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Take A Hike: The Best Mountain Getaways In The World

If you are looking to getaway, there are all sorts of places that you could choose to visit. From stunning lakes, to beautiful beaches, to gorgeous gardens and serene cities. The world has a lot to offer, and we’re about to make it peak.

Mountain ranges offer a lot to a traveler – an exhausting hike, adrenaline filled climbs, relaxing walks and incredible vistas and panoramic views. Mountains are a once in a lifetime experience and the more that you can visit, the better.

Health reasons might put you off visiting something like Everest, or K2 – which are reserved for the adrenaline junkies! It doesn’t matter though, there are still plenty of places to visit in the highlands of the world that won’t put you at risk!

Let’s head to Italy – and the Vigilius Mountain Resort in Tyrol. It’s away from the modern world and you cannot get in with a car – in fact, you’ll have to travel to the getaway via a cable car. The resort itself is completely car free and very eco-friendly. If you need to getaway from the stresses of modern life, Vigilius is where you need to head to. You’ll be able to take in the Dolomite mountain range, untouched forests and clear springs. In fact, the fresh water of those springs is said to have healing powers! If that doesn’t work out, head up to the local church – which has been there since the 13th century – to complain to the Almighty. Head to for more info.

Another untouched destination? You’ll need to head a bit further out. Wildflower Hall in the Indian section of the Himalayan mountain range is one of the best resorts in the world, and it’s up a mountain! It looks like it was designed in a fairy tale and feels very much like an antique. If you’re an adrenaline junky, you can find a lot to enjoy – from climbing, to trekking to white water rafting. After all the excitement, enjoy some spa treatments and soak up the unique views.


Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is among the most famous mountains in the world. It’s not exactly a resort, but it’s certainly a climbable mountain. You might need a guide on some of the harder routes,, but the so-called ‘Coca-Cola route’ shouldn’t be too taxing, demanding more from your patience than anything else.

Sparkling Hill resort  is something to get you started in mountaintop resorts. It’s one of the best in the world and you’ll be there multiple times throughout your life. Overlooking Lake Okanagan, there is a lot to take in, but you can also enjoy the inner workings of the resort – which has a stunning indoor pool with access to the vistas of the range. Like Wildflower, Sparkling Hill contains a spa, so you can get out and hike – while taking a step back when you get back. The natural beauty on offer in this part of British Columbia cannot be matched.

For your next getaway, get out – but get up. Mountains offer some of the best experiences in the world.



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Let’s Go Adventuring! Four Vacation Ideas For The New Year

Christmas is almost upon us, and most of us are too busy preparing for the festive season to remember the fact that the new year is nearly upon us! As difficult as it may sound, try not to get totally lost in your Christmas festivities. Remember that this time of year isn’t all about eating sandwiches made of leftovers and drinking more than is probably good for you. It’s also a time of renewal, of the slate being wiped clean, of fresh starts and new possibilities. Here are some ideas of vacations that you could go on in 2017 to extend your horizons and learn new skills.
Go Skiing

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If you hate the winter, then trying out a winter sport is a good way to learn to love it. A lot of people have already tried out skiing, but if you haven’t, go to your nearest practice centre before you go away! Be prepared that you might take a few falls but make sure that you have your helmet on, and chances are you’ll be fine. It may be cold but you’ll be wrapped up warm and the skiing will keep you warm too! Not only will you get fit and healthy learning to ski, but the views will be incredible.

Learn A Language

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Is there anything in the world that feels more romantic than flying to Europe to learn Italian in Italy? Learning languages is extremely difficult unless you’re immersed in them, so it’s a great idea to take a vacation to learn for a week or two. A lot of language schools teach in the morning before running an afternoon activity in the city you’re in – or you could spend the time you aren’t in classes by yourself, learning about a new city and trying to practise your new language skills.

Take a Writer’s Retreat

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If you’ve always thought that you had a novel inside you just waiting to be written, try going on a writer’s retreat. Take your laptop, go away alone to a remote cottage, and immerse yourself in writing. Take walks each day to make sure you get some fresh air and inspiration and to admire the scenery around you in your chosen destination. You could also go on an organised writing retreat, where you can learn from fellow writers and a number of author mentors. Make sure that you don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Giving yourself definite aims by the end of the week or a word count that you must hit won’t be helpful. Coming home with fresh determination to write is all you need.

Find Yourself Through Yoga

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Take a trip to India to learn yoga in an authentic environment. If the stresses of the modern world are lying heavily on your shoulders then it’s time for you to try to discard them and learn how to destress. Yoga is great for both your body and your mind – strengthen your core muscles, eat some good food, and feel yourself calm down and learn how to relax.

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Making the Most of Your Safari Holiday

Posted in adventure, African trip, safari, travel tips
on November 5, 2015
tree trees safari

Many people book a safari trip without really knowing what they’re letting themselves in for. They don’t really do much research and, as a result, they don’t know what else is on offer. There’s much more to a safari adventure than just driving around the desert. There is so much to do and see that I’d hate for anybody to miss out. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of fantastic things to do while on safari.

If you’re thinking about planning a safari holiday, or are not yet convinced, read on for my tips on making the most of your trip.

Explore The Desert

Okay, let’s start with the obvious, shall we? Safaris may not be as single-minded as many people think they are, but it still has its main attraction. That is encountering wild animals up close and personal. It’s an experience that you can’t put a price on, really. Being accompanied by a tour guide will keep you safe in on the desert plains, and you get to see so many marvelous creatures in their natural habitat.

When it comes to your regular safari, you have two choices: a driving tour or a camping trip.

A Hummer Safari is by far the most popular choice. People probably just feel safer knowing they’re inside a vehicle and able to escape if things get sticky. However, as long as you follow the instructions of your tour guide, safaris are perfectly safe. That’s why some people choose to get the most natural experience possible – with a camping trip. It may seem like a crazy prospect, but it can be such a rewarding experience. Being surrounded by nature – with none of the distractions of modern life – is incredible. Read my list of reasons as to why you should consider a holiday in the wilderness.

Go Snorkeling

If you think that everything you need to see is just above ground, you’d be wrong. In fact, there are so many amazing experiences to be had underwater. There’s a reason so many people have snorkeling on their bucket list, you know?

Beneath the surface, there’s thousands of different tropical fish to be found. An assortment of colours and shapes await you. It’s almost like being on another planet – visually breathtaking. Make sure you read tips on staying safe when deep sea diving, though.

Experience the Culture

There may be some days that you don’t feel like exploring much. That’s okay, too. There’s plenty of time for adventure on other days. A common misconception is that there’s nothing else to do on a safari trip, and that’s not true.

Most countries also have standard holiday resorts. If you’re staying in a hotel, you can take a day of rest instead. Spend the day in the spa, or on the beach, or sitting idly by the pool. Take a few good books, and you’ll be able to recover quickly for your next round of African adventure!

There’s also plenty of new food, music and people to experience too, so make sure you don’t miss out on that, either!
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Amazing Reasons You Should Go For an Adventure in the Wilderness

Posted in adventure, outdoor activity, wilderness
on October 30, 2015
A lot of people love the idea of holidaying in the great outdoors while others hate it. I have to be honest, the idea never really appealed to me. I was worried that I had become too used to my creature comforts, and that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy anytime in the wilderness. But, I was, of course, completely wrong. And I’m here to help you change your mind, and to convince you why you should go for an adventure in the wilderness.
I mean, of course, you’ll need to be sensible and prepared. Safety is paramount, and you will have to figure out tips for a safer camping trip. Being out in the wild is not something you should take lightly, but can be hugely enjoyable. These are some of my top reasons why you should go for an adventure in the wilderness.

Push Your Boundaries
Perhaps you’re the sort of person who always likes to play it safe. I can relate because I used to be like this when I was younger. But the brilliant thing about an adventure in the great outdoors is that it encourages you to push your boundaries. You’re going to need all the relevant gear for an outdoor adventure to help you do this. So make sure you visit Ridgemont and have a look at what they have on offer. You need to be tolerant and understanding of things you would never normally encounter. And this can be a great way of increasing your experiences and pushing your boundaries. By the end, you’re going to be glad you decided to do it.

Bond With Friends
I would always advise you to make sure you take people with you if you go on a camping trip. The wilderness can be treacherous and lonely. And it’s important to have people you trust around you. Another huge advantage is the fact that it will give you the perfect opportunity to bond with friends. You will share experiences and achievements that are unique. And this will help to strengthen the bonds of friendship you already have in place. It’s a brilliant way to become stronger friends with someone.

Do Things You’ve Never Done Before
There are many things in life that I feel are important. And one of the big ones is making sure you try new things. Experiencing something you’ve never experienced before is crucial. It can really help you to grow and evolve as a person. So you need to make sure you try to do this whenever you can. An outdoor adventure will give you the perfect opportunity to do things you’ve never done before in your life.

Take a Break From Routine
It’s vital to take a break from the routine and mundanity of everyday life. Holidays and breaks from formula matter. They help us to get our minds clear and they make life a little more interesting. Being out in the wilds and having to fend for yourself is a great way of taking a break from the norm. It’s something completely different that you may never have done. And it’s important to experience changes from normal life. It makes everything more interesting and enjoyable.

So, these are my reasons for taking an adventure in the wilderness. It’s something that I suggest you try to do as soon as you can. It’s something everyone should experience at least once in their life. Try to do this as part of your next planned break.

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Scary Bridges in Illinois

Few days from now will be Halloween. People who love the adrenalin-pumping activity of ghost-haunting will certainly enjoy the thrill of seeking new places to visit and check out for some ghouls-haunting.

Haunted houses are already a cliche! How about haunted or scary bridges in Illinois? Why Illinois? Well, Illinois is filled with plenty of weird and mysterious places dating as far back as early 1800s. Some stories have been circulating for a long time and others maybe new or just some rumours. Whatever it is, Illinois is packed with weird places to discover and if you love thrill – venture to the mysterious and haunted bridges of Illinois.

This list is just a few of the scary bridges found in Illinois and a brief description:

1. Crybaby Bridge, Monmouth

(Photo credit:

Story circulating about this bridge is that a mother drowned her unwanted infant under the bridge. People say that they can hear a baby’s cry when passing the bridge.

2.  Witch Bridge, Clarksdale

There are rumours about a family’s fate who lived in a small cabin near the bridge. Story about the family is that the father killed his family and hung himself. There are also stories about a zombie dog guarding the cabin near Anderson Cemetery.

3.  Airtight Bridge, Coles County

The bridge got its name for the aura of “stillness” the bridge exudes especially when locals claim that vehicles will stall when approaching the steep hill leading to the bridge. It is as if there are more air than gas in their tank. Also, few decades ago, a decapitated body of a woman was found near the bridge.  The case was never solved and has remained a mystery over the years.

4. Bessie Little Bridge, Ridge Street

The ghost of a pregnant lady named Bessie Little frequents this haunted bridge as locals claim. She was murdered while she was pregnant here by her boyfriend who was also her killer.

5.  Tindle Bridge, Fremont

The ghost of a murdered lady roams this area and cries for help. Another victim was found across the field near the bridge.

There are plenty of other bridges in Illinois that will surely scare your socks off! Venture and beware!

(Reference: and

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Explore Nature’s Edges with a White Water Roller Coaster

Photo credit:

The idea of being outside is becoming foreign to many people who work in office buildings for faceless soul-sucking corporations. In fact, Americans are working more now than they did in the 1970s, and that means that they have less time to play. While they are stuck in the office, their creativity is fading, and their humanity is slowly leaving them. Aside from human contact outside of work, people need to be connected with nature, and one of the best ways to do that is with white water rafting in Colorado’s Royal Gorge.

“Last Child in the Woods”

One author proposed that kids are losing something because adults are taking all of the edges away. While parents are signing kids up for sports and flattening forest to make playgrounds, they are taking the edge away from the parks and the places where children play. They are in essence making life and children dull with the automation of scheduled time.

Children need places that are wild where they can explore. Go to a playground and watch where the children are. Sure there are many of them on the equipment, but after a rain, there will be just as many in the puddles, and if there is an edge to explore, kids will congregate around that area. They move the grass at the edge and look to see what is underneath, and it is this exploration that helps them learn.

Nature’s Roller Coaster Ride

Lilo and Stitch claimed the waves to be the Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride, but for those who are landlocked, or aren’t interested in fighting with the ocean, white water rafting in Colorado’s Royal Gorge can provide the same kind of thrill that surfing does. You will have more safety equipment, but calling it a roller coaster is a misnomer. Roller coasters provide the same ride time after time. White water rafting provides a different experience each time that you are on the river. It depends on the rainfall recently received and what else is going on both in the area and in the region. That can make for a stunning ride.

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Whitewater River Rafting Can Be an Unforgettable Experience

Photo credit: yahoo images

When you go Royal Gorge river rafting, be prepared to get wet and have the time of your life. Colorado’s Royal Gorge is known the world over for its incredible scenery and its fantastic white water. There are class III, IV, and V rapids, depending on the time of year. There is a minimum age to run the river and when the water is high, you should be in good physical shape. You can run the river for half a day or a whole day, and if you still have some energy left, there is a zip line you can play on as well.

Gear and Guides

All the gear you will need to enjoy the white water from a raft is provided. There are splash jackets, personal flotation devices, helmets, and wetsuits and river boots as well. With every rafting trip, there is a safety support kayak that goes along if extra help is needed along the route. All of the guides have years of whitewater experience, so you can be confident that you are in good hands while you are in the raft and on the river. 

Extras and Excitement

Between the live music on the weekends, the available helicopter tours, gift shop, and company photographers catching your rafting trip, your trip will be one you will never forget. The pictures they take can be made into a CD for you to take home and show your friends how brave you were and how much fun you had. The rapids you will navigate through on a Royal Gorge river rafting trip are Spike Buck, Shark’s Tooth, Five Points, Salt Lick, 3 Rock Falls, Single Dip, Double Dip, and Kamikazee, among others. If you are the adventurous type and have no fear, book your whitewater rafting trip in the early part of the summer when the rapids are turbulent and the water is running fast and high. If not so much excitement is comfortable for you, book your trip in the middle or just past the middle. It will still be fun and exciting, but the water will not be so high and won’t be flowing as fast as it was earlier in the season.

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