5. I don’t get tired walking around in boots!

6. The city is bustling again because summer campers are back.

Don’t you just love NY in autumn? I think I am biased. I just love the place no matter what season of the year.

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