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Forget Vacation, Go For A Relax-cation!

While a lot of people want their vacations to be adventurous, full of danger and excitement, or some people prefer to go on a backpacking vacation to explore themselves. Yet, some people are too busy in life to be running around in another country, and would much rather live by the pool, with a pile of books, in the glistening sunshine. Many people would much rather this, so here is a little guide to the most relaxing vacation destinations you can try right now.


Budapest, Hungary



While Budapest is one of the grandest of capital cities, rife for adventure, there are plenty of opportunities to relax. There are many spars, which has water flowing from the subterranean springs. But if you are looking for a more cultured way of relaxing, you should go to one of the Art Nouveau Gellért Baths, which boasts stained glass as well as beautiful mosaics.


The Galapagos Islands

While you can venture on Santa Cruz Galapagos cruises, there are so many quiet beaches, as well as the island of Isabela. It’s a nice small town, it is very quiet, but there are plenty of things for you to relax and unwind if you find that you are spending too much time relaxing on the beach! Isabela also has authentic Ecuadorian food, plus lots cater for all types of dietary requirements, from gluten-free, to even vegan. However, if you are not fussy, you may want to just chow down with the seafood! The freshly caught lobster is to die for!





Apart from the beaches, there are some fantastic tranquillity spas, such as the Vilalara Longevity Thalassa and Medical Spa, which is located in a beautiful botanical garden, with fantastic views across the Atlantic. If you are looking for a way to rejuvenate, you can reap the benefits of the natural saltwater in the Thalassa therapy package. In addition to this, there are workshops in mindfulness, methods to reduce stress, as well as yoga, arguably the most restorative technique you can practice.


The Seychelles

If you are looking for somewhere that is going to instantly unwind you in a tropical paradise, you cannot go far wrong with the Seychelles. There is silky soft sand, clear water, as well as restorative sunshine. You may be forgiven for thinking that it is extremely expensive, but you can actually stay in the Seychelles on a small budget. It all depends on what you intend on doing, but if you plan on relaxing, that luckily doesn’t cost that much!


St Lucia



If you’re looking for a spa destination, in 2016 The Bodyholiday Destress was voted the world’s number 4 best destination spa. This spa implements a lot of ancient techniques as well as more modern therapies. In addition to this, you will be guided through tai chi, qi gong, as well as yoga to help de-stress yourself inside and out.


We all want something different out of our vacation destinations, but if you are looking to relax, you should try a few of these places. Not only will your body benefit from the break, but your mind will too!

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Summer Sun and Sand at Ras Al Khaimah

Dubai’s temperature is soaring so we decided to have a quick getaway to a nearby town of UAE called Ras Al Khaimah. It’s less than an hour drive from Dubai. Sometimes, getting out of Dubai is what you need to unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life.

We saw some camels along the way. They’re really majestic creatures.

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is a quiet emirate of the United Arab Emirates. It also has it’s city centre but it pales in comparison with Dubai when it comes to the fast-paced lifestyle. It is more relaxing and calm in RAK.

We booked an overnight stay at Bin Majid Beach Hotel from and got a very good rate with buffet breakfast for 2. The 2 standard rooms we booked for ourselves and our in-laws were facing each other so we got to see both sides of the hotel – the seaview (in-laws) and the mountain/city view (ours). I’ll post the review of the hotel later. Meanwhile, let me just soak in the sun and sand for few more minutes before we check out and head home to a busy cosmopolitan city.

And I don’t even like going to any beach resorts! But once in a while, it’s so nice to unwind, walk on barefeet, smell the sea water and feel the warm breeze on your face. It’s all you need to recharge, really…

Ah, it may be the peak of summer but looking at the sea and walking on the beach kind of give me that inner peace I have been craving for. Sometimes, you just have to pack your bag and go… but don’t forget your shades and sunscreen!

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A Honeymoon in Heaven: The Magic of the Maldives

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The Maldives is one of the most popular destinations in the world for love-struck honeymooners, and it’s not exactly hard to see why. Beautiful deserted islands surrounded by the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean, stunning scenery, world-class luxury resorts, golden sands and perfect weather combine to make it a dream destination for honeymoons. Here are some of the highlights of this island paradise to keep in mind should you be looking for a romantic destination for your honeymoon.

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Enjoy Your Own Private Island

Wherever you stay in the Maldives, you will never be far away from a deserted island. You should not have trouble arranging an excursion to one of the nearby islands, where you will be able to enjoy a meal for two while watching the sun set and knowing that the island is yours alone to enjoy. You can’t get much more romantic than that.

Head Beneath the Waves

The Maldives is a diver’s paradise, and even if you don’t dive yourself, you will be able to discover the world beneath the waves with a simple snorkel and mask. Discover turtles, stingrays, starfish, tropical fish and stunning coral formations just outside the door to your luxury accommodation. It does not matter where you stay because the waters around all the islands are bursting with life.

Go Whale & Dolphin Watching

It may be spectacular beneath the waves, but you can also enjoy the thrill of watching wildlife from the surface, namely whales and dolphins. Boat tours are easy to arrange, and you will be able to head out into the great expanse of endless ocean where you can see spotted dolphins, sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins, whale sharks and more. The chances of making a sighting are very good, and seeing a whale in the wild is an experience that you will always treasure.

Water Sports

Romantic honeymoons are not just about moonlit dinners on the sand and lying around on beaches. You may also want to get involved in some activities, and if so you will be in luck. The main activities here consist of water sports, with the most popular being surfing, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, jet skiing and kite surfing. You can also arrange a fishing trip if you want, and if you catch anything you’ll be able to get it cooked up for your dinner.


People do not tend to visit the Maldives for sightseeing opportunities (they are far too busy lazing around on the picture perfect beaches), but there are a few things that are certainly worth a visit, mainly in the capital of Malé.

If you head to the capital at some point, consider taking a trip to the National Museum where you can enjoy a unique collection of artefacts that bring the history of the Maldives to life. The Maldives Fish Market is also interesting, and here you will able to enjoy the bustling atmosphere as the fresh catches are sold.

Enjoy Pure Luxury in the Maldives

With all of the above, including optional extras such as beach barbecues, massages on the golden sands and sunset cruises, it just does not get any more romantic, so find out more about a luxury break tothe Maldives. Sound like the place where you want your married life to begin? Then start thinking about booking your honeymoon today.

Alex Norman is a travel consultant with a penchant for coordinating wedding parties. He enjoys blogging where he gets to share his insights.

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