Vacation Is Over

Breakfast at Bryant Park, Manhattan

Our 10-days vacation is over so soon. It seems like yesterday when I was freaking out because I wasn’t sure whether we would push through with the trip or not. There were so many hiccups but in the end, we all found ourselves in wintery New York last March 27.

Hubby and my mom-in-law flew from Manila and were able to catch the second flight from Dubai to New York. My daughter and I, on the other hand were already in the first flight which arrived around 08:30 in the morning, NY time.  I was really worried because I was not sure whether my hubby and mom-in-law got in the second flight and thank goodness for inflight technology, my hubby texted me while he was cruising at a high altitude via the aircraft’s mobile technology. After getting hold of him on the phone, I took a sigh of relief. So, we just waited for them in the arrivals area of JFK International Airport for 6 hours. I was comfortable waiting than exposing myself and my daughter by taking the subway. My cousin had told me so many untoward incidents lately and it wouldn’t be safe for my daughter and I to travel the subway just by ourselves with a big luggage to lug around. No sir!

We enjoyed our stay despite of the extreme cold. My sinusitis was very active the whole time. My face flushed and cold. My lips cracked and my fingers turned violet for some time. I didn’t realize that the weather could be that harsh when we thought it was already spring. So, I was expecting a spring kind of temperature. Now I know.

Niagara Falls, US

Niagara Falls is another story. The neighborhood is a sleepy and yet industrialized town. We went to Niagara Falls (US side) twice because the first time was an epic fail. We went there on April 2 around 9 in the morning. All we saw were chunks of ice floating and mist coming from the falls. The pavement was slippery too and we didn’t get a close look of the falls. I was a bit disheartened because we flew all the way from Dubai just to see the marvelous falls. However, God is really good. Last April 4, the weather improved a little. It was still very, very cold but at least, it wasn’t tundra-like in terms of temperature. So, we headed back to the Niagara Falls State Park and enjoyed the falls at a closer proximity. It was breath-taking!

I’ll be posting pics soon. I just have to clean up the mess, unpack, and collate the pics from the camera. I will be posting reviews of the 2 motels/inns where we stayed at. They’re not very fancy and my expectations were totally nil. However, I will give a very detailed review about them so if you decide to visit Niagara Falls, you will consider whether to stay or not.

Well, it’s good to be home again. I still want the vacation to be longer but the funds are getting very, very low.

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