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Our Visit To The IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai


Last Dec. 19 was my first visit to the IMG Worlds Dubai Theme Park. My husband has been there a couple of times with his friends except for me and our daughter.

I initially thought it was very far from our place of residence and surprisingly, it wasn’t. Location wise, it is okay because it is not in a remote location. It is situated in the City of Arabia just off the Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road.

IMG Worlds of Adventure is an indoor theme park which is open year-long. It is divided into zones just like any other theme parks out there.


Cartoon Network

This zone consists of several rides and attractions such as:

  • The Powerpuff Girls – Mojo Jojo Robot Rampage ride

This looks like a very cute ride for kids but it is perfect for taller kids and adults as it turns you 360 degrees as your carriage flies you through the air.

  • Adventure Time – The Ride of OOO with Finn and Jake

My favorite of all the rides we have tried maybe because I am biased because I love the Adventure Time cartoon show. 🙂 Kidding aside, this is a fun ride for all ages. it is a monorail ride that takes you to the different areas in the Adventure Time show if you are watching it. You will encounter the many characters of the shows as you pass tunnels around the Cartoon Network zone. It is not a very fast ride so even younger kids can ride this one but always check the height restriction before you proceed to fall in queue.

  • Ben 10 5D Hero Time

I watched Ben 10 with my daughter when she was younger but the Ben 10 in this simulator ride is now a younger adult version of Ben 10. Compared to the other sim rides I have taken in other theme parks, I find this attraction a bit “too much” for my senses; hence the 5D. The other rides where just 3D and 4D. This one tops the chart in terms of giving you a thrilling simulated ride. I think it’s an OK ride but maybe the sound can be reduced a little. I just found it to be too loud.

  • The Amazing Ride of Gumball

I am not familiar with this cartoon but the ride is like the Buzz Lightyear in Disney where you zap some characters and earn points while riding a moving car.

  • Lazy Town

There are several rides and attractions in this area. I didn’t venture here as much as I have in the other parts.

  • CN Live Shows


There are plenty of pressed coin souvenir crank machines all over the park. be sure to get one (or more)!


My husband liked this zone a lot. I definitely understand why after visiting it. It has rides and attractions most Marvel fanatics will truly like and enjoy.

  • Avengers Battle of Ultron
  • The Hulk 3D

This is a 3D motion-seat attraction with a cinematic feel while you watch Hulk and The Avengers battle their foe.

  • Spiderman Doc Ock’s Revenge
  • Thor Thunder Spin

I didn’t ride this because I don’t think I’ll manage due to the spinning movements. I suggest, when you visit, ride this before having lunch or dinner. 🙂

  • Avengers Flight of the Quinjets

You have to eat here! I love how clean the food tastes, not too salty but savory enough to tickle your fancy palate.

Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure

  • Predator

The super loopy rollercoaster ride in this zone is epic! I didn’t ride it because I don’t think I have the guts to but I am pretty sure it is perfect for the thrill-seekers and adrenalin junkies out there who loves a ride that not only has several loops and twists and turns but has a 90 degrees drop. Yes, 90 degrees! No thanks!

  • The Velociraptor

What starts inside the park goes roaring and twirling outside! If this is your type of adrenalin rush, then this ride is for you.

  • Forbidden Territory

This is like a cart on tracks where you go through the Forbidden Territory to see the dinosaurs. It has height restrictions so be sure to check before you fall in queue with your smaller kids.

  • Dino Carousel

This is a good ride for the young, and young at heart. The carousel are made of cute dinosaurs instead of the common horses that you see in ordinary carousels.

  • Adventure Fortress

This is like your jungle-gym but not the typical one because it has towers, ladders to climb, tunnels to go through, and slides. Kids will enjoy this place with an adult supervision. So, if you have kids who have limitless energy, this is their place.


IMG Boulevard

Just like most theme parks I have visited in the past, the IMG Boulevard stands at the fore of the entire premise of IMG Worlds of Adventure. From there, you will find shops, coffee shops, and other food kiosks to satisfy your hunger.

  • The Haunted Hotel is also located here.

My husband said it is just okay for those who liked to be scared a bit but not scared-stiff. It is not a ride though. You walk through the hotel and encounter some scary characters in certain areas. Not my kind of attraction since I am a scaredy cat.

Maybe you can handle this type of attraction then experience it for yourself when you visit the park.

  • And the IMG Worlds of Adventure also has a 12-screen multiplex cinema within the premise for the movie fanatics and the entire family.


All zones have restaurants, food outlets, and shops where you can buy souvenirs and merchandize of your favorite characters, and heroes!

I like the place because it’s not really huge and there are plenty of places to sit and relax. Aside from that, if you’re not into some extreme rides and flashy/bright lights attractions like me, you can definitely go around the shops or just walk around, have some snacks or just do some nice photo-op against the colorful background.

This is a good place to visit all year long because it is air conditioned. There are plenty of restrooms to freshen up. There are also disability access all over to provide ease and comfort to our family and friends with disability or movement limitations.

Super clean and spacious restrooms are all over the park.

If you need strollers and wheelchairs, you can rent it from the park. They also have lockers if you need to store your hauls or what-nots.

No need to worry about parking space.

Parking area near the entrance of the park

ATMS are available too.


*Ticket price:

Park admission: AED245
Junior admission (under 1.2m in height): AED225
Children (under 1.05m in height): Free
Senior Citizens (over age of 60): AED150
Guests with Disabilities:
Above 1.2m in height: AED150
Under 1.2m in height: AED100

Annual Pass:

Park Annual Membership: AED365
Senior Annual Membership: AED270 (for guests 60 years and above)

Season Pass:
Park Season Membership: AED295
Senior Season Membership: AED200 (for guests 60 years and above)

Please check the website for more information before you purchase your ticket. They have a promo right now for the festive season but I am not sure until when it is valid. The price is 195 dirhams for UAE residents only.


*Park timings:

Opening hours during the festive season (Dec 21st 2017 to Jan 6th 2018):
Sunday: 11am to 10pm
Monday: 11am to 10pm
Tuesday: 11am to 10pm
Wednesday: 11am to 10pm
Thursday: 11am to 11pm
Friday: 11am to 11pm
Saturday: 11am to 11pm

Opening hours on the other days:
Sunday: 11am to 9pm
Monday: 11am to 9pm
Tuesday: 11am to 9pm
Wednesday: 11am to 9pm
Thursday: 11am to 10pm
Friday: 11am to 10pm
Saturday: 11am to 10pm

Opening hours are subject to change. Closing times indicate the times queues close.

*from the website



It is located on E311 (Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road – near Arabian Ranches, next to Global Village), in the heart of Dubai. You can get there by private car, and public transportation. Please check their website for more information on how to get there.


So, if you have no plans for the New Year’s holiday or anytime soon, why not visit this park with the whole family for a fun, happy, and thrilling bonding experience.



All opinions and photos are 100% mine. Please do not copy or use without my written permission.

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Travelling To Dubai? Make Sure You Check Out These Amazing Places!

Dubai is a popular city that millions of people visit each year. People from the Middle East and beyond visit this stunning place and often come back for holidays. In fact, it’s such a revered city that many visitors from abroad make it their home!

If you’re thinking of going on a holiday this year, I recommend you put Dubai at the top of your shortlist. You might be wondering what there is to check out in the city. It’s a good thing you stopped by this blog post! Keep reading and you’ll learn of the best places to visit in this Emirate:

Burj Khalifa

Even if you’re not too keen on tall buildings, you must visit the beautiful Burj Khalifa! It’s an impressive skyscraper and the tallest manmade structure in the world. Measuring 828 metres high, this building took over five years to build. Today, it’s home to a mixture of residential and commercial tenants and property owners.

If you want to see an imposing view around Dubai, I recommend going to the observation deck on the 148th floor.
Madinat Jumeirah

If you want somewhere luxurious to stay, there is only one option you need to know. The Madinat Jumeirah is the epitome of luxurious Islamic holidays! It’s a recreation of what life was like in ancient Arabian times. And it captures the region’s natural beauty.

The Madinat Jumeirah is a resort location that boasts two grand boutique hotels. There is also a selection of summer houses and villas. One can enjoy entertainment in the grand ballrooms or the 1,000 seat amphitheatre!

All facilities on the site have connections to 3 km of landscaped gardens and waterways.

Wild Wadi

Dubai’s top entertainment complex aimed at families is Wild Wadi. It’s a waterpark that can be found in front of the stunning Burj Al Arab. The park got themed around the tales of Juha, a popular character from Arabian folklore.

There are over thirty rides and attractions there, and it’s a place that everyone will enjoy. Especially the children!
Mall of the Emirates

Want to do some shopping on your visit to Dubai? You need to make sure you spend a day visiting the Mall of the Emirates! Now, you might think this is just like any other shopping mall you’ve been to in the past. But, as their slogan states, shopping is just the beginning!

When you’re at the mall, you can also go skiing. Yes – that’s right; skiing in the Middle East! The Mall features an indoor ski slope, dubbed Ski Dubai. You can even get up close and personal with some penguins there too!

There aren’t many shopping malls out there that boast such impressive reasons to visit!

Desert Experiences

Last, but not least, you can also step outside of the city and head towards the desert for some outdoors fun! Many tour companies offer camel rides, “dune bashing” in a 4×4, and more!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading today’s blog post. Thanks for checking it out!
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Driving Etiquettes to Know for Travellers in Dubai

Photo credit:

Travelling to the cosmopolitan city of Dubai is one of the many wishes of travellers.  There are many ways to enjoy Dubai and the many scenic places to see while in the Middle East. You can join an excursion or land tours or even commute. However, if you are like other people who prefer to discover beautiful attractions on your own, driving will be a good way to see the city.

Driving in Dubai can be fun, exciting, and daunting all at the same time. People who are driving in Dubai for the first time may find the unfamiliar roads challenging. Do not let that scare you because Dubai has wide, clean and well-kept roads. The road signs are very visible. There are police and traffic enforcement everywhere so you will be safe. Road side assistance is available and plenty of gas stations, supermarkets and food kiosks line up the long stretches of wide roads leading to the various emirates adjoining Dubai.

Even if you are a seasoned driver who is accustomed to driving elsewhere, it is best to know the driving etiquettes of Dubai.  Aside from that, Dubai has strict road safety and traffic policy in place.

1. Driving and Drinking does not mix

This is a universal rule in driving. It applies in all countries. You do not drive when you even have a tiny drop of alcohol in your system. It is simply unacceptable.  The Dubai Police and Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) are responsible in imposing fines and black point systems to motorists who do not follow the rules.

2. No hand and arm gestures

It is not acceptable in this part of the world to gesture or sway your hands aggressively to another motorists. You can get in hot water especially when you gesture or even point fingers.  With the big roads of Dubai, expect drivers to drive fast and recklessly and you may even get cut off because that is just how other drivers here treat the road and other motorists.

3.  No cursing or swearing

If you are coming from a place where road rage, swearing and cursing are part of the driving norm, then Dubai is not the place for that. I bet, drivers here also curse, swear and rage under many circumstances but not within hearing range of the other motorists. It is highly offensive to curse at anyone here. Do not badmouth other drivers no matter how terrible they are in driving.

4. Use the indicators/signals properly

Photo credit:

Many drivers here do not seem to know the importance of indicating or using signals. Some drivers will signal but never change or turn and others would suddenly swerve to your lane without any notice.  I have been to many countries and have observed how other people drive. I know this happens anywhere too but based on my experience living in this country for many years,  drivers who do not use any signals or indicators are highly concentrated here.

5. Give way to the tram, public and school buses

When you see any of them on the road and needs to pass, give courtesy and let them pass. Also, stop when you are behind a school bus that is dropping of children to the curb. Observe common courtesy.

6. Keep calm and drive on

You may find yourself driving casually until a big vehicle tailgates you and starts flashing headlights so fast that it can cause epilepsy. Do not panic. Do not get mad. And never gesture and swear. Just signal and change lane and allow the vehicle to pass. Do not ruin your vacation just because some people are inconsiderate or they simply do not know road courtesy. Hey, you do! So, relax, give way and just drive according to the speed limit and keep distance.

It is imperative to acquaint yourself with your new surrounding, the orientation of the driver’s side in this country, the laws and regulations, and fines and violations. You can get tips from other travellers who have driven here and in other places around the world from this travel guide.

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New Article Featured in Attraction Tix Blog

I’m so glad to share that my 2nd article is up in the famous Attraction Tix site’s blog. It’s about going around Dubai on a budget.

Attraction Tix is a famous online ticket specialist in the UK.  If you need tickets on attractions, tours, theme parks and experience holidays, then look no more and check out Attraction Tix’s services and offers!

Read my post in Attraction Tix so next time you plan to include Dubai in your itinerary, you know what to do.

Click here for my post.

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Review – Le Meridien Dubai and Conference Hotel

This is the first time we booked and stayed in Le Meridien. I used to sell it to my clients when I was still a travel agent. I would only have a glimpse of the Le Meridien splendour from the travel magazines I hand to my clients and they were fabulous photos of the property. So, my hubby and I jumped on the opportunity when our daughter was going to have her Graduation Ceremonies outside their school campus. We booked a deluxe room right away from

I am really impressed with the conservative look of this property. It gives you that opulent look without giving the vibes of being outlandish. The location is also a plus factor because it’s just few minutes away from Dubai International Airport Terminals. Aside from the good location, it is confined within the Le Meridien Village where numerous bars and restaurants line the cobble-stone pathway in this entertainment village. So, without further ado, below is my review of the five-star hotel.

What I like:

General and Service

  • Location – it is just few metres away from the Dubai International Airport, the GGICO Metro Station, restaurants and other entertainment establishments.
  • The efficient and friendly staff from the valet, bellhop, concierge, front desk agents and duty manager. They were all friendly, courteous, approachable and deeply rooted to their dedication to give service with a smile. It’s so hard to find that kind of service nowadays. I have to give my thumbs up and accolades to the men who were running the valet. We checked in around 12 noon and it was very hot that time and yet, not a single staff showed us a frown. We were greeted with warm, happy smiles despite of the heat. Now that is really worthy of mention and is going to be a great factor for me to book again in the future.
  • We were allowed to check-in early at 12 noon. I just had a brief mention of the reason why we booked the room because it was for my daughter’s graduation ceremony. The hotel was kind enough to release a room for us so we wouldn’t have to rush and be hassled with all the preparation.
  • The price was affordable considering it is a 5-star property. We got a very good deal from for a deluxe double bedroom but upon check-in, we were upgraded to the Le Meridien Club Room.
  • The staff who delivered our lunch gave us extra 4 bottled water for free.
  • Check-out did not take a lot of time. I was even enrolled by the duty manager that time to their Starwood Preferred Guest Loyalty Programme. 
  • Public transportation is readily available. Just ask the concierge.


  • What can I say? Upgraded room! And the Le Meridien Executive Room is quite spacious with ultra modern amenities such as modern phones with hands free function and other features that I haven’t even tried nor seen before and the espresso/coffee maker is an added feature.  
  • Aside from the spacious room, the down pillows are soft and the bed is comfortable.
  • The bathroom is big enough that I didn’t bump into anything nearby. There were 2 hairdryers as well so my daughter and I didn’t have to wait for the other’s turn.
  • The long vanity area near the TV also served as our table for our food.
  • The built-in lights can be dimmed with a control.
  • The study area is fancy and I like the curved design. It looked very classy and fitting for business travelers.
  • The big closet has mini-safe box to stash important and valuable items.
  • There were free slippers and shoe-cleaning kit.
  • 2 bathrobes were available for use and there were plenty of towels for everyone.
  • The shower area served as a huge bathtub as well.
  • It’s very quiet inspite of the fact that it is surrounded by restaurants and bars with live bands playing.
  • Well-stocked mini-bar


  • Excellent in-dining experience for our supper! We also ordered during lunch and the selection is great!

Other amenities

  • It has gym, spa and pool for guests to use.
  • Valet parking
  • Business centre

What I don’t like:
I have to be fair in my review so I have to inform my readers that the coordination and lack of proper communication from one restaurant to the hotel’s concierge was a hassle. I also had to ask the hotel for improvement in that aspect. The service between the Le Meridien Village’s restaurant (Jules Bar where we ordered our lunch) must have coordination with the main hotel’s concierge. Our lunch arrived more than an hour after we have repeatedly called Jules Bar for follow-up only to be advised that they could not directly deliver to our room but the food would be given to the concierge to handle the delivery from there. We were guests and we wouldn’t know that, right? So far, that was the only hassle we had encountered.

Price: AED 450 per room per night (deluxe double bedroom) without taxes (good deal from

Nearby attractions:
Deira City Centre
Le Meridien Village
Dubai Creek Park
Dubai Golf and Yacht Club
Burjuman Centre
Gold Souk
Naif Square
Dubai Mall
Dubai World Trade Centre
Zabeel Park
Dubai Festival City

My recommendation: 5 out of 5

This 5-star property deserves a 5-star rating from me too! I give this a high five because of the excellent service they have provided, the wonderful amenities available for the guests and the luxurious and relaxing stay we had there. Will I book again? Definitely!

Le Meridien Dubai and Conference Hotel is located at Airport Road, PO Box 10001, Dubai, UAE.

Search for hotels and book here:

I was not compensated to do this review.  This booking was a personally paid for by my family as our preference.  My opinion is 100% mine and may vary from yours.

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On Our Way Back To Dubai

This blog has been very, very quiet lately because I am still on leave. My family and I will be flying back to Dubai a day early as we need to be back to work on time on Monday, Sunday for my hubby.

So, I hope to be able to post regularly thereafter as I sort all our pictures taken here in Tokyo and write some articles about the adventures here, interesting finds and the wonderful place we visited.

Tuh-tah for now! I’ll chat with all of you later.

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Tennis Events In Dubai To Watch

When you hear Dubai, you think of the magnificent infrastructures lining up the cosmopolitan are of Sheik Zayed Road, the huge and lavish malls burgeoning in the city, the well-manicured street plants adorning the pavements and islands, the man-made residential village called The Palm and the vast sandy desert that changes in color when you travel to the other Emirates. Surely, Dubai is very famous for those things but did you know that aside from those mega-infrastructure this place boasts of, it also hosts the biggest and well-known sporting events in the tennis world. 

One of the famous and well-celebrated tennis competitions is being held in Dubai annually. The Dubai Tennis Championships or now known as the Dubai Duty Free Men’s and Women’s Open attract a huge number of spectators from all over the world to watch their favorite tennis legends.

This tennis event is an open court competition held at the Dubai Tennis Stadium next to the Aviation Club. Tennis enthusiasts all over the world come to Dubai to enjoy the sporting event. Since this event falls during the winter season, watching it al fresco surely adds to the convivial spirit of the sports fans.

The world’s famous tennis players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena and Venus Williams, Martina Hingis, Maria Sharapova, Andre Agassi, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Justin Hardenne and to name a few,  have all graced the sporting event and more powerhouse will join this tennis open next year.

Sports enthusiasts who wish to visit Dubai may plan their trip ahead since the Dubai Duty Free Open happens during the Dubai Shopping Festival that sees millions of travelers around the world. It falls during end of February to first week of March. Flights and hotel accommodations may be hard to obtain if you plan last minute. Also, do not worry about not bringing your tennis racket when you have the urge to let that sporty persona come to light. There are plenty of sporting goods in Dubai where you can find tennis rackets for perfect holidays situation.

Sporty travelers will surely find this tennis event experience a check on their bucket list!

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