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Why It’s Time For A Trip To China

China has the most spectacular and varied natural wonders, and couple with the richest culture and impressive architecture, you’ll never get bored on a trip to China. Here are just a few reasons to make it your next holiday destination.

1.  The Culture

China has a rich culture. Its language is complex, it’s martial arts are impressive, and even its tea, opera, porcelain, and medicine are something to be admired. With a history spanning thousands of years, here are a few things you have to experience when you book your China tours in 2018:

  • The food – in China, the food has special meaning and distinctive culinary styles. The emphasis is always on fresh ingredients, colour, and presentation.
  • The festivals – there’s lots to celebrate, with most festivals taking place on meaningful dates.
  • Beijing opera – this is a natural treasure that dates back hundreds of years.

2.  Natural Wonders

China is arguably more spectacular than any other country in Asia. There’s Everest, Taklamakan, Jilin’s Rime, Yangtze gorges, tropical beaches, forests, and so much more to explore. From the seven natural wonders of China to national parks, and giant pandas, you couldn’t possibly get bored exploring this country.

3.  The Architecture

China has numerous, and rather huge, modern and ancient architectural feats that exceed any other country in number and size. There are canals, palaces, the Great Wall, giant Buddhas, pagodas, dams, railways, tunnels, and so much more.

More Reasons to Visit China

If ever there was a time to visit this incredible country, it is now. The country is in the midst of an impressive facelift. In China, though, tradition counts, and you can visit amazing places like the Forbidden City, the Terracotta warriors and, of course, the Great Wall.

Go Hiking

In China, you’ll find some seriously impressive hiking trails. Whether you hike along the Great Wall, the Yellow Mountains, or Tiger Leaping Gorge, you are promised impressive scenery.

You Can Save in China

It’s easy to stick to a budget when you’re traveling around China. Lodging prices are set to suit all wallets, and transportation is cheap, too. The public transportation system is exceptional.

Local food is also highly affordable, not to mention delicious. Be sure to try food from different regions of China, from lamb and naan bread to Beijing duck, Sichuan spicy food, and a ton of other flavours.

While the food may be unfamiliar, and you may not hear much English spoken, you can rest assured you are in for a spectacular experience.

Get Ready to Go to China

China is a massive country with something to see, do, explore, experience, and taste for all ages and all budgets. If you’re looking for a trip you will never forget, now is the time to book your China adventure.



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World’s Top Scary Cliffs

Are you afraid of heights or you’re the kind of adrenalin junkie who loves daring activities while on vacation? Well, if you belong to the latter then welcome to the world’s top scary cliffs. You may want to visit them and test your fear factor.

While the views are breathtaking from the cliff area, I know that no matter how beautiful mother nature is from where I will be standing; I guess I won’t have the guts to even go there. I’ll just be satisfied looking at their scenic vista through the internet.

Daring tourists and thrill seekers may find this list helpful. Go ahead, book your next trip to the world’s top scary cliffs.

Faro de Los Morrillos, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Don’t be fooled by the beautiful white limestone cliffs of Faro de Los Morrillos. They may look solid but they could only be few inches and some may even have holes which can be very fragile. One step on the wrong limestone ledge and you will plunge to the ocean below and can become one of the many people who have perished in this place.

Preikestolen, Ryfylke, Norway 

This ledge is like a big squarish stone atop the mountain with no safety rails nor barriers to deter curious people from getting too close to the edge. The flat surface is almost 2,000 feet above the Lysefjord.

Chang Kong Cliff Road, Huashan Mountain, China 

Only wooden boards were nailed to the cliff for visitors to hold on to with added safety harness. Visitors are advised to think twice before ascending on the cliff to visit the temple attraction on the top as only one person is allowed to traverse it at a time.

Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie, China 

Here is another scary cliff attraction in China. This attraction is a cliff walk that is attached 4,000 above sea level on Tianmen Mountain. The cliff walkway is a mere 2.5 inch thick glass and 3 ft. wide which separate you from the precarious fall below.

Slieve League Cliffs, Donegal, Ireland 

Reaching the Slieve League Cliffs will require visitors to traverse the One Man’s Path. It is aptly named because only one person can wal at a time in the narrow path. If you slip, a quick tumble of almost 2,000 feet awaits you down into the open ocean. Ireland is known to have wet weather most days in a year so it is very dangerous to go there because of the misty weather which makes walking very slippery.

Cliffs Of Moher, Galway, Ireland 

The narrow paths along the cliffs are very hazardous. Plenty of visitors choose to ignore the warnings and get close to the edges and are blown off and fall 700 feet into the open ocean. Bikers are not recommended to go here because some of the ledges are unstable and some have already collapsed. However, the bold and the daring will still find the Cliffs of Moher a must-see when in Ireland.

(Photo credit: all photos from yahoo images)



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Ice Parks To Visit this Winter

Some families prefer to travel during winter time.  My family and I tried that idea but traveled few weeks before Christmas so we don’t get in the holiday rush. However, the excitement of spending winter in a different country or away from home is an inviting idea to try for a change.

If you are one of those who want to travel this winter time or would like to see and feel what winter is like in other countries, then visiting ice parks will be a good idea. I live in a perpetually sunny place so snow is so alien to us and so is the cold winter. I have been dreaming of spending winter time in a really cold place so ice parks will be a good bet to try.

Some countries will have longer winter season than others. Choose the one depending on your time availability to make the most of your wintertime vacation.

Here are some famous ice parks in the world to visit:

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in China

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is one of the most famous winter festivals around the world. It is famously known for the beautiful ice sculptures and play area for everyone to enjoy so much snow and cold in one place. It starts on 5 January 201 and will run for a month.

Harbin is located Heilongjiang Province in the northeastern part of China. The location of the place makes it a perfect place for snow and ice festivals due to its arctic climate which provides natural ice and snow.

Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival in South Korea

Taebaeksan Provincial Park in Jungang-ro Street of Taebaek-si, and Hwangji Pond Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do provide a wide array of events and activities for winter fun!  Guests can even participate in the Snowman Festival and snow sledding with the scenic Taebaeksan Mountain as a nice backdrop for the whole event.
The event runs for almost 2 weeks from January 21-31, 2016. 

Ouray Ice Park in Colorado, USA

The Ouray Ice Park is a very unique and interesting winter attractions in the world. It is a human made climbing area in a gorge in Ouray, Colorado.  The best thing about this man-made attraction is that is is free and open to the public. Many activities will run from January to February 2016. 

Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido, Japan

This is a festival held yearly in Sapporo, Japan. It is one of the famous winter festivities there that millions of visitors check out the festivities. It runs for a short period of time compared to the other winter festivals in other countries. The Sapporo Snow Festival will run from February 6 – 11, 2016.

Quebec Winter Carnival, Canada

Quebec, Canada is one of the wintry places in the world to enjoy ice and snow during the cold season. For the last 60 years, it has been home to fun and festivities due to the Quebec Winter Carnival. This year, the whole festivities will start from 29 January to 14 February, 2016.

Ice Music Festival in Geilo, Norway

(Photo credit: by Emile Holba/Ice Music Festival)

If other  ice and snow festivals in the world evolve around sculptures, this event takes on a different turn in Norway as artists are required to make a musical instrument out of ice. These ice musical instruments will accompany the artists with their performances as they use them to make beautiful melodies.

It will run from 21-24 January, 2016 in Geilo, Norway.

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Might Not Go To China

Posted in Beijing, bird's flu, cancel, China, family trip, personal, trip
on April 26, 2013

The recent news of the avian flu in China is something I cannot take lightly. We have a fully-paid package trip to Beijing, China this September but news of bird’s flu around the cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Henan.

I don’t want to take chances on that. I’d rather not go and it’s okay if the whole trip is non-refundable. Our health and safety are my primary concern.

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Next Family Trip – China!

Posted in Asia, China, family trip, travel
on April 9, 2013

This is the life of an airline staff. My husband and I enjoy the perks of traveling. The recent trip to New York is still hot from the oven and here we are, talking about and planning the next one in September.

The destination – China! We have been to Hong Kong but it is different when you are in the mainland. We will be securing our visas a month before we leave. We won’t be touring much of China, just Beijing to be specific.

Our travel package has been paid and all set. We will have to secure my daughter’s vacation leave from school too. That will be a bit tricky as she’s new in her school next school term so we’re not sure how easy it is to get the school’s permission on this. Anyway, it’s still months from now but we’re excited.

We have a fixed itinerary as outlined by the travel agency. We’ll be touring the Forbidden City, Great Wall of China and some other places I cannot remember. I just hope, the weather will be okay.

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