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Planning a Well-Rounded Florida Vacation

Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

Florida has so much to offer the average traveler that many visitors don’t even realize all that awaits them. Not only does this state have wonderfully warm temperature all year long, but it is filled with amazing opportunities. Whether you are a history buff, thrill seeker, amusement park fanatic, or simply looking to relax, Florida has something for everyone.

Historical Landmarks

                                                             Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Florida is so well-known for fun that people often forget that it is rich in history. Historical sites like the hauntingly intriguing Fort Jefferson are waiting to be explored. You can also take a tour of the Ford and Edison Sites where you’ll get an up-close look at the winter home of two influential inventors. Even the 205 foot Bok Tower is a sight to behold.

Thrilling Adventures

Photo by Alex Shutin on Unsplash

Only in Florida can one discover so many options when it comes to thrill seeking. The wetlands are the perfect place to ride an airboat amidst the local alligators and snakes in their natural habitat. When you take advantage of programs like Swim with Manatees Citrus County FL becomes a dream come true for anyone wanting to join these magnificent creatures under water.

Theme Park Utopia

Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash

Orlando is home to a variety of exciting theme parks representing all of your favorite characters from Mickey Mouse to Harry Potter. These parks have roller coasters for the adventurer, exotic dining opportunities for the foodie, and a number of shows for those that want some entertainment. The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Orlando’s skies are filled with spectacular fireworks displays every night.

Relaxing Shores

Photo by Vicko Mozara on Unsplash

Those looking to simply spend their days soaking up that Florida sunshine can take their pick from a variety of beaches. Sandy shores along the Gulf have some of the most stunning water views you’ll ever find while the Atlantic Coast is the ideal location to watch the sunrise. Along with the more popular Miami and Daytona Beach, you’ll discover several quitter locations.

Now that you know all that awaits you in the state of Florida, your only problem will be trying to decide exactly which activities to try. Chances are that you’ll either have to extend your vacation time or start planning a return trip as soon as you get home.

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Experience The Wild Side Of North Carolina

From the Appalachian mountains in the west to the rugged coastline of the east, North Carolina is a state of extremes and well worth exploring. Whichever season that you choose to visit, North Carolina will provide you with the most stunning vistas. The active holidaymaker has a wealth of options at their disposal including hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding or deep sea fishing to name but a few. If you’re after a vacation that will see you experiencing the joys of nature, take a look at these ideas that will get you experiencing the wild side of North Carolina.

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Walking Is The Best Mode Of Transport

There is no better way to experience the clean, fresh air of this southern state than to walk. Not only does this save you money but you get to venture into areas that are inaccessible by vehicle. Some of the hikes aren’t for faint hearted. You’ll need a solid pair of walking boots and an above average level of fitness to complete some of the challenging trails. Make sure you do your research beforehand and choose the walk that is right for you.

Embark on a hike within the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and you’ll venture through oak forests with an abundance of flora and fauna. You’ll have the chance to spot wildlife native to the area, and at the end of your hike, you’ll be rewarded with the most incredible view of Blue Ridge Parkway waterfalls.

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Ocean Air

If the sea scented air is more your style, you could choose to hoist yourself up onto your trusty stallion and, depending on your level of skill, take a gentle wander down the beach or a thrill inducing gallop along the sand. There can’t be many life experiences that are more romantic than sunset horse ride along the coast.

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City Life

Although you’re keen to experience the lush forests, the historic national parks, and the striking mountain ranges, you need to think about where you will be basing yourself. For some of your vacation, it’s wise to think about resting your weary bones at a Comfort Inn based in town. This way, you’ll have a range of useful amenities on your doorstep and won’t be stuck for supplies, as well as being able to venture out into the wilds.

Don’t forget, within the more populated areas there are still some awesome sites of natural beauty. Airlie Gardens consists of a peaceful lake, giant oaks and seemingly neverending acres of relaxing walking opportunities. If you’re after something a little more laid back while still being outdoors, it’s a good idea to check out the green spaces that the town and cities have to offer.


So forget the lure of NYC and opt for the more adventurous NC to get your fix of the outdoor lifestyle. Pack your waterproofs, hiking boots, and rugged camera and start planning your trip to the beautiful state of North Carolina.


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It’s A Wild Ride Going Up And Down The Colorado Mountains

Colorado is state of total natural beauty. The countryside differs so much from its southerly neighbors; you’d think you were in Canada. But perish the thought, because if you’re from Colorado that might seen as blasphemous. However, there’s no denying it, the mountainous passes, the fast-flowing and still lakes and rivers, are prime spots for sports fishing. Colorado’s landscape is perfect for going hiking, camping, kayaking, rock climbing and just about any natural activity you can think of. There’s only so much you can do on holiday before the time runs out. So here are some of the most popular things to do, if you want an unforgettable adventure, in the state that’s song, is ‘Rocky Mountain High.’



Vail Mountain Resort is great for a family trip or individuals looking to for an adrenaline fix; The mountain is distinctive in the fact that, rather than other skiing trips, the further south you go, the higher the peaks are. The town up north from the snowy peaks is like a miniature city, with every single thing relating to skiing and snowboarding being catered for. The great thing about so many small businesses offering you the best in safety and sporting equipment is that you don’t need to bring anything with you. VistaBahn Ski Rentals have greatly streamlined skis for the advanced, and wide, short skis for beginners. If you book in advance, you get a 20% discount and better still if you bring along your own boots, you’ll save a further $7. There’s are adult, kids, performance, sports and demo packages to choose from, and the minimum amount of time required before your discount is valid is a 24-hour booking in advance.


Image credit – Wesley Fryer


Flowing down the mountain

Departing from Durango, you will be guided north of the town where you’ll be standing at the lower part of Animas River. You’ll go through the safety precautions along with a first aid kit and how to use the items in it should something go wrong, and your guide will teach you how to paddle and how to sense which way the raft is heading. You’ll flow down class II and III+ style of rock formation, swerves, dips and slow and rapid flowing sections. You only need to be four years of age, and above to participate, so it’s great fun for the family or a group of friends. Halfway through the 4-hour course, you’ll stop off for a rest and a light picnic in the serene nature that surrounds you. Then it’s quickly back on the horse, and you’ll flow down towards the beautiful reservation lands of Southern Ute and returning to Durango.


Photo source – RobertKane123


Zip-line if you dare

Many zip-line tours in the world have a beginning and an end line fixed to a man-made platform. However, this particular zip-line is fixed to a 6500 feet high cliff, that peers over the vast dark green woodland. Somewhere in those trees, is the finish where you’ll whip past the leaves and branches and end up on a massive tree stump as your landing zone. Obviously, this isn’t for the faint of heart, but the local guides are there for support and will help to calm your nerves long enough to get fixed into the harness. It’s initially quite bizarre when you think of traveling over the landscape at almost 30mph after a 1.5-hour tour, but in the end, it’s an incredibly rewarding.


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Adventure: That’s The Real Reason Idaho Is Called The Gem State

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We have a fascination with the nicknames given to the US states; so much so, we recently took off to Idaho simply because of its moniker. We just did it. We packed the car and went on a backpacking whim. It wasn’t until we got there that we found out different people believe different things. Some say it was a translation that means Gem of the Mountain, others say it is to do with the native gemstone garnet, and some say it is simply because this state is spoiled with natural beauty. We couldn’t argue with any of them.

But whatever the origins of its name, one thing we realized very quickly was, wow, does that place deserve its name. Summertime in Idaho is amazing. There are just so many adventures to be had in Idaho, and here are the best of the bunch:

Jump Creek Hike

When we get to a place, we love to ask the locals what they recommend. Forget Tripadvisor or seeing what a place looks like first, we just love asking locals for their number one must-do Idaho activity, and so many people said hike Jump Creek in Marsing. We don’t want to give too much away, but there is a secluded waterfall and it is beautiful. That’s all we’ll say, though.

Payette River Adventure

Everyone has a little streak of adventure in them, somewhere, and what better way to let that beast out then to get wet and wild on the Payette River. The whitewater rafting here is immense. It’s so exciting. The adrenaline rush, the sun, the splashes of cool water, the banks and banks of pine trees and mountain views. Yeah, it’s an absolute must do.

Swim At Sandy Point

It’s summer. Nothing beats hanging out by the water with your friends and family in the summer, and that is what makes the Sandpoint City Beach Park one of the most awesome places anywhere. You step out of the Best Western Edgewater Resort and bam! you’re hit with these magnificent views down Lake Pend Oreille. Swimming, boating, volleyball, lounging in the sun, tennis, a stroll downtown; it’s all at your fingertips.

Shoshone Falls

We mentioned it earlier, how the Gem State got its name from its natural beauty. Well, the Shoshone Falls give credence to that myth. It’s almost 50 feet higher than Niagara Falls and it is breathtaking. It’s that tonic for tired eyes that everyone needs to see. The sounds of the crashing water, the rock formations, the sheer size. If this sounds like your thing, then you need to get to Twin Falls this summer.

A Fair Like No Other

Apparently, in Idaho, the Western Idaho Fair is like the last hurrah of the summer that everyone gets involved with. It’s that last bit of fun before school starts again. However, when we say fair, what we mean is a party like no other. It’s as if the 1950s has returned, bringing all the fairground rides and rock n’ roll spirit along with it. You won’t believe it until you see it with your own two eyes, stamp along with the music all night and wake up the next day still smiling.



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Well-known Pumpkin Patches in the US

Photo credit: yahoo images

It can’t be denied but the weather is changing and we’re ushering the coming of fall. Fall is a lovely time to enjoy before the cold winter season arrives. It’s just a short season, not lasting more than 2 months and the weather is not too chilly. And aside from the nice weather, beautiful fall foliage, the pumpkin patches all over the US are brimming with big and beautiful pumpkins to carve, display and even cook in time for the holidays.

Here are famous pumpkin patches around the US which are all worth visiting. If you leave in the area, do consider a visit and enjoy the fun activities they have in store for everyone.

CALIFORNIA: Cool Patch Pumpkins

NEW YORK: The Great Pumpkin Farm, Iron Kettle Farm, Barton Orchards 

PENNSYLVANIA: Shady Brook Farm 

OHIO: Devine Farms 

NORTH CAROLINA: Peanuts Pumpkin Patch Express 

SOUTH CAROLINA: Holiday Farms 

COLORADO: Anderson Farms 

OREGON: The Pumpkin Patch 

NEVADA: Toll House Pumpkin Patch

DELAWARE: Mr. Pepper’s Pumpkin Patch

MAINE: Pumpkin Valley Farm

Please feel free to add more in the list so I can update this. I am sure a lot will benefit from this list so anyone who wishes to visit these farms will be able to plan their visit and know what they will see and in the farms.

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10 Best Places In The USA To Travel With Children

Amusement parks in the USA are probably the best places to visit with children, the parks which come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and designs offer comfortable and convenient avenues for maximum fun. While intending to visit the amusement or theme parks it is important to carry the following items prior to entry to the park:

-Comfortable shoes such as water sandals
-Band aids
-A small pack with water, money and a camera

Places that will provide most fun with the children while touring the United States include the following:

1. Disneyland:

Located in Florida, Disneyland remains one of the most famous theme parks in the United States. The park features a number of sky trains, roller coaster rides and carnivals among many other fun activities. There’s no other place in the United States – the world, even — that celebrates childhood quite like Orlando. The feeling that children get when they catch the light off Epcot Center’s spaceship Earth; or when they witness the soaring heights of Shamus flips (during the water show at SeaWorld). The notion that only young ones can get pleasure from this city’s charms is simply that- a notion. In reality, Orlando contains a very little of this and a little of that to charm to any or all ages, and there is more to try and do here than visit theme parks. The subtropical climate is great for golfing and the downtown city landscape is simply too attractive not to explore.

2. SeaWorld

SeaWorld is a water theme park located in the State of Florida, the park allows the family more specifically the children to engage in a wide array of recreational activities such as touring the aquarium that is home to many kinds of marine wildlife.

3. Statue of Liberty

Located in The City of New York, the world famous and monumental Statue of Liberty will offer the kids a chance to get panoramic views of New York as well as the surrounding environs. The monumental statue also provides good photography sessions for kids where kids will take back beautiful memories of the visit.

4. Lowry Park

The Lowry Park zoo is situated in Tampa bay, the destination is famed for its wide collection of animals that comprise of local as well as exotic species. The children will enjoying a scenic tour of the region while observing different animals as well as providing natural habitats where the kids can relax and have a snack or meal.

5. Central Park

Central park is considered the best park in New York where kids can have fun riding bikes through the park, engaging in other sports while the parents sit back and enjoy the serene and comfortable ambience. Biking at Central Park, New York is the best things to spend an afternoon. Also, this is a great way for tourists to get to know about Central Park. This activity is perfect for tourists who spend few days in New York and want to taste the feeling of being there. There are also many other activities available for both locals and foreigners.

6. Bush Gardens Theme park

For visitors looking to have a natural theme park that comprises of well-kept and pristine gardens, Bush Gardens Theme Park will be most appropriate. Located in Tampa, Florida, the theme park will provide a comfortable environment while still offering maximum fun. This park is located in Virginia and is about 380 acres of family friendly experiences, Tourists can experience extraordinary fun with more than 50 rides. It is well known for its roller coasters. One of the Top five world-class roller coasters is at this park, Griffon, is the world’s tallest and first floorless dive coaster. The extreme seats extend away from the track, making a more panoramic view for their riders and adding to the excitement.

7. Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey bay Aquarium is located in the Californian coast and is home to a rich diversity of marine wildlife’s which will excite and educate the kids during their trip to the United States.
Your vacation is incomplete if you skip the trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It contains over 550 different types of animals and plants, it is sure to delight all ages in your family. You may find it is better to take a tour of all the exhibits, leisurely at their own pace. The water is kept at 10 degrees Celsius. A majority of the water that is used here comes directly from the Monterey Bay, this helps to feed many animals in the exhibits, since it contains plankton.

8. Space Coast

A traveler to Florida will also find the ‘Space coast’ a fun experience especially for kids who get excited by space and the galaxy. “Space Coast” is also home to the famous Kennedy Space Centre which has always been revered by kids for spacecraft’s and outer space.

9. Glacier National Park: 

Glacier National Park is located in the rocky mountains of Montana and spans over 1 million acres of forests, meadows and lakes. Children will be able to view over 70 mammal species which include the gray wolf and grizzly bears as well as over 270 species of birds which include harlequin ducks and golden eagles.

10. Everglades

Everglades is a children center situated in Florida where kids get a chance to learn more about eco-systems and conservation. The center provides the knowledge using a fun ways which will engage the kids at the same time.

Travelers from countries falling under the visa waiver program are exempt from applying for an entry Visa to the US. All that is required for the potential traveler is to make an online requisition for an ESTA authorization at least 72 hours prior to the day of travel.

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