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4 Day Travel Guide to Western Australia

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Do you have an upcoming short trip booked to Western Australia and you want to be absolutely sure you make the most of your time there? If so, we’ve got you covered as we’ve put together the perfect four-day travel guide and itinerary. This guide highlights the very best that Western Australia has to offer and gives you a real taste for the region, the culture, and the adventures.

Take in the Sights at Perth

Founded 200 years ago, Perth just so happens to be known as Australia’s sunniest capital city, so you can bet you’re in for some fabulous weather here and it also acts as the perfect home-base for a four-day tour. Situated right on the ocean, you can enjoy all aspects of beach life and then explore the city when you’re ready for a break. There is no shortage of restaurants, bars, shopping, and parks. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous you can even sign up for a swim with the dolphin adventure.

Speaking of adventures, Perth features some of the most rugged and raw landscape that you can find. This makes for some pretty exciting adventure activities and sports. Finally if you happen to be a foodie, this area of Australia is well-known for its wineries. You may enjoy a tour of a winery and a tasting of course.

Be a Part of Nature

How would you like to be a part of nature? When you head to The Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk you will be one with these towering trees. These are some of the very tallest trees on earth, never mind just in Australia. These trees, called Tingle Trees, are the perfect spot for a treetop canopy walk that snakes through 600 meters of forest.

The experience is both exhilarating and peaceful all at the same time. It’s a wonderful way to get a 360 degree view of Australia’s beautiful and unique landscape. If you’re heading to this walk from Perth be prepared for about a 4.5 hour drive, so you may want to spend the night in a nearby town and turn this into a full day-trip.

A National Park That has Been Two Billion Years in the Making

No trip to Western Australia is complete without a trip to Karijini National Park. This is easily one of the most awe-inspiring natural attractions in the region, possibly the country. It has literally been two billion years in the making, and features stunningly clear rock pools, deep and rugged gorges, and peaceful yet powerful waterfalls.

Besides taking in the beauty there are also a number of activities to enjoy in the park such as paddling, hiking, swimming, camping, four-wheel drive tours, and more. You can book a tour that leaves straight from Perth making it convenient.

The World’s Most Majestic Mammals

Before you cap off your four-day tour of Western Australia, you’ll want to be sure you book a whale watching tour from Perth with WA Fishing, These mammals are known for frolicking through the area from May all the way through to December.

Four Days Just Isn’t Enough

One thing that is for sure is that at the end of your four day journey you’ll wish you had more time in this lovely and intriguing area of Australia, as four days just isn’t enough.


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Your Australian Adventure Begins: Discover Victoria

If you’re planning on an Australian adventure this year, and plan to visit Melbourne, expand your trip throughout Victoria. As Australia’s most densely populated state, it offers a thriving cultural scene, along with unrivalled coastal and wildlife experiences. Everything is easily accessible, within a few hours drive. Fly directly into Melbourne Airport from numerous worldwide destinations.


You can’t visit Victoria without spending some time in its capital city. This sprawling metropolis is located on the bay of Port Phillip and expands outwards to the Dandenongs, Mornington Peninsula, and Yarra Valley. Take the City Circle Tram which stops at many areas of note. Grab a coffee on the banks of the Yarra River. Melbourne boasts the highest density of cafes and restaurants in the world, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.

A unique way to experience the city and everything it has to offer is via the Eureka Skydeck. This is the tallest viewing platform in the southern hemisphere and provides outstanding views of the city and surrounding areas.

Shopaholics will love Queen Victoria Market. It is one of the largest open-air markets in the world and is open five days a week.


Located on the Yarrowee River in the Grampians region of Victoria, Ballarat is a short drive from Melbourne. Hotels like The Lake View Hotel in Ballarat provide a friendly and comfortable stay. Enjoy the elegant buildings of Victoria’s largest inland city and immerse yourself in its rich history. Here you can enjoy theatre, fine art, and delicious local cuisine. Or explore the banks of Lake Wendouree and stroll around the stunning botanical gardens.

Dandenongs And Yarra Valley Wineries

Wine buffs will love exploring Victoria’s wine region. Sample the local wines and take in the magnificent views by hot air balloon.

The Dandenong ranges are just an hour out of Melbourne. Visitors enjoy discovering this area on foot, by car, or by Puffing Billy, the area’s historic steam train.

The Great Ocean Road

Travel light and take a trip along the Great Ocean Road from Torquay to Allansford. This is one of Australia’s most famous road trip routes. You’ll drive through stunning coastal towns, rainforests, and under canopies of lush trees. There are lots of isolated beaches to discover, along with lighthouses and thick forests. You could spend at least a week travelling this route and still not see everything.

Yarra River

The banks of the Yarra River are a great place to dine as the light begins to fade. The city’s lights are reflected in the water as you eat at one of the region’s most sought-after restaurants. Cuisine covers everything from traditional fare to French, Italian, and Japanese. There’s plenty of choice and something to suit all pockets.

If you’re considering a trip to Australia, be sure to take in the stunning Victoria region with its bustling cities, stunning coastline, and beautiful forests. You can shop, hike, surf, eat, or find an isolated beach and while away the days. Each member of the family is catered for in terms of food, accommodation, and activities. And you’ll be assured a warm Aussie welcome.

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Making Australia Your Best Trip Yet

Posted in Australia, travel, travel tips
on August 4, 2016

Australia has something for everybody, whether you want to relax on some of the prettiest beaches you’ve ever seen, or see some amazing sights. Australia can be travelled on a luxury budget, but it’s not impossible to do it when you’re short on cash either. You just need to be smart. Whatever you require, it’s possible to make Australia your best trip yet. These pointers will help you to plan a trip you’ll never forget:

Consider Working As You Travel

If you want to travel Australia indefinitely, as many do, then it’s a good idea to consider working as you travel. You won’t need to turn up with a fortune in your back pocket. All you’ll need is a working visa so that you can get work, save up, and travel around. However, you want to avoid the trap of staying in Sydney and only ever associating with the backpacking crowd. This is what many people do, and they never end up saving more money to travel or seeing any of Australia properly. Many people who have worked and travelled Australia admit that they worked more than they travelled and absolutely loved it. This could be an option for you if you’re unable to save the thousands you need to make your way around.

Shop Around For Your Flights

Always shop around for your flights. The flights to Australia will always be the most expensive thing about the trip. You may need to look into connecting flights, or flights from different airlines to find the best deals. Using a comparison site will help you to do this with minimal hassle.


Arrange Airport Transfer In Advance

Arrange your airport transport in advance to get to where you’re going with minimal fuss. All the major airports will have this available, so make sure you book.

Don’t Forget Your Visa

Everybody will need a visa to visit Australia unless you are a citizen of New Zealand. Make sure you apply for your visa in plenty of time so you don’t experience any delays.

Get Through Customs Safely

Getting through customs as safely as possible will help you to avoid delays and any hassle. You will need to be aware of what you can and can’t take through. It goes without saying you should leave any dangerous items at home. You will also need to declare your cash if you’re taking more than $10,000.

Always Take Out Insurance

Always take out insurance. Australia can be an amazing place to visit, but it can be dangerous depending on what you’re doing. Regardless of whether you’re taking part in exploring and adventure sports or not, you should take out an appropriate level of insurance cover to protect you. You never know what could happen.


Know Climates In Different Areas And Plan Accordingly

Different places in Australia have different climates. Some have very hot temperatures, while others will be freezing cold. Plan and pack accordingly. You’ll usually still need to take a high SPF with you to avoid burns, as you can still get burns from the sun when the weather is cold. You don’t want sun stroke or anything like that to ruin your trip. Stay hydrated too!

Research Accommodation

Research your accommodation to make sure you find what you are looking for. If you’re a backpacker, you’ll be able to find plenty of backpacking hostels to accommodate you. There are hostels that offer more of a party atmosphere, and some that are quieter. If you’re travelling in luxury, look at places like this Sorrento accommodation so you know what is available to you.

Create The Perfect Itinerary

Create the perfect itinerary for yourself so you know what you want to do and when. Don’t be rigid here; leave a little room to do your own thing and explore, as you’ll definitely find things to do once you arrive. It’s OK to stray from your itinerary for something worthwhile. If you don’t feel confident creating one of these yourself, find one online and go from there. You can use it or edit it as you see fit. Learning from somebody who has already done it is a great idea!

Australia is a popular place for tourists, with good reason. You’ll likely change as a person once you’ve visited Australia. You’ll experience a new culture and learn so much. You’ll also make memories that last a lifetime. Whether you’re a backpacker or a luxury traveller, these tips apply to you. Good luck and have the most amazing time!

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Not Your Usual Australian Vacation

Posted in Australia, destinations, places of interest, travel tips
on July 19, 2016
If you have wunderlust like me, you probably like to see the more unusual side of the places you visit. If you are thinking of going to Australia anytime soon, make sure you get to see the many weird and wonderful things that this amazing country has to offer with my guide below.

Don’t forget Tasmania

Poor old Tasmania, it often gets left off of tourist merchandise because it’s not part of the Australian mainland! But is is an Island state of Australia and just a short trip from the southern coast. Tasmania’s is worth visiting for a number of reasons. Firstly you should check out Sheffield. It’s used to be a town on the verge of extinction, but the locals got creative by creating their own tourist attraction to reinvigorate the place. What they did was to paint lots of murals on the size of the houses, making the town a living artwork.  Then there is Hobart, Tasmania’s capital city. It is the oldest city in Australia apart from Sydney itself, and its a great mix of history and beach. Check out Battery Point, where you can get a ‘back in time’ experience surrounded by all the Victorian architecture.

Cattle Stations


Another unusual thing to do while you are in Australia is to visit the cattle stations on the Kimberley, in the North Western Territories. Some of them are so large that they use helicopters to drive the cattle! You can stay on a ranch and get an authentic taste of what life is like out there, as well as explore the amazing scenery and wilderness. Whether you fancy camping out under the stars or a luxury lodge is more your style, you can find some more information about station stays Australia on the internet.



Another place to check out while you are in North Western Australia is Broome. A town with a fascinating history of pearl farming, there are a few thing that you don’t want to miss here. Visit the traditional Japanese Cemetery, a leftover of the early pearl trade. Or check out the Staircase to the Moon, an interesting natural phenomenon. It’s where the tide goes out under a full moon, and there seem to be steps in the sea leading up to it. The residents of Broome have realized that this is a pull for tourists and now run and craft and food market on staircase nights.

Pink Stuff

If you want to see some unusual, crazy stuff, then you just can’t miss the Pink Lake.  Located in the South West, Lake Hillier is a pink lake. No one knows why the lake is pink for certain, but seen from the air, it’s a crazy bold pink color. When you get up to the lake, of course, the water is transparent, but it’s still pink! Not to be missed!

Then pop along to New South Wales to see the pink slugs! That right they have bright pink invertebrate there. Mount Kaputar is a 10×10 km square section of rainforest that is home to species found nowhere else in the world.
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Perth: Why This Easy Going City Is Worth Visiting

Perth is the laid back city in Western Australia. As close to Bali as it is to some of Australia’s Eastern cities. With its combination of beaches, big city attractions and laid back living there is something for everyone in Perth. As this city is a place to visit I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can see it. There’s a few tips as well as some suggestions of things to do. You will be booking your flight before you know it.


Visit the big attractions

Perth is Australia’s only city where you can experience a vibrant beach life and a relaxed bushland experience. The only place where you can sample fine wines while watching an ocean sunset. It’s such a diverse place. Perth is situated along the Swan River, seeing the city at night with its glittering lights reflecting in the river is a sight worth seeing. With Kings Park and the Botanic Garden, which is one of the biggest inner city-parks in the world. However it isn’t just pretty scenery this city has, you will be spoilt for choice of the amount of museums on offer. Showcasing wonderful art and architecture. If music is more your thing, then a must-see would be to head to Swan Bells. Which fills the air with sound from one of the largest musical instruments in the world. There is so much to do the only tough decision would be where to start first.

International Airport makes visiting easy

With daily flights into Perth from all major cities, and plenty of regional flights coming and going. Heading to Perth has never been easier wherever you are in the world. Australia is so expansive that you may even live there and not had a chance to visit this city. But air travel is so easy and frequent that it has never been easier to head there.

Get around by car

Whether you land at the airport or head into Perth from another mode of transport, there are plenty of ways to get around. However, the best way would be by car as the area is so big. There is car hire from Perth Airport making it easy to kick off your vacation from the word go. Not only is the city iconic but you also have some of the smaller places that are worth visiting, places like Mount Eliza and Freemantle.

The weather is great

Perth is the sunniest state capital in Australia with an average of 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. It has a real Mediterranean style climate meaning that it is warm for most of the year. However, February is the hottest month of the year. You do still get a little rainfall, but that would be mostly during the winter months of May to September. However, one of the great advantages is the sea breeze you feel in the afternoon. Making this city livable even though it is known as the hottest city in Australia.

I hope this has inspired you to book a trip to Perth in Western Australia. You won’t be disappointed.
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Gap Year Ideas: How To Spend Your Year Abroad

Posted in Australia, travel tips, travelling abroad
on May 2, 2016
Before you head off to university or college, are you planning on taking a gap year? A year abroad can be an extremely rewarding and enriching experience as it could be your very first time living away from home or traveling with your friends. There are so many ways to spend your gap year that the choice can be quite overwhelming. To help you make up your mind, here are my top five gap year ideas.

Volunteering With A Charity

If you want your year to have a purpose, consider signing up to volunteer for a charity. This usually involves working in a deprived town or city, usually in Africa or Asia. There are various ways a charity will use your support. You could work in one of their schools to educate children, or you could help out in the local community and work in local business. Volunteering with a charity will look very good on your resume and will also help you grow as a person.

Become A Ski Instructor

Do you enjoy winter holidays out on the slopes? Well, how about turning this hobby into a job for your gap year. Choose a Ski Instructor Course so you can become qualified to teach ski lessons. Then you can head off on your gap year! Working during your gap year will give you a steady source of income, so you will be able to afford lots of fun activities during your time away. Not only that but becoming an instructor is another fab way to enhance your resume!

Backpack Around Europe

Why just visit one country when you can travel around an entire continent? Europe is a brilliant place to travel around, as there are loads of countries that you can hop between. The hostels in most European countries are extremely cheap, so this is one gap year you can do even on a budget. And staying in hostels means you are bound to meet lots of other travelers on your trip! Think about booking an Interrail ticket. This gives you unlimited rail travel in many different countries.

Head To Australia

Traveling around Australia is another popular option for those who just want to travel for their entire year. This huge country has so much to see; you will certainly be busy for the entire year! Many people choose to backpack around. Most of the cities are located on Australia’s coast, and have fantastic views of the ocean. Melbourne and Sydney are very popular with travelers. But don’t forget to pop over to Perth on the west coast to sample Australian life at its most relaxed.

Study A Language

This option is especially popular with those who are going on to study languages at college. Most European universities offer summer language schools for foreign students. So why not learn a new language while discovering a new country? If you do, you’ll find you get more out of your foreign adventure!

Once you’ve decided what you want to do, it’s time to get excited!

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Six Reasons to Visit Australia


Australia is one the world’s most beautiful continents. Think white sandy beaches, sunny climate, and spectacular wildlife. Vacations range from beach holidays to city breaks, to treks in the Outback. There’s something to suit everyone. Here are my top six reasons to visit.

1. The Beaches

Australia is renowned for its beaches. In fact, it boasts some of the longest beaches on Earth. Australians take a lot of pride in their beaches and on the whole they are clean and well-maintained. Some of the most notable beaches are:

  • Bondi Beach, Sydney
  • Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands
  • Lizard Island, Queensland
  • Turquoise Bay, Exmouth
  • Byron Bay Beach, New South Wales

The list is endless, and I could go on. Most people who visit have their own personal favorite.

High season in Australia is between December and February. It tends to be a little cooler between March and May and between September and November. Low season is between June and August, when the weather is generally cooler, with rain in the south.


2. The Cities

When you think of Australia, you tend to think of beaches, sun or perhaps the Sydney Opera House. But Australia boasts some of the most cosmopolitan and vibrant cities in the world. Think Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, etc. The tricky part is narrowing it down. Wherever you go, I recommend taking a tour, like a Day Tour of Melbourne. A tour will introduce you to some of the most interesting places, people, and activities. Make sure you travel light so that you’re not carrying heavy luggage around.


3. The Aussie BBQ

The BBQ is one of the many things that Australians do well. It is a tradition. When you visit, you’ll find that most parks and public places have barbecue pits. Make sure you experience this. There’s nothing better than a warm evening, a few beers and a couple of steaks on the barbie. And as it’s Australia, they’re likely to be ostrich, crocodile, or kangaroo steaks.


4. Aussies

Generally, Australians are some of the friendliest and most laid-back people you could ever hope to meet. Expect a warm and friendly welcome.

5. Activities

If you visit Australia, you won’t be bored. There is no end to the activities, and there’s something to suit everyone. Swim or surf at the beautiful beaches. The pools are stunning too. Go for walks through the Outback or tropical forests. You can even go skiing! Head up to Mount Butler, which is about three hours outside of Melbourne, and hit the slopes.

6. The Wine

Australia is one of the world’s largest wine exporters. Make sure you sample some of the regional wines during your visit. Or better still, visit some of their vineyards and wineries. Hunter Valley is one of the oldest wine producers and boasts over a hundred and fifty wineries.

If Australia isn’t on your bucket list, I would consider adding it. It is one of the most beautiful and vibrant places you can visit. It has just about everything going for it. Expect sun, stunning scenery, friendly people, culture and interesting wildlife.
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