Why Does Japan Appeal To Us?

I haven’t been to Japan yet. I want to explore that country but have been pushing it aside for many years now until this year because we cancelled our European trip. Putting practicality over our desire to experience the Christmas Markets in Europe, Japan was clearly the best choice.

There are many reasons why we love to go to Japan. Barring any natural calamities, it is still one of the eclectic country to visit in Asia and it has so many to offer to tourists like us.


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It is located in Asia and being an Asian and having lived half of my life in Asia, I can somehow feel comfortable in the territory. It is also an island similar to my home country – the Philippines. It is like coming to a new “home.”

My family loves to travel all over. We love to explore famous and new places in each of the countries we visit. And what is not to like in Japan? They have Disneyland there! Aside from the theme park in Tokyo, they have pagodas in the middle of sprawling and well tended zen gardens and ponds that I admire and palaces that belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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They have a famous landmark there that resembles the popular Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

It is also home to the beautiful Mt. Fuji, a volcano that sits in Honshu. It has been a site of pilgrimage in Japan for many years and the peak of the volcano is inviting for the thrill-seekers as it is accessible year-round.

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It boasts of renowned shopping districts like Akihabara (electronics), Shinjuku and Harajuku which are both famous for fashion-forward  boutiques and the fish market called Tsukiji.

Japan is very rich in history and culture. It was once an ally of the oppressor and after WW2, it bowed its head to the world and never partake in any offensive tactics again except for military support and exercises.

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The culturally rich country has numerous kabuki shows to boot. It has tea ceremonies, beautiful traditional kimonos and a wide selection of delectable Japanese cuisine to enhance your palate.

There are still plenty of reason why Japan is appealing. The people are unique, the language is exotic and the whole country is interesting.

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