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4 Great Reasons To Choose Europe As Your Next Holiday Destination


If you have grown tired of the same type of vacation year after year, it is time to consider something different. As a continent, Europe has a great deal to offer. With each country having its own distinct culture and personality, there is literally no shortage of exciting adventures to take part in. From the Baltic nations to the Mediterranean, and from Eastern to Western Europe, your next holiday can shape up to a most memorable one. European excursions are plentiful, and they are a great way to unwind from the daily stress of life and experience something new. As you begin the planning process, consider the following four great reasons to choose Europe as your next holiday destination.


Every Country is Unique

Visiting Europe allows you the opportunity to visit several countries all in the same vacation. With each nation having its own distinct culture and history, you will be amazed at the possibilities. Consider the United Kingdom as an example. You will have the opportunity to travel to several different countries in a seamless manner and partake in a variety of national activities in each. Few other regions of the world make this type of experience possible. Your holiday will be enriching, educational, and fun. The only limit is your imagination and your willingness to embrace new cultures, ways of thinking, and experiences. Just remember to leave plenty of space on you camera, as you will almost certainly need it.


Exceptional Value

Another appealing aspect of traveling to Europe is the exceptional value that you will receive. Because you can accomplish so much is such a limited timeframe, you can do much more than would ordinarily be possible on a normal holiday. This means that you can go fishing in one country, horseback riding in another, and partake in a pub crawl in a major capital city. The possibilities exist for every member of your traveling party to take part in exactly the type of activities that they enjoy the most, while still having plenty of time left over for a bit of rest and relaxation. You will find a range of accommodation types throughout Europe as well. If you are young and adventurous, you might opt for hostels as you hop from place to place. There are also family oriented bed and breakfast inns, quaint guesthouses, and five star resorts. Whatever your comfort level and budget might be, you find more than an option or two throughout Europe.


Extensive Transportation Network

If you think that your only option for transport in Europe is to fly from one place to the other, you will once again be pleased with this next bit of news. It is incredibly easy to get around virtually the entire continent. There is an extensive network of roads, trains, busses, and ferries to get travelers and residents alike where they need to go. Once again, fares are incredibly affordable. You can even take a river cruise throughout the region, stopping in major cities along the way. Going from one city to another is easy with the extensive train network. The list of benefits in this regard can go on and on.


No Shortage of Activities

Another notable advantage of traveling to Europe is the wide range of activities that you can take part in. While some people might enjoy a beach holiday, others might enjoy a relaxing week in a countryside village. You can actually do both in Europe within the same trip. The only real limitation will be the amount of time that you have spend on the continent, so take time and plan your activities accordingly.

While these are four great reasons to go to Europe, there are many more that could be mentioned. The fact is that this one continent has just about everything that one could expect to get out of a holiday. Take your time and work with a travel planner to ensure that everything comes off just right. Let them know what you want and then allow them to go out and find just the right excursion for you. Then, sit back and pack your bags as the adventure awaits.



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Hostal Natura Barcelona Review

This is the first time my daughter and I visited Barcelona. I thought I would have a hard time looking for this property. I had to search the place and check the map several times. I even Googled it and checked the street view from where we would alight from Plaça Catalunya.

Hostal Natura Barcelona was not very difficult to find. After alighting at Plaça Catalunya from the airport, we just walked for 15 minutes and we were already in front of the hostel. It is tucked in a residential building so it does not have any lobby with concierge. You actually have to ring the bell and allowed to get inside. 
We were surprised to see a big room and it was enough for me and my daughter. It had basic amenities but no mini bar. There are vending machines in the hallway so you can buy hot coffee or sodas and water if you want. I also liked the fact that the hostel management provided us with a box of chocolates which my daughter and I loved so much. They were delicious and it’s a rare treat to find a gift when you come to your room.

The room allotted for us was Room no. 3 which was in the middle. It didn’t have a balcony but it has a small enclosure, like a pocket garden minus the plants that we have access to. The room was dark because the ceiling was high. Even if we switched all the lights on, it’s just not as bright as I would like my room to be. However, the big window provided natural light even until past 8PM when the sun was still up.

The a/c works well but we couldn’t change the thermostat as instructed because it was centralised. We were also asked to keep our TV in low volume esp at night. However, we found out that other guests were not as quiet as us as we would hear them bang the doors and talk loudly in the hallway. That didn’t prevent us from getting a decent sleep.

They offer free wi-fi too!

The bathroom was just enough for us. The sink was too compact for use. The bath towels were replaced regularly during our stay and the room cleaned well.

The location is really great. There are nearby eateries if you want to grab a munch. There’s a small grocery too in the same area where you can buy some essentials. Walking distance from the hostel is the Plaça Catalunya, Passeig de Gracia, Diagonal Ave. and during a nice weather, you can walk towards other places of interests too.

I would definitely recommend this place to my family and friends and I don’t mind staying in here again in our next visit.

Hostal Natural Barcelona is located at Calle Roger de Lluria 33, ppal 2, 08009 Barcelona, Spain.

Nearby attractions:
Plaça Catalunya
Sagrada Familia
Las Ramblas
Casa Batllo
Diagonal Avenue
La Pedrera
Passeig De Gracia

My recommendation: 4 out of 5

I am giving this property a 4 star rating. It is located in a very nice place which is walking distance to Plaça Catalunya. There are nearby eateries and you can actually walk to some attractions. The hotel is very clean, spacious (for European standards) and quiet. Getting a taxi is not an issue as you can walk few metres away to hail a cab. There is a small grocery just a building away so you can buy some food and beverage when you get hungry as the hotel does not provide any food except for a coffee and soda vending machine in the hallway.

This hotel is perfect to unwind after a long day of walking in Barcelona. The price is just right for a European stay.

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This hotel review is my personal review. I have paid for this stay and in no way sponsored by the property nor I love to book via because I always find a very competitive rate or great deals when compared to other booking sites. My opinion is 100% mine and may vary from yours

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