The Rise Of Travel Popularity In The US

If I were to refer to the earlier decades of American society, I will have to say that only a small fraction of the population owned a passport. Americans were not known to explore other countries except their own soil. Back then, Americans view traveling as a privilege of the rich because it is an expensive activity. Geography also plays a big role on why American refrain from stepping outside their home soil. The US is a big continent and everything one can possibly see and experience (weather-wise) is all in one place. And lastly, that fear of the unknown outside their own comfort zone. The connotation that the world is a scary place seemed to have thrived in the older generation. Hence, traveling was not that popular and the least activity one would engage to.

The advent of the internet, social media and documentaries on places around the world aroused the curiosity of many younger Americans of this generation. Gone are the days when Americans used to save for their retirement and never for travel.  More and more Americans are now booking on the flights outside the US and the statistics below will show how much traveling in the American mainstream has grown.

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Traveling has become a favorite leisure activity of Americans and this is because of the myriad of travel packages being offered at a very good price over the internet. Despite of the recession, there are still plenty of travelers coming from the US going to the other parts of the world and this will still continue because traveling is no longer for the affluent. Everyone can now book their flights and enjoy the world.

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