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What To See Around The Pest Side of Budapest


It’s been several months since I visited Budapest in Hungary but the beauty of that place still lingers in my mind like it was just yesterday.  I have expected most of Europe to be similar in terms of architecture and design but somehow, I have been taken by Budapest’s beauty.

I have seen various old towns and cities of other European countries. Their beauty varies from one another. Budapest in Hungary is like a gem tucked in the Central part of Europe. Budapest has been cited as one of the beautiful cities in the world and a top travel destination by a famous travel magazine.

Budapest is the combination of 2 cities, the Buda and Pest side. These 2 are separated by several bridges and one of that is the famous Chain Bridge.

If you are visiting Budapest anytime soon, take note of these places when you are in the Pest side.


Andrassy Avenue

The Andrassy Avenue is touted as the Champs Elysees of Budapest. Museums, theaters and opera house line up along this grand Avenue. You can also visit the House of Terror which shows the horrors of what Hungary had experienced during the 20th century.


Danube Promenade / Danube Bank

The Danube river bank serves as the promenade of many locals and tourists alike. Here, you can find the Memorial of the Shoes. These shoes are bronze replicas of the Jews who were executed by the Arrow Crosses. They were made to remove their shoes by the bank before they were shot, and their bodies fell and drifted along the River Danube. It is a very poignant memorial to honor those who have perished during the ugly face of World War II.


Vaci Utca

This is a famous shopping area in Budapest. It is lined with shops and eateries with beautiful, ornate facade. You can stroll here and enjoy the atmosphere or just sit back in one of the coffee shops and people watch.


Hungarian National Parliament

©Ria C/

Nestled in front of the Danube River, the Hungarian National Parliament is a prominent Neo-Gothic architectural structure in the Pest side of Budapest. It is easy to see this place from various trams plying through the area. Tourists can easily walk to the building from the Chain Bridge and traverse the lovely cobble stone street of Pest.


St. Stephen’s Basilica

©Ria C/

I was very lucky to have stayed near the Istvan Basilica (St. Stephen’s Basilica) during my vacation in Budapest, Hungary last year. The view from my room was the dome of this beautiful Basilica. Regular mass is still being held in the Basilica. You can also tour the inside of the Basilica for free but take note of the timing as it is not open throughout the day. You can also climb up in the bell tower for a fee for a breath-taking view of Budapest.

The basilica is the largest in the city and can hold around 8,000 plus people. It also houses the relic of St. Stephen’s right hand which is also open for the public to view.

© Ria C/


Széchenyi Baths

This is a huge bath complex in the whole of Europe.  It is relatively cheap to enjoy a good bath in this huge complex that is open until night time.


Great Market Hall

This place is located at the end of Szabadsag Bridge. It is also known as the Central Market Hall. It has 3 levels. The market sells a wide variety of goods from the famous paprika spice of Hungary, to the many tasty sausages and salamis, local produce, and other dry goods such as Hungarian embroidery and fabrics, and other arts and crafts. You can also grab some ready to eat food here or sample their local cuisine in the food stalls inside the market.


The Chain Bridge

© Ria C/

The famous beautiful bridge that spans between the Buda and Pest sides of Budapest across the Danube River is called The Chain Bridge. I managed to cross the bridge on foot to reach the Buda side and the view is spectacular! I highly recommend this to visitors in Budapest. There is a pathway on each side of the bridge for pedestrians and bicycle access as well. And once you reach the middle part, take a good look of the beautiful scene in front of you. You get to see Buda and Pest!

© Ria C/


The Great Synagogue

This Synagogue is the largest built in the entire of Europe around 1854-1859 in a Moorish style architecture. Next to it is the Jewish Museum which features their tradition, culture, costumes, and history.


Vajdahunyad Castle

Vajdahunyad Castle is located inside the city park near the Széchenyi Baths. It was built during 1896 for the Millennial Exhibition in Hungary, and it also houses the Museum of Agriculture.


Let me share this brief video I have taken from the Buda Hill and it shows the marvelous vista of Pest.

Panoramic view of Pest from the Buda Hill


There are more to see in the Pest side of Budapest that I haven’t included here. If you have been to Budapest, you can share more places of interest by leaving a comment in this post.

I hope you will consider these places of interest when you plan your vacation to Budapest.

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Montenegro: Why it could be the next big thing in travel

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You might not know Montenegro as anything but a football team and an entrant into the Eurovision Song Content. After all, it’s hardly a top summer holiday destination – or is it?

This small country – about the size of Northern Ireland – can be found sandwiched between Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. As such, it was ripped apart by the Yugoslav wars in the 1990s.

However, those bad memories are fading and since becoming an independent country in 2006, Montenegro has been firmly put on the map.

So, after a little thought and some investment from the rich and famous, Montenegro is fast becoming a tourist hotspot and the next big thing in travel.

What does it offer?
Well, aside from becoming a footballing nation, Montenegro also has a number of tourist attractions, particularly on the north-west coast.
National parks: Considering its small size, it’s a wonder Montenegro could have one national park, never mind three. However, Durmitor, Tara Canyon and Biogradsko Jezero are all worth a visit.
Culture: If you’re looking to explore one of the quaint, sleepy villages, it’s worth taking the trip up to Kotor Bay. Thanks to its beautiful scenery and early settlement, the village is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Weather: It’s location on the Adriatic Sea means that it benefits from a similar climate to central and southern Italy. Its border is also no more than a few miles from the increasingly popular Croatian city of Dubrovnik.
Yachting: For those with millions of pounds at their disposal, Porto Montenegro is a real hotspot. It is one of the largest marinas in the world and is regularly visited by numerous celebs, including Roman Abramovich and Novak Djokovic.

How to get there

 When flying to Montenegro directly, there isn’t much choice. The only flights from the UK are from Gatwick to Tivat or Podgorica, with Montenegro Airlines flying twice a week.

However, as it’s just a couple of hours away Dubrovnik offers an alternative. If you don’t mind a bumpy car journey you can fly with the likes of easyJet and British Airways amongst others.


When planning a trip to Montenegro, don’t forget to purchase  european travel insurance to provide the cover you need in the event of illness or other scenarios you may face on holiday.

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How to Travel Like a Local in Nantucket

Photo credit: yahoo images
Situated just thirty miles to the south of Cape Code, the Atlantic island of Nantucket is also the southernmost section of Massachusetts.  Renowned for its historic past as a New England whaling capital, the island has retained its maritime appeal and is visited by throngs of vacationers each year.  Yet unlike many vacation destinations where being a tourist is part of the holiday package, Nantucket beckons visitors to experience island life like a local in order to discover what really makes life on this island extraordinary.
Procuring a Rental
When planning your Nantucket vacation, try getting a Nantucket summer rental for an authentic island experience.  Travelers can choose ocean cottages with pristine ocean views or even antique-filled guest houses that boast period décor.  Choosing an accommodation package is part of the fun.  There are plain rentals with merely the basics as well as luxury villas with pool access and other sumptuous amenities.  To find out more about inns and various Nantucket rental options, visit to find out more about the vacation rental of your dreams.
To experience life like a Nantucket local, visitors will want to visit the local market place to purchase fresh seafood to cook at their villa!  The local grocery stores will supply all the ingredients you need and there are also gourmet shops with specialty items to complement your delectable seaside meals!  To prepare recipes with Nantucket flair, bring this cookbook along—The Nantucket Restaurants Cookbook: Menus and Recipes from Faraway Isle.  You’ll fit right into the Nantucket shopping scene as you browse for food items that will delight your family or significant other!
Dining Out
On the other hand, you can eat out like the locals do at their favorite Nantucket eateries and experience the most revered island cuisine.  Although the island boasts fine dining experiences, most locals prefer the casual restaurants perched beside the sea.  You’ll enjoy hearty island fare prepared with fresh ingredients in an atmosphere as nearly as timeless as the sea itself!  What should you eat?  Although that’s a matter of taste, one can’t help but suggest the island’s pan-roasted Maine lobster, lobster tacos, seared Atlantic salmon, littleneck clams, and tasty crab cakes!  While seafood reigns supreme, there are also plenty of great cheeseburgers, pizza, and other great American staples to be enjoyed on the island!

Both tourists and locals alike appear to favor the same pastimes.  Travelers must experience a boating excursion off the island as well as various watersports or fishing trips.  Biking and hiking the trails around the island is also a great way to experience the scenic charms of Nantucket.  Be sure to attend the island’s various festivals and events to see why island life is so special.  Nantucket’s wine festival along with its film festival are both highly popular events that draw both tourists and locals.  Of course, if you’re like most locals, you’ll simply be dazzled by a long walk by the sea.
Nantucket is best experienced when one is immersed in the everyday life of the island.  Then visitors find that there are truly few places as special as this unforgettable Atlantic isle.  
Adam Jenson is a Nantucket resident. He loves to share his best tips about the area on travel blogs.
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Top up your Tan in Tenerife

Although Tenerife is known for drinking and a general ‘Brits’ abroad’ atmosphere, there is so much more to the island. From whale and dolphin cruises to year round golfing, there is something for everyone here!

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. It’s a popular tourist destination and it has two airports, Tenerife north and Tenerife south. There are many travel companies offering package holidays to Tenerife, but if that’s not your style have a look around for low cost flights to Tenerife with Monarch and perhaps think about renting an apartment or villa.

Playa de las Americas is one of the main destinations people choose to visit. With beautiful beaches, lively nightlife and plenty of great restaurants, it’s certainly a place for friends and families who want an action packed holiday with lots of hustle and bustle. The Safari Centre is full of designer labels for those who wish to have a classier shopping experience in this lovely beach town.

For a quieter holiday, why not try visiting Tenerife’s capital, Santa Cruz. Visit the Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Candelaria, a picturesque church in a beautiful old town, or wander the streets of this old fashioned city. There are many beautiful walking areas around the city as well – the Rambla del General Franco is a fantastic woodland walk which takes you through some beautiful scenery. Close by, Teide national park is one of the most spectacular areas of Tenerife and many is ranked among the top cultural attractions of the country.

Tenerife generally has nice weather all year round, with the lowest temperatures being about 22 degrees in the daytime in December and January. Take advantage of the quieter months of May and September, when school children are back in school but the tourist season is either beginning or ending so most attractions will be open for your visit. Chartering a boat for the day is cheaper in the quieter seasons and you may just decide to sail into the sunset after experiencing all the island has to offer.

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I Love Bangkok! Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand

I love Bangkok! It is one of my favourite cities in the world.  It is the capital of Thailand.

The people are friendly. The food is absolutely delicious! The spas and foot massage centres are brimming and reasonably priced. The shopping malls are everywhere and it is practically very affordable.

I have been to Bangkok, Thailand many times. Each visit always feels like the first time. I am still in awe and I never get tired of the place. If you haven’t been to Bangkok yet, I suggest you should. For starters, it is easy to navigate the streets of Bangkok using public transportation (Sky Train, taxi, tuk-tuk or water taxi). Some of the places to see are already within the city’s vicinity so all you have to do is plan your tour accordingly to accommodate so much sights and attractions in a day.

Here are some places to see and really worth visiting while you’re in Bangkok:

Grand Palace/Wat Phra Kaew
This imposing palace in the middle of the city was built on 1782 and was home to the Thai Kings for 150 years. The palace also houses the much revered Emerald Buddha.

 photo ab904c99-b837-47ed-b883-ba1053d69e3c.jpg

Wat Arun/Temple of the Dawn
Located along the west bank of the Chao Phraya river in Tonburi. It is a picturesque temple and best viewed from afar.

 photo 86f9ed93-c867-42e7-94a4-b38b926989d9.jpg

The Reclining Buddha/Wat Po
The famous and huge reclining Buddha in Thailand is known for its gold leaf decoration and the yes and soles made of mother of pearl. This is located near the Grand Palace.

 photo 32b5843c-ad3e-4dac-8626-ac0ef072935d.jpg

Temple of the Golden Buddha/Wat Traimit
This temple houses the Golden Buddha which is made of pure gold and weighing approx. 5 1/2 tons.

 photo f6527951-7905-4e59-b592-8d1bfb6388e6.jpg

The Marble Temple/Wat Benchamabophit 

 photo 00b7e363-c2a7-4c52-b8c1-4ff413d24d8d.jpg

Houses the 52 various Buddhas in the sublime position showing various mudras and signs. Also referred to as the Marble Temple in some travel guidebooks.

Vimanmek Mansion 
This is the largest teak mansion in the world built during the time of King Rama V.

Bangkok Night Safari
Located in the Khao Kheaw, east of Bangkok. It is an open plan zoo where the animals can roam freely without any fence.

The numerous shopping malls around Sukhumvit area. My favorite is the MBK and Platinum.

The night clubs and bars along Patpong.

The numerous spas and foot massage centers in the city.

The floating market in Damnoen Saduak.

Photo credit: yahoo images

Take a tour on this famous floating market area and enjoy the various merchandise peddled by vendors to tourists and locals while in their small boat.

There are plenty more places to visit in Bangkok to name here. I do recommend this place to relax, unwind and enjoy the scenery. So when you plan your trip in Asia, please include Bangkok in your itinerary.

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Things to See and Do on a Caribbean Holiday

If there’s one place that you should go it is the Caribbean. At the very least you should visit one island in your lifetime. Each one is a melting pot of different cultures, laid back people and beautiful landscapes. If you’re off on holiday and you want to experience the best of the Caribbean, then you must do one of these things to really get a feel for the Caribbean.

Dance the Local Dance

The Caribbean is famed for its culture of music, dance and singing, so don’t be a wallflower and join in. Whether it’s the rumba or the mamba or you have a go on a steel drum, enjoy the music and let the Latin beats flow through you. There’s a saying that wherever you are on any Caribbean island you’ll be able to hear music, so simply follow the music and you’ll find someone to teach you a dance.

Taste the Traditional Cuisine

Caribbean food takes all the best of African, European, Chinese and other cuisines that were brought from the origins of the peoples of the Caribbean. Food is a very important part of Caribbean culture, so if you’re going to visit, you simply must taste it. But whether you try a Soursop in Antigua (which apparently is a fruit that tastes like crème anglais) or just rice ’n peas is up to you and how adventurous you’re feeling.  

Drink Rum

Rum is the quintessential Caribbean drink. Imagine sitting on a beach and getting gently merry while you watch the sun going down- a portion of bliss. You can see rum being made in distilleries and drink it in cocktails in the bars all over the Caribbean islands.

Take a Look at Marine Life

Within the expanse of clear blue, shimmering water that surrounds the islands lies another world, and you can explore that world through a myriad of different ways. From spotting humpback whales on a boat to snorkelling in the reefs with sharks to diving with dolphins, whatever you want to see, there is someone just waiting to show you. 

Stay in a Luxury Hotel

Staying in luxury is a must for a Caribbean holiday, but if you don’t think you can afford it, think again. With Best at Caribbean, you can have a luxury holiday at an affordable price. Check out their deals on the Bestat Caribbean website. 

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