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A Vacation Idea When You Know You Deserve A Little More


Some people make it a point to be extravagant every time they plan a trip. They stay in the best hotels, visit exotic locations, and seek the rarest forms of recreation. This is an incredible feeling, but most people must put a little extra planning into a trip in order to make it memorable.

Many people do however, arrive a point in their lives where they realize that they need more out of a hard-earned vacation. After all, this is what is at the heart of enjoying a break, an escape, and an adventure. Enjoying a trip more means taking every aspect of hard work out of the equation. Truly memorable trips are just that because of one key thing. There should be no hard work at all!

The reason many people insist on certain luxuries when they travel is to eliminate the sweat factor. Pursuing unique amenities is best enjoyed when a person knows that they have earned something special. Finding something truly special when it comes to travel means going beyond standard fixtures of luxury. It means zero effort in all forms of planning and arranging. It also means luxury that is ultimately private and personal.

If someone wants a truly exceptional and carefree travel experience, they seriously need to consider letting their vacation cares go by hiring a concierge service. This type of service is a bit different than the concierge found at a hotel’s front desk. It is a service that takes custom travel information and designs an experience where the client doesn’t worry about a single thing. All travel, dining, recreation, and festivities are the concern of the service.

Best of all, a concierge travel service allows clients to stay in luxury vacation villas ranging from penthouses to modern mansions. Groceries are stocked, private security is on-site, the pool is prepared, and there could even be a chartered helicopter waiting to go anywhere. The villa is completely private, and the client doesn’t have to lift one finger during the stay.

This is true luxury! It’s not about brands, expenses, and bragging rights. It’s about a person having the satisfaction of knowing that a true vacation reward was earned and experienced. A truly luxurious vacation happens when a concierge team does the work. Consider this option the next time a window opens to take the trip of a lifetime.


Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash

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The Dark Past of Four Season’s Hotel in Istanbul

Famous hotels have reputations to make and some keep. Some of them even pride themselves for being temporary homes to famous dignitaries, film icons, politicians and rich business moguls. However, there is one hotel in Istanbul that has a dark past that some people may find interesting while others scary.

Hotel’s facade

Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet is a well-known brand of luxury hotel from the Four Seasons group. It boasts a 5-star category as well. While it catered to the rich and famous in the present times, it used to cater to different clients before it became a famous hotel in Istanbul. It used to be Sultanahmet Prison where the shadiest and some intellectual characters of the society reside while they serve their prison terms.

The prison which is now the famous hotel was established in 1900s during the uprising. Though the past has long been forgotten or have been set aside, you can still see some of the hotel’s dark past etched in some nooks of the property. The prison’s 65 quarters were all converted to guests’ accommodations with a beautiful view of the Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet Mosque and Hagia Sofia. Those beautiful landmarks are the hotel’s great selling points.

Hotel’s deck overlooking Sultanahmet Mosque

Here are some photos of the hotel’s luxurious interior.

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Things to See and Do on a Caribbean Holiday

If there’s one place that you should go it is the Caribbean. At the very least you should visit one island in your lifetime. Each one is a melting pot of different cultures, laid back people and beautiful landscapes. If you’re off on holiday and you want to experience the best of the Caribbean, then you must do one of these things to really get a feel for the Caribbean.

Dance the Local Dance

The Caribbean is famed for its culture of music, dance and singing, so don’t be a wallflower and join in. Whether it’s the rumba or the mamba or you have a go on a steel drum, enjoy the music and let the Latin beats flow through you. There’s a saying that wherever you are on any Caribbean island you’ll be able to hear music, so simply follow the music and you’ll find someone to teach you a dance.

Taste the Traditional Cuisine

Caribbean food takes all the best of African, European, Chinese and other cuisines that were brought from the origins of the peoples of the Caribbean. Food is a very important part of Caribbean culture, so if you’re going to visit, you simply must taste it. But whether you try a Soursop in Antigua (which apparently is a fruit that tastes like crème anglais) or just rice ’n peas is up to you and how adventurous you’re feeling.  

Drink Rum

Rum is the quintessential Caribbean drink. Imagine sitting on a beach and getting gently merry while you watch the sun going down- a portion of bliss. You can see rum being made in distilleries and drink it in cocktails in the bars all over the Caribbean islands.

Take a Look at Marine Life

Within the expanse of clear blue, shimmering water that surrounds the islands lies another world, and you can explore that world through a myriad of different ways. From spotting humpback whales on a boat to snorkelling in the reefs with sharks to diving with dolphins, whatever you want to see, there is someone just waiting to show you. 

Stay in a Luxury Hotel

Staying in luxury is a must for a Caribbean holiday, but if you don’t think you can afford it, think again. With Best at Caribbean, you can have a luxury holiday at an affordable price. Check out their deals on the Bestat Caribbean website. 

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