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Travelling On Foot: What You Need To Bring On Your Camping Adventure

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on July 3, 2017


If you plan on venturing off into the wild and camping for a while – here’s what you’ll need to bring.


It’s not a fashion show, so you don’t need to bring your favourite pair of heels and that expensive dress. Go back to basics and take what you need. This means a few different t-shirts, shorts, long trousers, jumpers and a jacket. You want a general mix as you can never be too sure of what the weather is going to do. So bring things that will keep your warm, cool and dry when need be. And don’t forget to bring a swimming costume in case you decide to take a dip in the lake or river, along with some sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the sun. You can find more information about the clothes you need on


Food and appliances

Depending on how long you camp for will determine how much food you will need. It may be wise to keep within a close distance from somewhere you can restock for food and water, unless you plan on salvaging it yourself.

You will also need a way to cook and heat up your food. A fire is obvious, but it’s a good idea to have at least one aluminum container or tub to cook your things inside. They heat up quickly and won’t smash if you drop them, making them the best thing to take with you. Plus they aren’t heavy either, so you can carry them around with ease.


Sleeping arrangements

You want to feel safe when sleeping in the outdoors – especially when it comes to all the creepy crawlies that tend to get a little too friendly at times. You can ensure this doesn’t become a problem thanks to sites like that sell the top of the range tents and equipment to make sure you’re protected not only from the bugs, but from the different sorts of weather conditions that you may face on the way. What’s the point in having a tent if the moment it starts to rain you get wet?

You will also want a sleeping bag that can hold in enough of your body temperature to keep you going through the night, even if it’s freezing cold (or under.) Just make sure you look at the label as most sleeping bags come in all different sizes nowadays, so you’ll want to be sure it fits first before buying.



Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to smell. Of course, you don’t want to take up valuable packing space for your perfume set – that would be silly. But go to the shops (or online) and look at all the travel sized things you can buy, like mini deodorant and tiny tubes of toothpaste. Not only are they efficient, but they are super cute too.

It is also worth investing in some bug spray or cream repellant to lower your chances of getting bitten. It will most likely still happen, but the repellent will definitely help. And don’t forget suncream to protect you from getting burnt under the sun.


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It’s A Wild Ride Going Up And Down The Colorado Mountains

Colorado is state of total natural beauty. The countryside differs so much from its southerly neighbors; you’d think you were in Canada. But perish the thought, because if you’re from Colorado that might seen as blasphemous. However, there’s no denying it, the mountainous passes, the fast-flowing and still lakes and rivers, are prime spots for sports fishing. Colorado’s landscape is perfect for going hiking, camping, kayaking, rock climbing and just about any natural activity you can think of. There’s only so much you can do on holiday before the time runs out. So here are some of the most popular things to do, if you want an unforgettable adventure, in the state that’s song, is ‘Rocky Mountain High.’



Vail Mountain Resort is great for a family trip or individuals looking to for an adrenaline fix; The mountain is distinctive in the fact that, rather than other skiing trips, the further south you go, the higher the peaks are. The town up north from the snowy peaks is like a miniature city, with every single thing relating to skiing and snowboarding being catered for. The great thing about so many small businesses offering you the best in safety and sporting equipment is that you don’t need to bring anything with you. VistaBahn Ski Rentals have greatly streamlined skis for the advanced, and wide, short skis for beginners. If you book in advance, you get a 20% discount and better still if you bring along your own boots, you’ll save a further $7. There’s are adult, kids, performance, sports and demo packages to choose from, and the minimum amount of time required before your discount is valid is a 24-hour booking in advance.


Image credit – Wesley Fryer


Flowing down the mountain

Departing from Durango, you will be guided north of the town where you’ll be standing at the lower part of Animas River. You’ll go through the safety precautions along with a first aid kit and how to use the items in it should something go wrong, and your guide will teach you how to paddle and how to sense which way the raft is heading. You’ll flow down class II and III+ style of rock formation, swerves, dips and slow and rapid flowing sections. You only need to be four years of age, and above to participate, so it’s great fun for the family or a group of friends. Halfway through the 4-hour course, you’ll stop off for a rest and a light picnic in the serene nature that surrounds you. Then it’s quickly back on the horse, and you’ll flow down towards the beautiful reservation lands of Southern Ute and returning to Durango.


Photo source – RobertKane123


Zip-line if you dare

Many zip-line tours in the world have a beginning and an end line fixed to a man-made platform. However, this particular zip-line is fixed to a 6500 feet high cliff, that peers over the vast dark green woodland. Somewhere in those trees, is the finish where you’ll whip past the leaves and branches and end up on a massive tree stump as your landing zone. Obviously, this isn’t for the faint of heart, but the local guides are there for support and will help to calm your nerves long enough to get fixed into the harness. It’s initially quite bizarre when you think of traveling over the landscape at almost 30mph after a 1.5-hour tour, but in the end, it’s an incredibly rewarding.


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Hiking Etiquette Tips

When you’re out in nature hiking the trails, you can get so immersed in the beauty of your surroundings, the wind in our hair and the ground beneath your feet, that it can be all too easy to forget your manners. However, trail etiquette is old and important – it keeps everyone safe and ensures that the trails are well-maintained for us all to enjoy.

If you need to brush up on your hiking etiquette, check out these useful tips for hikers:


The first thing you should bear in mind when hiking is that there is a ladder of hierarchy on the trails. Horses should always take priority, followed by hikers, with cyclists coming in third. Now that you know this, you can always be sure to make way for the relevant parties, ensure the trails are safe and pleasant and avoid any nasty confrontations.

Additionally, you should remember that, if you are being passed by horses, you will need to move off the trail a little on the downhill side, if it is possible to do so. This will prevent the animals from getting startled by taking you out of their immediate path and making you look smaller.

Uphill Traffic

When you’re hiking, you should always give way to uphill traffic. Going uphill is harder work than going downhill, and when you’ve built up some steam, and you’re going along at a pleasant pace, the last thing you want is to have to change course, lose momentum and start again. So, put yourself in the place of others and always yield to the uphill travelers.

Stay Right

Hikers should always try to stay on the right side of the trail, and if they wish to pass someone ahead of them, they should always do so on the left, after warning the person in front what they are about to do. Doing this helps to stop accidents and annoyances on the trail.

Leave No Trace

So, you’ve gone up the trail with a mountain of supplies including food, water, string and your best backpacking tent to see you through your trip.  You’ve built a fire, had a feast and enjoyed your time in the woods. Now it’s time to leave, what do you do? If you’re an inconsiderate person, you’ll leave your food wrappers on the ground along with the ashes of your extinguished fire and leave. Who wants to carry more than they have to on the trails right?

On the other hand, you’re a very considerate person, you will pick up and repack everything you brought with you, including wrappers, apple cores, and banana peels and take them home with you to be disposed of safely, so that the next hikers who come along won’t have to look at your trash.

Using Tech

There is nothing wrong with listening to your portable radio or playing your iPod when you’re out on the tail, but try not to do it in the vicinity of other people who might prefer to listen to the birds sing rather than Beyoncé. Be aware of your surroundings and ask others if they mind before you do anything that could spoil their trip.

If you bear all of the above in mind, you’ll have a great hiking trip and so will everyone else on the trails.

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Amazing Reasons You Should Go For an Adventure in the Wilderness

Posted in adventure, outdoor activity, wilderness
on October 30, 2015
A lot of people love the idea of holidaying in the great outdoors while others hate it. I have to be honest, the idea never really appealed to me. I was worried that I had become too used to my creature comforts, and that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy anytime in the wilderness. But, I was, of course, completely wrong. And I’m here to help you change your mind, and to convince you why you should go for an adventure in the wilderness.
I mean, of course, you’ll need to be sensible and prepared. Safety is paramount, and you will have to figure out tips for a safer camping trip. Being out in the wild is not something you should take lightly, but can be hugely enjoyable. These are some of my top reasons why you should go for an adventure in the wilderness.

Push Your Boundaries
Perhaps you’re the sort of person who always likes to play it safe. I can relate because I used to be like this when I was younger. But the brilliant thing about an adventure in the great outdoors is that it encourages you to push your boundaries. You’re going to need all the relevant gear for an outdoor adventure to help you do this. So make sure you visit Ridgemont and have a look at what they have on offer. You need to be tolerant and understanding of things you would never normally encounter. And this can be a great way of increasing your experiences and pushing your boundaries. By the end, you’re going to be glad you decided to do it.

Bond With Friends
I would always advise you to make sure you take people with you if you go on a camping trip. The wilderness can be treacherous and lonely. And it’s important to have people you trust around you. Another huge advantage is the fact that it will give you the perfect opportunity to bond with friends. You will share experiences and achievements that are unique. And this will help to strengthen the bonds of friendship you already have in place. It’s a brilliant way to become stronger friends with someone.

Do Things You’ve Never Done Before
There are many things in life that I feel are important. And one of the big ones is making sure you try new things. Experiencing something you’ve never experienced before is crucial. It can really help you to grow and evolve as a person. So you need to make sure you try to do this whenever you can. An outdoor adventure will give you the perfect opportunity to do things you’ve never done before in your life.

Take a Break From Routine
It’s vital to take a break from the routine and mundanity of everyday life. Holidays and breaks from formula matter. They help us to get our minds clear and they make life a little more interesting. Being out in the wilds and having to fend for yourself is a great way of taking a break from the norm. It’s something completely different that you may never have done. And it’s important to experience changes from normal life. It makes everything more interesting and enjoyable.

So, these are my reasons for taking an adventure in the wilderness. It’s something that I suggest you try to do as soon as you can. It’s something everyone should experience at least once in their life. Try to do this as part of your next planned break.

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Essential Tips For A Safer Camping Trip

A lot of people get put off camping for a variety of reasons. Some just don’t like slumming it, but a big factor is the issue of safety. It’s understandable – after all, it’s only a thin sheet of fabric between you and the outside world. And, there are a lot of dangers involved in the activity that you just don’t have to deal with in a hotel!

However, if you count yourself among these people, would you change your mind if you knew how to be safe while camping? In this guide, I’m going to give you some great tips on how to have a safer and more enjoyable camping trip. Read on to find out more.

Know your escape routes

First of all, excellent planning is essential for any camping trip. You should research where you are going so that you are aware of how to access emergency services should you need them. Bee or wasp stings, slips and falls, and, of course, snakes can all cause issues. If they do, the quicker route you take to a hospital, the quicker the injured party will recover.

Arrange meeting points

If you are traveling in the wilderness in a group, there’s a good chance one of your party will get lost. A phone is obviously the best way to resolve this issue. But, so you aren’t relying on a signal, you should also arrange meeting points at the start of any journey. Rivers are a great marker, as it narrows down the choice of direction. Plot out several points on a map, and make sure everyone has a copy!

Remove temptation

Your food smells – and it smells great to any animals that might be around. Now, this isn’t all that scary if you live in a country where the biggest wild animal might be a badger, but if it’s a bear? That’s a different story. So, keep all your food sealed up in airtight containers or bags, and keep it out of sight.

Drink water

The human body is remarkably resilient, and it can go a surprisingly long time without food. It’s a different story for water, though, and you need to stay hydrated. You should bring plenty of water with you and keep it safe, and it’s also advisable to bring a portable water filter. That way, if you get lost somewhere, you will be able to purify any water from any source, and know it is safe to drink.

Torch and batteries

When you are camping away from the bright city lights, it is going to be dark. Very, very dark. So, make sure you bring a good torch with you – and plenty of batteries to keep it running. It’s no fun if you need to take a toilet trip in the middle of the night, so bring some light with you to ensure you don’t have an accident.
As you can see, there is a lot to think about when you are planning a camping trip. But, put these tips into practice and you should have a perfectly safe trip, and have a great time camping. Enjoy!
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