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Wash Away Those Festive Sins in Thailand

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on January 11, 2018

From a picturesque yoga retreat perched in the sweeping mountains of Chiang Mai to a hard-core fitness boot camp in Phuket, here’s why Thailand is your go-to destination if you’re looking for a fresh, healthy start to 2018!



Cleanse away your festive sins at one of Thailand’s many detox retreats. With budget and luxury options available, as well as bespoke programs tailored to any request, forget the gym, grab your bikini and work off those holiday indulgences on one of Thailand’s famous palm-fringed beaches. Choose from a rejuvenating 1 – 7-day gentle cleanse, or for the more hardcore, try a month-long cleanse! Retreats also include activities such as hikes, yoga, meditation, massages and much more.

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Phuket Cleanse offers pre- cleanse and post-cleanse programs, detox therapies, and include activities such as guided meditation to help detox the mind while detoxing the body.

Location: Phuket

The Sanctuary Thailand is famous for their detox programs, yoga in paradise, healthy food options and world-class teachers, workshops and teacher trainings. Detox programs include the one-day quick detox, two-day liver cleanse, three – seven-day raw cleanse, 7.5 day candida detox, or a 10.5 day complete cleanse.

Location: Koh Pha Ngan Island

Samui Detox offers a variety of programs including; fasting and detox, weight loss, rejuvenation, as well as activities including yoga and meditation, Thai massage, herbal steam baths, workshops and excursions.

Location: Koh Samui

Fitness Boot Camps

Planning to overindulge this Festive season? Forget crash diets, dig out your passport and get to Thailand – the ultimate fitness holiday destination. Fitness boot-camps can be found all throughout the stretches of sandy white beaches or in the lush rainforests of Thailand, promising to whip you into shape, teach you healthy habits and set you on the right track in 2018.

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Phuket Fit

Phuket Fit’s team of specialized fitness and wellness professionals will give you the support needed in your journey to body transformation. Offering a healthy environment and personalised services and support, helping guests achieve specific health and fitness goals and make lasting positive changes in their lives. Phuket Cleanse offers three programs, including the ‘Detox & Cleanse Program’, the ‘Weight Loss Program’ and the ‘Complete Fitness Program’.

Location: Rawai, Phuket.

Thailand Fitness Boot Camp have devised a challenging but do-able week-long program, packed full of outdoor activities to help you achieve your fitness, health and weight loss goals. Their boot camp fitness vacations take a holistic approach to health and fitness, tying in a combination of work outs, clean diets and pampering spa treatments.

Location: Chiang Mai.

Ultimate Fitness Holiday provide advanced training techniques and all the tools necessary to achieve your fitness goals. Tailoring training to every individual and experienced instructors there to teach you all of the techniques to become a fitter and healthier version of you. Activities include: boot camps, open matt sessions, Olympic weightlifting, beach training, assault course training, and spinning.

Location: Phuket

Muay Tuay

Eager to get fit FAST and prepare for the ultimate challenge? Pack your bags and head to Thailand to experience their national sport, Muay Tuay. This combat sport, also known as ‘the art of eight limbs’ combines punching, kicking, kneeing, elbowing and clinching. Originally developed by Thai soldiers in the 16th century, it’s no surprise that this will likely be one of the toughest workouts you’ve ever experienced. Muay Thai camps can be found all over Thailand, each catering to different experience levels and different budgets. Known as one of the most grueling and exhausting, yet rewarding and most memorable experiences you’ll ever have, are you up for the Muay Thai challenge?

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Jun Muay Thai Camp is a traditional Thai gym that caters to all levels of students, from absolute beginners through to advanced stadium fighters. It offers general fitness and conditioning training, or more intensive technique and fight preparation training. It is also quickly becoming known as the place to train in Koh Samui.

Location: Koh Samui

Tiger Muay Thai accept all levels of fitness and fight experience and has fast become a training ground for the world’s most elite athletes. The camp has gained a well-deserved reputation as the premier destination for Muay Thai, MMA & Fitness training in Thailand, offering packages including beginner, intermediate and advanced programs, coached by some of the best trainers in the world.

Location: Phuket

Super Pro Samui will help you accomplish your personal goals, focusing on Muay Thai and MMA, with classes designed for all ages and levels. In addition, they also offer CrossFit, yoga and fitness, as well as kids classes.

Location: Koh Samui

Yoga Retreats

Escape from the Dubai hustle and bustle to the tranquility of Thailand to experience one of their world-famous yoga retreats. Reconnect with nature as you let go of all your worries in the ideal surroundings. Whether you’re after a budget, luxury, beach or jungle escape, Thailand offers something for everyone. There’s no better way to switch off, get bendy and reboot with a positive mindset for the new year.

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Absolute Sanctuary is your go-to, if you’re looking for a true Island escape and is Asia’s top wellness resort for fitness, health, lifestyle and weight management. A range of crafted programs are available, including yoga, pilates, core programs and healthy food programs promising to help you reconnect with yourself, recharge, revitalize and re-energise.

Location: Koh Samui

Kamalaya Koh Samui is a personal yoga and wellness retreat offering all-inclusive yoga and meditation packages suitable for beginners and experiences yogis alike. They offer private one-to-one yoga sessions with customized instruction along with complementary treatments, including Ayurveda therapies from experiences Indian therapists. 3, 5 and 7 night programs available.

Location: Koh Samui

Chiva-Som International Health Resort in Hua Hin offers a ‘Yoga for Life’ package that will rejuvenate the body, calm the mind and help heal the spirit. Group classes or one-on-one tutorials available, as well as mediation, Pranayama and Ayuryedic cleansing techniques. Choose from a variety of packages, ranging from 3 nights, to 14 nights.

Location: Hua Hin

Grab your passport and start the year off right, destination: Thailand!

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Knowing How To Find Beavers Bend Cabins

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Planning your next getaway? If you’re lucky enough to know the top lake cabin retreats, you just have to book accommodations, put in vacation time at work and hit the road. Maybe you want to know how to find Beavers Bend Cabins, though, or you’re wondering how far out of town you can get while still surrounding yourself with a chic rustic setting. Read on to find out the best lake cabin retreats in the country.

1. Love to ski? Head to The Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Plenty of nearby cities have cabin retreats, including Glenwood Springs, Estes Park, Florissant and Aspen.

2. There are few places more peaceful than Pennsylvania Dutch Country in Lancaster County. Shop at Amish markets, wander over covered bridges and stay at a cabin in Mifflintown, Gettysburg, Elizabethtown or Columbia.

3. Stay on the shore in Lake Michigan – there’s plenty of space to choose from, with more than 200 miles of shoreline. Cabins rentals are available in Manistee, Silver Lake, Grand Haven and Frankfort.

4. You can’t read a list of great lake cabins without hearing about Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada. Visit this lake any time of the year, but if water activities are your favorite pastime, head there during the summer.

5. The Ozark Mountains in Missouri (simply dubbed “the Ozarks” by area residents) have the best of both worlds: peaceful nature and a happening nightlife. Branson is the most popular place for a cabin rental, but you’ll also find accommodations in the Lake of the Ozarks and Table Rock Lake.

6. Hike, spot wildlife, fish and head to the waterfalls when you stay at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. Book a cabin in Gatlinburg.

7. Asheville, NC, is considered one of the best places to live, but it’s also an ideal area for a vacation. Between the outdoor activities and the stunning, picturesque views, you’ll have plenty to do day in and day out.

8. Love the city but dream of a rustic retreat? Head to Mount Rainier in Washington, which is close enough to Seattle to enjoy the city life for an evening.

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What To Pack When Going To The Beach This Summer (For The Ladies)

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It’s that time of the year again and every beach lover out there must be raring to drive to the nearest beach resort or even fly to a great seaside retreat for a nice soak and tan. If you’re one of them, you’re probably starting to fill your luggage with the necessities.

Here are the essential carry-ons for your beach outing:

For those who are going to take a flight:
Your travel documents, eg. passport, visa (if required), list of important numbers, hotel vouchers and other travel documents you deem required to take along
Enough cash, debit card, credit card (try to limit the use of this only for emergency)
Your medications in a pillbox, if required

For those who are going via land:
Hotel voucher for your booking
Enough cash, debit card, credit card (try to limit the use of this only for emergency)
List of important numbers
Your medications in a pillbox, if required
Some refreshments/snacks like cookies and water

And the essentials:

  • 1 or 2 swimsuits (depending on how long you plan to be in that resort)
  • 1 light weight cover-up like a caftan or a sari that can dry easily
  • a lightweight mat that you can fold and this is optional. You can borrow the ones in the hotel or resort.
  • 1 sunglasses
  • 1 hat or cap
  • 1 foldable umbrella that you can bring when beach umbrellas are not available or when you’re going to the market for sight seeing
  • a stylish beach tote bag (go for canvas or the straw kind so it’s breathable and sands can be easily shaken off)
  • 1 pair of sandal or a 1 flip-flop. My rule here is, you can only choose one. If you’re choosing the sandal, it better be water proof or at least, one that dries easily and can be worn fast. It has to be flexible that you can take it to other places and step it on the beach.
  • 1 or 2 shorts (depending how long you are staying in the resort.  I will stick to just 1 if you’ll be there only for 2-3 nights)
  • 2-3 light cotton tees
  • 1 pair of lightweight jeans
  • 1 lightweight cardigan for that night time relaxation in the cabana
  • 1 maxi dress for city touring if you need to
  • undergarments – a must!
  • 1 small sunblock lotion or if you want to tan, a tanning lotion
  • 1 lip balm with SPF
  • Toiletries like shampoo, cologne, body lotion and body gel in travel sizes that can fit a small pouch
  • A couple of sanitary napkins or liners for the ladies
  • A good book
  • A nice camera to document those precious summer moments
  • An mp3 like your iPod or other small gadget you can play music with

The list may seem long but when you’re actually packing them in the bag, they’re all compact and will easily fit a cabin bag. If it goes beyond that then that means you’re overpacking!

People who are planning for a trip to the beach must remember to pack appropriately for the occasion. Keep it light! Have fun, rest and relax and be safe!

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