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My Bucket List of Things To Do In Colorado


I have been to several parts of the US but I have not visited Colorado yet. Colorado is one of the places I want to visit someday. If there is one thing in my  travel bucket list that I am most excited about, that is to have the opportunity to stay in any of the Colorado vacation rentals like those fancy chalets or log cabins in any of the famous ski resorts in Colorado. I will tell you why. Read on.

The state of Colorado is a mountainous region. It is part of the Western and Southern United States, and the Mountain States.

Colorado boasts so many majestic slopes that are perfect for winter activities. It is home to many rich and famous celebrities and prominent figures in society. And I am not surprised why. Colorado just screams opulent living, scenic winter vistas, beautiful ski resorts, and winter activities that will tingle your spine! And because of that, I created my own bucket list of things to do in Colorado.


Do Ice-climbing in Ouray Ice Park

The Ouray Ice Park is a man-made climbing attraction in a natural gorge in Ouray, Colorado.  If you are an avid ice climber then this place is a great recreational destination for you. I have not tried any ice climbing in my life, let alone rock-climbing but I added this place in my bucket list because I want the challenge. Maybe you need that kind of challenge too!


Check out the rock formations in the Garden of the Gods

A lot may not know this (unless you live in Colorado) but Colorado has an interesting and diverse geography.  Some parts are mountainous, while others have arid plains and deserts, big sand dunes, plenty of lakes and rivers, lush forests, and interesting rock formations like the ones you will find in the Garden of the Gods.

I enjoy looking at nature. While I may not be the best camper out there, I am willing to let go of my fussiness to be able to view this natural beauty with my own eyes. I have seen numerous photos of this natural park but I know, seeing the rock formation in person will still be a good choice than settling for photos in the magazines or travel sites.

The rock formations in the Garden of the Gods are sedimentary red, pink, and white sandstones, limestones, and conglomerate formations left in the park by the natural uplift of the Rocky Mountains, and Pike Peaks massif movements.

There is one very famous rock formation in the park that is worthy of a great photo-op – the Balanced Rock which is a fountain formation.

I want to see this particular one and a photo-op standing next to it will be the cherry on top of the icing in my Gardens of the Gods visit.

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Experience a weekend in any of the luxurious villas, log cabins or chalets in any ski resort

I am a budget traveler. I try to stick to a rigid budget as much as I can but once in a while, I do splurge. Staying in any of the luxurious villas, log cabins or chalets in any of the ski resort in Colorado is definitely in my bucket list.

I would prefer a lodging for us with a panoramic window so I can see the view outside right away. Nothing beats the beauty of nature’s charm.

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I have seen plenty of photos of vacation rentals in Colorado, especially the ones at the mountain areas. I just love the idea of waking up in the middle of a lush vegetation with a view of the snow-capped mountain to complete my morning.

I also love winter time. I want to feel how it is to sit by the fireplace and sip a hot chocolate to cap my relaxation. And of course, a weekend in any of these types of accommodation with my family will be a perfect getaway for us.


Learn how to ski

I am not an extreme sports kind of person but every now and then, there is a dream that I want to fulfill and that is to learn how to ski. I am terrified of speed so a beginner’s lesson will suffice. I just want to be able to enjoy the snow’s powdery texture against my ski while I glide on a less challenging terrain in one of the many ski resorts in Colorado.

Colorado has plenty of ski resorts for the family to visit and enjoy. Vail is one of the famous ski resorts in the whole of Colorado. Many famous celebrities spend some of their quality time here to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Aside from being the magnet of the rich and famous, it is also known as the biggest mountain resort in the world. It is not as high as other mountain resorts but it boasts of good snowfall that will never disappoint the avid skier. It is also home to some of the best terrains in Colorado so you can expect an exhilarating ski experience whether you are a beginner or a skiing pro.

Another famous ski resort worthy of your time is the Breckenridge . It has well-groomed runs through the trees. It also has high alpine bowls that you can access with a ski lift. This place will make the advanced skier thrilled because of its elevation. There are also nice restaurants at the base of Peak 7 where you can dine after a long ski adventure.


Visit the Mesa Verde National Park

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I have a thing for history. I like checking out ruins, and the Mesa Verde National Park is teeming with interesting finds like the Cliff Palace, the Balcony, Spruce Dwelling, and the Long House. All these are just few of the more than hundreds of cliff dwellings in the Mesa Verde National Park in Montezuma County, Colorado.

The Mesa Verde National Park has been named as one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites due to its exceptional archaeological finds. You can drive through the park on certain period too.


There are many more things to do in my bucket list for Colorado. These are the top of the activities I want to fulfill while I am able. Do you have a bucket list too?

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Things To Check Before Going On A Road Trip

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The Fall season is a good time to travel because of the beautiful foliage, the colorful sceneries, and the cool weather. It is a nice way to take a vacation, even if it just a weekender in a nearby county or a drive across a state to unwind. And in doing so, we need to also consider many things before we take the road trip.

Whether you are traveling nearby or taking a long road trip for your vacation or have been taking road trips regularly, it is still wise to check these things for your safety, security, and ensure your car’s road-worthiness to enjoy a fun time with your family or friends.


Schedule for a car check-up

Even if you are a pro in taking regular road trips near and far, it is imperative and smart to have your vehicle checked before the drive. Go to a reliable motor vehicle inspector and service unit to ensure everything in your car is in good condition, like the battery, tires, lights, and the brake is working properly.


Make it comfortable

Bringing small stuff toys and pillows for your kids can make a big difference in giving them comfort especially on a long drive. And as for the driver, a good back seat accessory to provide lumbar support is a perfect addition to keep you comfortable. And if you have toddlers traveling along, you may want to ensure they have proper car seats that is not only high-quality made but has met the highest standard in quality and safety.


(Photo credit:


Bring your supplies

There is nothing wrong with being prepared. It is wise to carry first aid kit and some medications in case someone else falls ill and no immediate medical attention is at hand.  While it is understandable that a road trip will make people hungry, bring snacks like cut fruits, biscuits, and lots of water.

Also stock your vehicle with another kit that will be very useful in case emergency arises like a bag filled with spare batteries, flashlight, gloves, socks, blankets, and spare basic clothes.


Update your GPS

Make sure that your GPS system has been updated properly so you are on the right track. Set your GPS to pick up information on traffic congestions, road blocks/work/constructions, and even pit stops for those necessary potty breaks.



It may just be a weekend getaway or maybe a longer one, no matter what the trip is and how long it will be, if you have the extra budget to cover yourself and family, do purchase an insurance coverage that will give you a piece of mind while on the road, and on your vacation.


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Spending Time Abroad As A Family Without Falling Out

Posted in family trip, family vacation, lifestyle, travel, travel tips
on December 8, 2016

Creating a family holiday without arguments doesn’t start when you get in the car or arrive at the airport. It begins way back at the planning stages. Be sure that every member of the family is considered and allowed to have a say. This goes for when you go, where you go and what you plan to do there. If one person is excluded, you’re at risk of them spending the whole time complaining. Children aren’t the only ones guilty of doing this- adults do it too!

There is a good chance that you won’t be able to please everyone 100%- but that is life! Just be sure that the ones who feel a tad disappointed know that you will do their thing next time. If two kids wanted Florida and one wanted New York, and you chose Florida? Then find a way to please the one who wanted New York. Maybe you could let them plan a half-day itinerary one day. Giving them a project and something to focus on will help distract them, and point them in a positive direction.

Once you are on your holiday or adventure, it is important to keep everyone busy. Yes, this may just mean busy relaxing! But while relaxing in the sun can be great fun for adults, kids can find it really boring. Plan for this in advance, and counteract it by heading to a place with a kids club. Alternatively, look into some different activity holidays designed for families. As they are designed with families in mind, there will be something to please all ages. There will often usually be an opportunity within these activities for some family bonding. This is always a bonus. It could mean that not only do you spend time together without arguments, but you also get on better than usual! It could help you find some common ground with your kids too. Plus, you can show that mom isn’t as weak as they thought, or dad not as boring!
We’ve covered making the time abroad suit everyone, and involving all in the organization. We’ve also mentioned what you should do with your time. Finally, let’s touch upon keeping the family dynamic happy.

Often, we spend only pockets of time with our entire family. So, we might only see one another at breakfast and dinner, for example. However, during time abroad on a holiday, you might see each other a lot more. While this can be a blessing, it can also lead to spending too much time together. Counteract this by ensuring everyone has their own space. If you are sharing a hotel room, book two separate rooms. Considering hiring a holiday home, so that teens can have their own room away from their parents. If you are camping, go for three of four smaller tents over one big one. Sometimes a little distance can help keep everyone sweet! Plus, if a falling out does occur, individuals have their own space to go to in order to cool down again.

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Travel Leave!

Yes! This travel blogger deserves a nice R & R with the family this coming 4th of July and Eid in the Middle East. The last foreign travel I did was with my daughter during our summer Euro vacation last June 2015. After that, it was just quick trips to Manila and the very eventful February 2016 trip back home that saw me crying over my mum’s unexpected demise, few days after my daughter’s 18th debutante dinner party for family and friends.

So yes, forgive me if I take this brief vacation very seriously because I need it badly. I need to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life. I need to chill, unwind and see places  to recharge and hopefully, help me heal.

So, this travel blogger will be away from her fave lappy and will try her level best to avoid posting anything in-between (unless really, really necessary) from the 3rd until the 10th of July.

Tuh-tah for now! See you later fabulous people!

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Places of Interest in Marienplatz in Munich

Munich is a lovely place to visit. There are plenty of interesting places to see and you can all do that using the Hop-On and Hop-Off bus plying the routes famous for tourist attractions.

Marienplatz is the town centre in Munich. We booked our Hop-On and Hop-Off bus tour from the Travel information centre in the plaza. And riding the Hop-on, Hop-off bus was a great way to see most of the sights without having to worry on finding our way around town and using the public transportation.

Munich has plenty of points of interests which were covered in our Hop-on, Hop-off bus tour. I am very glad we booked it because I don’t know if we’d have enough time to cover much if we had decided to take the public transportation. There are plenty of eateries, food stalls and souvenir shops.

Marienplatz is an old town square in Munich, Germany.  Marienplatz stands for Our Lady’s Square or St. Mary’s Square in the town square which is a main square since 1158 in the city centre of Munich.

Attractions to find in Marienplatz:

Teddy Bear / Toy Museum

This is one of the places that we wished we visited earlier. It was closed already when we tried to visit. We were just few minutes late when the museum closed. Anyway, the Teddy Bear Museum houses plenty of collection of toys from some prominent countries. You can find more information about this place here:

The Rathaus

The New Town hall is a very famous gothic-inspired building in the northern part of Marienplatz. The Rathaus is the seat of the mayor’s office, the city council, and the headquarters of the city administration in Munich.


The Glockenspiel in the tower balcony of the Neues Rathaus is also world famous and worth seeing. Since 1908, figurines representing stories from Munich’s history twirl on two levels daily at 11:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., and 5:00 p.m. (the 5:00 p.m. show is omitted from November through February). In addition to the well-known coopers dancers, the Münchner Kindl (symbol of the city’s coat of arms), and the angel of peace also make an appearance in the almost 12-minute-long spectacle. (Source:

Christmas Market (Christkindlmarkt)

Munich is home to many Christmas market stalls during the holiday season. Marienplatz is one of the famous Christmas Markets in the world.

(Photo credit:

Mariensäule (Marian Column) in the square

The Marian column was erected in 1638 to celebrate the end of Swedish occupation during the Thirty Years’ War. Atop the column is a golden statue of the Virgin Mary standing on a crescent moon as the Queen of Heaven.

Fischbrunnen (Fish Fountain)

One of the famous meeting points in Marienplatz. It is found in the eastern side of the town square near the Rathaus.

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Akihabara and the Many Cafes

Japan is one of our favourite destinations. We love Japan and the many sights to be seen. Not to mention, the trinkets, the oddity, the food, and the cafes to try.

I am very happy to have visited Tokyo last Dec. 2013 with my husband and daughter for a brief pre-Christmas get-away gift for our daughter. She loves Japan and anime stuff so much so visiting Japan as her Christmas present was the perfect choice. We were lucky enough to visit Akihabara, a nice area for cafe and cosplay lovers.

Akihabara has plenty of cosplay and maids’ cafe for various types of people. It is also home to many action figure shops and souvenirs. During our visit, we didn’t see much cosplayers because it was during the weekday. We saw some staff wearing costumes along the streets near the west side of Akihabara Station but we could not take picture of them.

The whole place is really interesting. We managed to spend almost an hour in one of the buildings with claw machines and those that dispenses capsule containers with toys inside. We did spend a lot there but the experience was worth every penny! We managed to get lots of kawaii trinkets too from those machines. And we also realised that people actually spend their time (and money) there for fun. I thought we were the only foreigners sucked in there out of curiosity. But the whole building is just meant for those machines or what the Japanese call as gashapon. It is quite addicting! I had to stop because I was spending way too much on the dispensing machines just to try my luck completing a set of miniature toys.

We strolled along Akihabara but didn’t go inside the cafes. Some cafes were not open when we visited in the morning after our stop from Shibuya. It was fun to stroll along the many themed cafes and I bet, it would have been more fun if we went inside to check them out.

We also went to some shops with action figures for our collections. I managed to buy a toy robot (I forgot which one) for my brother.  Akihabara is also known as the Electric city.

Visiting Akihabara is just one of the many things you can do while in Tokyo. It’s easy to reach by train.

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Traveling or Not?

Posted in family trip, personal, travel
on November 24, 2015

We are going back and forth with our plans to travel this December for winter escapade. The flights are not looking very good. Although my daughter will be here for more than 3 weeks, we want to take advantage of that long winter break so we can spend it somewhere. Initially, it’s Seattle but I’m not feeling the place. Next, New York but the hotel rates are going crazy. Next, Los Angeles. The flight is looking full because it’s the holiday season and we only have 1 flight in LAX.

So, it’s either we all have a staycation this winter or try Osaka for a change. All I want to do is to go tan amusement park with my family. Just to unwind and get away from all the hustle and bustle of stress. A good playtime is much appreciated.

Let’s see how the plan goes. For now, I’m open to any suggestion as long as we don’t have to wait long for the visa to be issued. Japan issues visa quite fast than Schengen. Although traveling to the US is the most practical one because we already have US visas, we don’t want to get stuck there because of our staff air tickets and no seat availability. Anyway, I am looking forward to any vacation I can have this holiday season, be it here in Dubai or outside. Any vacation or no vacation at all.

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