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Luxurio-US: An Incredible All-American Vacation on a Budget

Vacations are a perfect time to get away from it all, and live a snapshot of a life we wouldn’t normally have. They interrupt the humdrum of the 9-5 and let us experience the freedoms and interests we can only otherwise day-dream of. The US, symbolic home of Hollywood lifestyles and sun-soaked inter-state travel, can help you live out this fantasy, whilst also seeing so much of the country. Sadly, the cost of luxury can soon pile up! Below are some more budget-friendly ways to explore and enjoy the US.


Stick with the Classic – the Great American Roadtrip!

An oldie, but a goodie. The open-road still has its allure! Source.


Long the stalwart of American cinema, folk-songs, and international envy, the great American roadtrip remains as viable in 2017 as it has ever been. You, some friends, a lovely cruiser and miles and miles of road. It’s what dreams, and great memories, are made of. Nowadays you can work with companies to arrange your roadtrip if you don’t fancy the planning yourself, but there’s nothing to stop you buying a map, hiring a car, and driving off into the sunset. If you plan your route strategically, you can tick off so many states whilst experiencing little snippets of their varied and intriguing histories!


(Just before you go, be sure to sort your epic soundtrack out, to really capture the moment!)


Twist it Up A Little – Travel by Train!

Trains, and public transport in general, in the US might not have the greatest reputation but this doesn’t mean you can’t use it to travel the States in comfort and style. The greatest complaint about roadtrips is the wearing nature of driving mile after mile, so why not have someone else cover that for you? You can use tricks to accomplish inter-state travel on a dirt cheap budget, so there’s nothing stopping you from emulating the Trans-Siberian whilst taking in so much of the US’s history and culture! You’re just a haversack, moonlit night and swelling soundtrack away from your own silver-screen experience.


Midnight train going anywhere, anyone? Source.


Really Go For It – Take Over the Seas!

Boats are one of the best symbols of living in the lap of luxury. By now we’ve all seen the iconic scene from Wolf of Wall Street (or similar films) where the boat is the ultimate status symbol. If you’re already planning on hitting up some of the US’s best beaches, why not go the whole-hog and hire yourself a boat? You can find out more here about one of the best ways to snare yourself that glam lifestyle on your break. Of course, if you’ve got a little more cash to splash with this (and the other tips) you can always escalate your expenditure to really get that VIP experience!


Mega-yacht, or classy cruiser? Source.


Together these are three of the best ways to see the famous US of A, whilst keeping costs a little lower than they could be. As all of them involve travel themselves, you’re never stationary and are always finding new places, people and passions to indulge in!


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Enjoy The Beach Holiday Of Your Dreams In The Cayman Islands



When you ask someone to identify what their view of the perfect vacation is, they’re likely to tell you about rolling white sand beaches, a beautiful crystalline ocean and plenty of activities for the family to do around that. Who could blame them? In the pursuit of a career at home, or in inner-city living, the drabness can affect you after a while and leave you positively dreaming of a seaside escape.

If you’re looking for a holiday like this, you should place visiting the Cayman Islands at the head of your list. The Cayman Islands are a British overseas territory and is host to a plethora of wonderful attractions under the sun. Known for its scuba diving and snorkelling offerings, the Cayman Islands can satisfy and beach-lounger and aquatic adventurer alike. These Caribbean islands have everything you need to flourish, gain that coveted tan you’re seeking, and give you that perfect Island getaway in the security and safety of a beautiful resort.

But what else do the Cayman Islands have to offer? What can you do aside from lounging on the beach, which is amazing to do for the first few days of your holiday, but might need spicing up after a little while?


Grand Cayman

First of all, you should visit the largest and most populous out of the Cayman Islands, aptly named ‘Grand Cayman’. Grand Cayman is home to the ‘Seven Mile Beach,’ a heavenly expanse of sand that, despite what the name suggests is only 5.5 miles.

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would hold that against the beach though because what it might miss in those extra 1.5 miles, it makes up for in resounding beauty and fun to be had. The things to do at Seven Mile Beach are numerous. Bars such as the Royal Palms can help you relax and unwind with like-minded holidaymakers, while the Stingrays hosted at Stingray City allow you to experience a sealife form that many rarely get to come face-to-face with.

No matter the age, ability or demeanour of your family, on Seven Mile Beach you’re sure to smile the whole way round.




Mermaid Statue

If you’re looking for a hint of magic during your stay, the Mermaid Statue situated around half an hour from the East End of Georgetown will give you the opportunity to scuba dive and see the beautiful bronze statue herself.  Standing at an impressive 600-pounds and a whopping nine-feet tall, this is truly a sight to see. It’s likely that you’ll be stunned at the move-like magic of witnessing her in person, so be sure to arrange a viewing immediately!

There has been plenty written about how the aspiring tourist should go for more cultural holidays; ones focused on celebrating high-art, high cuisine and high historical narratives. This is fine, but sometimes you just need an undeniably fun and beautiful beach resort adventure, and the Cayman Islands provide that. However, that isn’t all they offer, as the Cayman Islands have a rich history just waiting to be exposed if you scratch under the surface. Be sure you do, and you’re sure to fall in love with this magical place.


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What Is An English Seaside Holiday Really Like?

Lots of people love to take a vacation as a way to destress and relax. This has been the case for over one hundred and fifty years in the UK. The Victorians popularized holidays on the coast when train travel was invented. Journeys to the coast were made so city dwellers could take in the fresh air and coastal activities their homes lacked. Today, millions of Brits still head down to the coast for a break. So what is an English seaside holiday really like?

Most of us have seen picture postcards of a sandy beach and kids playing with buckets and spades. Much of the English coastline, however, isn’t like this. Instead, the coastal areas can be rocky. They’re wild and rugged. They’re also home to a huge variety of sea life and wildlife that you won’t find anywhere else.

Many of the sandy beaches in the UK now form part of the seaside resorts that are popular with people on vacation. You can find golden sands and seawater paddling pools in lots of places like Southend-on-Sea and Blackpool. These big tourist hotspots are also home to theme parks, seafront cafes, promenades, and more. The attractions in Blackpool are famed throughout the country and abroad. The famous tower and ballrooms have also enjoyed a popularity revival in recent years.

Beach holidays are something most of us love. We pay a lot of money to visit hot countries with hundreds of miles of white sands and warm blue waters. England isn’t exactly like that. And most Brits will tell you they go to Spain or the South of France for that. But that doesn’t mean that England’s beaches aren’t worth the visit. Many are very clean, and they are guarded, so you and your children are safe.

During the summer months, most beaches are filled with day trippers and holidaymakers wanting to make the most of a sunny day. Deck chairs are often hired. They’re one of the most annoying, yet iconic part of any English seaside resort. You can also find Donkey rides for the kids, Punch and Judy puppet theaters and vendors selling fish and chips served in paper cones. It’s these things that make the English beach vacation so memorable.

No trip to the English coast would be quite complete without sampling some of the seafood dishes. Mussels and eels continue to be popular dishes around the London area. Both are often served in liquor so they may not be suitable for children. Cotton candy or candy floss is also widely available. Donuts, burgers, and hotdogs can be found in most resorts too.

The UK is a tiny island, which means the coast is never far from you when you visit. You can paddle in the sea, build sandcastles, and even play soccer on the beach. The sound of the seagulls can be heard miles inland, and the scent of the water is alluring. Best of all, the view of the coast of England is beautiful. Much of it is unspoiled, and all of it provides beautiful views of the sea. Enjoy your English seaside holiday.

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5 Reasons Why Beach Holidays Are The Best

Ah, the beach. Just writing about it makes me wish I was there. I’d be enjoying the warm weather. Then, playing soccer with friends and family on the sandy beach. I could even take a dip in the water to cool off! It sounds great, doesn’t it?! I don’t really need to tell you how great the beach and beach holidays are, but I’m going to anyway! Maybe if I talk about it long enough, I’ll feel like I’m there!


It’s Sunny

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Going on holiday to the beach normally has a large amount of sun involved. Anyone who’s been to a cold beach in the middle of a UK winter will tell you that it’s not the best of days out. All of the activities that lend themselves to beach holidays are so much better when it’s nice and warm. Bring your sunscreen, obviously, and make sure you stay protected out there.

Aren’t we lucky?! The world features a vast range of beaches, and we’ve got loads of possibilities at our disposal. There are some truly fantastic ones out there. If you’re planning to spend most of (if not all) your time at the beach, look at renting resort accommodation. Some packages like the ones at cebucation come equipped with private beaches so that you can get away from the rest of the crowd. We are blessed to be able to enjoy these beaches, let’s take advantage of it!


Fun For All The Family

It’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t like at least one aspect of the beach. While some people aren’t so keen on sand, they might love sunbathing. Others who don’t like swimming in the sea, are happy to kick a ball around on the beach. You might just want to take a stroll and enjoy the view. A lot of beaches also have entertainment attractions around the corner if you need a break. The family will love it, as will you.

It’s Relaxing

Going to the beach is such a relaxing activity. When you’re standing there in the sun with your friends and family, there aren’t many worries going around your head. The natural, enjoyable atmosphere is such a relaxing thing. You don’t need to worry about work, school, flights, or anything else that might be on your mind, especially if you’ve prepared properly. This is a time to have fun, so enjoy!

Swimming Is So Much Better In The Sea

Maybe I’m biased here, but swimming in the sea is so much better than any man-made pool. Alright, you’ve got to be wary of the current and anything that might swimming in there, but that’s a case of being careful. Make sure you abide by any rules in place. They are there to ensure your safety.

So there you go! Unfortunately, I still feel like a person sitting behind a computer screen. I guess I’ll be booking a beach holiday in the near future. For now, I’ll just have to daydream.

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Review – Beach Hotel by Bin Majid Hotels and Resorts in Ras Al Khaimah

Our trip to Ras Al Khaimah was an early celebration of Eid Al Fitr. It was also a nice moment to bond with my mom-in-law who had never set foot in RAK yet. The family had a great relaxing time in  Beach Hotel by Bin Majid Hotels & Resorts in Ras Al Khaimah. And who knew that a place like that existed if we haven’t checked out‘s offers? Good thing my husband saw the deal just in time so we booked few days before we went to RAK and we certainly enjoyed the weekend getaway.

Beach Hotel by Bin Majid Hotels & Resorts is a private beach-front hotel along the caramel-hued sandy coastline of Ras Al Khaimah. It’s just few hours drive from Dubai. The property is a part of the Bin Majid Hotels’ chain of properties. It has 4-stars rating with 136 rooms to boast.

What I like:

General and Service
It’s a quiet hotel and gives me that very relaxing vibes.
The rate came with buffet breakfast.
The pool area is covered with plenty of covered seating areas where you can lounge and get covered. There were enough washing/shower areas so you don’t drag the sand back to your hotel room.
There’s a coffee shop and the restaurant also serves burgers + beers near the pool area! My husband certainly liked that!
The whole hotel has landscaped gardens and the lush greenery added a calming effect to the vacationers. Even the pool area is surrounded by trees and bushes.
The beach area is well-organized with elevated sun lounges so you really have a space to sunbathe or just sit back and enjoy the view of the sea.
The caramel-hue sand around the beach was so fine and we really enjoyed the beach area. It wasn’t crowded in the afternoon towards sunset.
The Concierge agent named Susana was very friendly and accommodating. We were checked in in less than 5 minutes.
There’s ample parking space for hotel guests and visitors.

Just few hours drive from Dubai (approximately 45-60 minutes from Al Ghusais where we live to this hotel property on a Friday)
It’s located just as you enter Ras Al Khaimah and it’s easy to find. There is a signage before the flyover so you have to take the one at the bottom to turn to this property.
It’s nestled in lush greenery in a quiet beach community. It’s really ideal for a relaxing weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Rooms are adequate even for a family of 3. We booked 2 rooms (3 adults in one standard bedroom and 2 adults in the other standard bedroom).
The beds and pillows were so comfortable. This is one of the best sleep I have ever had in an hotel.
There were enough cups and glasses in the room.
The bathroom was spacious with a bidet and separate tub-shower area.
The vanity table is long enough to accommodate mine and my daughter’s laptops.
The bathroom amenities were well stocked with enough towels for all of us.
I also like the fact that it has a hair dryer.

The buffet breakfast has a very wide selection and we all loved it. We certainly enjoyed our hearty meals! Of all the places I have had eaten French Toast for breakfast, this is the only hotel where I really ate yummy French Toasts that were not so soggy and oily or buttery.  We had more than 2 slices each. It was that delicious!
We also enjoyed making our pancakes with the pancake machine. So cool!

The hotel also had selections for Arab and Far East Asian guests. You can choose some Indian food staple for breakfast if you prefer that.

What I don’t like:
Considering the features in the room, I can tell it’s an old one. The thermostat knob of the AC was antiquated that when I turned the knob to a low setting, it fell! I certainly don’t know if I returned it properly that the room remained cold throughout even when the setting was high temp. It’s because the knob was not properly aligned as I don’t know which is which.

There was no rubber stopper in the bathtub so I was unable to soak.

The small mini-bar fridge leaked.

The cabinet sliding doors were hard to slide. They kept jamming at a certain point and they were a bit heavy for a cabinet door.

The rooms given to us were 231 & 232. 232 had a city/mountain view while Room 231 had a very small view of the beach from the side.  We requested for a beach view but since there was a group booking, we didn’t get the adjacent rooms with the beach view.

No free wi-fi, not even in the lobby. Wi-fi connection for 24 hours is AED 80.

Olympic-sized swimming pool
Leisure activities such as jetski, windsurfing, scuba diving, beach volleyball, sun-bathing lounges Sports/Fitness centre
Business centre
Restaurants, coffee shop and clubs for entertainment
Landscaped garden around the hotel area

Nearby attractions:
2 kms away is the Iceland Water park
RAK Mall
City centre
beach area

Price: AED 300 per Standard Room per night, buffet breakfast included in the rate from

Some snaps in the beach area:

My recommendation: 4 out of 5 (5 being the highest)

I recommend this property to families, groups and business travelers who are looking for a quick weekend getaway away from the city life. This property, albeit an old one, has clean facilities, friendly staff, spacious and clean rooms and a breath-taking view of the beautiful beach area of Ras Al Khaimah. I don’t mind booking again as long as they give me a beach view next time!

To know more about the property, please visit the hotel’s official website.

Address: Coast Road | P.O. Box 1946, Ras Al Khaimah 1946, United Arab Emirates

If you want to book the same hotel or want to search for hotels, please book here using the search field below:

I was not compensated to do this review.  This booking was personally paid for by my family for our getaway.  My opinion is 100% mine and may vary from yours.

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Summer Sun and Sand at Ras Al Khaimah

Dubai’s temperature is soaring so we decided to have a quick getaway to a nearby town of UAE called Ras Al Khaimah. It’s less than an hour drive from Dubai. Sometimes, getting out of Dubai is what you need to unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life.

We saw some camels along the way. They’re really majestic creatures.

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is a quiet emirate of the United Arab Emirates. It also has it’s city centre but it pales in comparison with Dubai when it comes to the fast-paced lifestyle. It is more relaxing and calm in RAK.

We booked an overnight stay at Bin Majid Beach Hotel from and got a very good rate with buffet breakfast for 2. The 2 standard rooms we booked for ourselves and our in-laws were facing each other so we got to see both sides of the hotel – the seaview (in-laws) and the mountain/city view (ours). I’ll post the review of the hotel later. Meanwhile, let me just soak in the sun and sand for few more minutes before we check out and head home to a busy cosmopolitan city.

And I don’t even like going to any beach resorts! But once in a while, it’s so nice to unwind, walk on barefeet, smell the sea water and feel the warm breeze on your face. It’s all you need to recharge, really…

Ah, it may be the peak of summer but looking at the sea and walking on the beach kind of give me that inner peace I have been craving for. Sometimes, you just have to pack your bag and go… but don’t forget your shades and sunscreen!

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Beach Accessories Must-Haves

Summer is here and its time to think about the beach.  Here is my check list for a great day or weekend at the beach. Don’t leave without them!

  • Beach sandals
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Big towel
  • Lip gloss

Shannon Sandals – Beach Multi – Soft Surroundings

Shannon Sandals - Beach Multi - Soft Surroundings
This beautiful flip flop will be nice in and out of the beach area.

Shannon Sandals – Beach Multi – Soft Surroundings – $49.00, 7.95 shipping – Available at Soft Surroundings

Rogers Palm Beach Flat Sandal – 8.5/Orange/Gold

Rogers Palm Beach Flat Sandal - 8.5/Orange/Gold
Rogers Palm Beach Flat Sandal – 8.5/Orange/Gold – $77.00, Free shipping – Available at

Beach Read Rhinestone Thongs

Beach Read Rhinestone Thongs
Beach Read Rhinestone Thongs – $19.99, Free shipping – Available at

Cole Haan C 6035 Fashion Sunglasses (Brown)

Cole Haan C 6035 Fashion Sunglasses (Brown)
Don’t go out to the bright sunny beach side without protecting your peepers with any of these gorgeous eyeglasses.

Cole Haan C 6035 Fashion Sunglasses (Brown) – $29.99, Free shipping – Available at

PR 17OS 2AU3O1 Sunglasses.

PR 17OS 2AU3O1 Sunglasses.

PR 17OS 2AU3O1 Sunglasses. – $149.44, Free shipping – Available at Shop By Us

Sunglasses TY7004 TY 7004 519 12 Brown Shades

Sunglasses TY7004 TY 7004 519 12 Brown Shades
Sunglasses TY7004 TY 7004 519 12 Brown Shades – $149.00, Free shipping – Available at Nordstrom

Adult Floppy Beach Sun Hat – White – Personalized with Monogram

Adult Floppy Beach Sun Hat - White - Personalized with Monogram
A sojourn to the beach is not complete without a nice and big tote bag to handle all your beach wares!

Adult Floppy Beach Sun Hat – White – Personalized with Monogram – $27.00, 8.50 shipping – Available at Etsy

RHX Fashion Black Summer Sun Beach Floppy Hat Wide Large Brim Straw Folding Lady Cap

RHX Fashion Black Summer Sun Beach Floppy Hat Wide Large Brim Straw Folding Lady Cap
Wear a wide-brimmed hat too to protect your face and head from the heat.

RHX Fashion Black Summer Sun Beach Floppy Hat Wide Large Brim Straw Folding Lady Cap – $8.83, Free shipping – Available at Marketplace

Sunscreen Lotion Tube Flask – Easy To Fill Hidden Booze Container

Sunscreen Lotion Tube Flask - Easy To Fill Hidden Booze Container
Don’t leave without a high SPF sunscreen.

Sunscreen Lotion Tube Flask – Easy To Fill Hidden Booze Container – $9.99, 7.24 shipping – Available at Marketplace

Sunscreen SPF 30 – Cream, Baby, Chamomile & Calendula 2.9 oz

Sunscreen SPF 30 - Cream, Baby, Chamomile & Calendula 2.9 oz
Sunscreen SPF 30 – Cream, Baby, Chamomile & Calendula 2.9 oz – $13.59, 5.95 shipping – Available at

Abstract yet vibrant, this Carribean Joe Beach towel and its floral silhouettes are sure to become your favorite sun and sand accessory. In aqua/pink.

Abstract yet vibrant, this Carribean Joe Beach towel and its floral silhouettes are sure to become your favorite sun and sand accessory. In aqua/pink.
Bring a soft and big towel for cover up after a good soak in the beach.

Abstract yet vibrant, this Carribean Joe Beach towel and its floral silhouettes are sure to become your favorite sun and sand accessory. In aqua/pink. – $20.99, 4.95 shipping – Available at Bealls Florida

Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E & Peppermint — 0.15 oz

Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E & Peppermint -- 0.15 oz
And also don’t forget to protect your lips from the harsh and dry weather while out and about.

Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E & Peppermint — 0.15 oz – $24.99, See Site shipping – Available at Fullfillment By Amazon
(188 reviews)

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