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Beautiful Ski Resorts in Northern Italy

Italy is a beautiful country with great alps and Dolomites along the northern area. It is also famous for its rich art, culture and historic architectural sites. Aside from that, Italy is also home to many beautiful ski resorts.

Below are few of the beautiful ski resorts you will find in northern Italy according to region. Marvel on their beauty and check out the many activities you can do there for yourself, with your family and friends too and make the best of your winter getaway!

Aosta Valley region

Aosta Valley in the northwestern part of Italy is the only region in Italy without any provinces. However it is also a very mountainous area that is why it is popular skiing destination in Italy come winter time.
Champoluc, Monte Rosa
Gran Paradiso

Piedmont region

The Piemonte (or Piedmont) region boasts plenty of northern Italy’s famous ski resorts. It was home to the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics.

Via  Lattea
Ski Cervinia

Trentino region

Trentino is famous for its mountain ranges, Dolomites and the alps.


Lombardy region

Lombardy is one of the northern regions of Italy and the capital is Milan, famous for a large number of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its border is the Swiss alps.


Veneto region

It is the 8th largest region in Italy and is located in the northeastern part of the country and it’s northernmost part also borders Austria.

Cortina d’Ampezzo

South Tyrol region

This region is located in the northernmost part of Italy.  It has a very snowy winter that can come as early as October until late of April. So, people who loves to ski or do winter activities can enjoy it longer than the rest of Italy.
(Photos not mine.)
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My Bucket List of Things To Do In Colorado


I have been to several parts of the US but I have not visited Colorado yet. Colorado is one of the places I want to visit someday. If there is one thing in my  travel bucket list that I am most excited about, that is to have the opportunity to stay in any of the Colorado vacation rentals like those fancy chalets or log cabins in any of the famous ski resorts in Colorado. I will tell you why. Read on.

The state of Colorado is a mountainous region. It is part of the Western and Southern United States, and the Mountain States.

Colorado boasts so many majestic slopes that are perfect for winter activities. It is home to many rich and famous celebrities and prominent figures in society. And I am not surprised why. Colorado just screams opulent living, scenic winter vistas, beautiful ski resorts, and winter activities that will tingle your spine! And because of that, I created my own bucket list of things to do in Colorado.


Do Ice-climbing in Ouray Ice Park

The Ouray Ice Park is a man-made climbing attraction in a natural gorge in Ouray, Colorado.  If you are an avid ice climber then this place is a great recreational destination for you. I have not tried any ice climbing in my life, let alone rock-climbing but I added this place in my bucket list because I want the challenge. Maybe you need that kind of challenge too!


Check out the rock formations in the Garden of the Gods

A lot may not know this (unless you live in Colorado) but Colorado has an interesting and diverse geography.  Some parts are mountainous, while others have arid plains and deserts, big sand dunes, plenty of lakes and rivers, lush forests, and interesting rock formations like the ones you will find in the Garden of the Gods.

I enjoy looking at nature. While I may not be the best camper out there, I am willing to let go of my fussiness to be able to view this natural beauty with my own eyes. I have seen numerous photos of this natural park but I know, seeing the rock formation in person will still be a good choice than settling for photos in the magazines or travel sites.

The rock formations in the Garden of the Gods are sedimentary red, pink, and white sandstones, limestones, and conglomerate formations left in the park by the natural uplift of the Rocky Mountains, and Pike Peaks massif movements.

There is one very famous rock formation in the park that is worthy of a great photo-op – the Balanced Rock which is a fountain formation.

I want to see this particular one and a photo-op standing next to it will be the cherry on top of the icing in my Gardens of the Gods visit.

Photo credit:


Experience a weekend in any of the luxurious villas, log cabins or chalets in any ski resort

I am a budget traveler. I try to stick to a rigid budget as much as I can but once in a while, I do splurge. Staying in any of the luxurious villas, log cabins or chalets in any of the ski resort in Colorado is definitely in my bucket list.

I would prefer a lodging for us with a panoramic window so I can see the view outside right away. Nothing beats the beauty of nature’s charm.

Photo credit:


I have seen plenty of photos of vacation rentals in Colorado, especially the ones at the mountain areas. I just love the idea of waking up in the middle of a lush vegetation with a view of the snow-capped mountain to complete my morning.

I also love winter time. I want to feel how it is to sit by the fireplace and sip a hot chocolate to cap my relaxation. And of course, a weekend in any of these types of accommodation with my family will be a perfect getaway for us.


Learn how to ski

I am not an extreme sports kind of person but every now and then, there is a dream that I want to fulfill and that is to learn how to ski. I am terrified of speed so a beginner’s lesson will suffice. I just want to be able to enjoy the snow’s powdery texture against my ski while I glide on a less challenging terrain in one of the many ski resorts in Colorado.

Colorado has plenty of ski resorts for the family to visit and enjoy. Vail is one of the famous ski resorts in the whole of Colorado. Many famous celebrities spend some of their quality time here to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Aside from being the magnet of the rich and famous, it is also known as the biggest mountain resort in the world. It is not as high as other mountain resorts but it boasts of good snowfall that will never disappoint the avid skier. It is also home to some of the best terrains in Colorado so you can expect an exhilarating ski experience whether you are a beginner or a skiing pro.

Another famous ski resort worthy of your time is the Breckenridge . It has well-groomed runs through the trees. It also has high alpine bowls that you can access with a ski lift. This place will make the advanced skier thrilled because of its elevation. There are also nice restaurants at the base of Peak 7 where you can dine after a long ski adventure.


Visit the Mesa Verde National Park

Photo credit:


I have a thing for history. I like checking out ruins, and the Mesa Verde National Park is teeming with interesting finds like the Cliff Palace, the Balcony, Spruce Dwelling, and the Long House. All these are just few of the more than hundreds of cliff dwellings in the Mesa Verde National Park in Montezuma County, Colorado.

The Mesa Verde National Park has been named as one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites due to its exceptional archaeological finds. You can drive through the park on certain period too.


There are many more things to do in my bucket list for Colorado. These are the top of the activities I want to fulfill while I am able. Do you have a bucket list too?

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Here is your December Travel Guide for 2016

Your December travel guide is here! And it’s packed with many fabulous destinations to visit even during winter time.

If you’re traveling in the US, then you’re in for a lively holiday season! You can live it up in Vegas, or party with the world in New York, and spend the holidays on a festive road trip with! Book your perfect getaway now and get your inspiration and fabulous deals in this December Christmas Travel guide from Tours4Fun!

December (Xmas) Travel Guide - World’s best holiday markets - include christmas-themed products for last-minute shoppers, Tropical escapes, Northern Lights (Las Vegas, Frankfurt Christmas Markets, Los Angeles, Jackson Hole, New York, Hawaii)
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Ice Parks To Visit this Winter

Some families prefer to travel during winter time.  My family and I tried that idea but traveled few weeks before Christmas so we don’t get in the holiday rush. However, the excitement of spending winter in a different country or away from home is an inviting idea to try for a change.

If you are one of those who want to travel this winter time or would like to see and feel what winter is like in other countries, then visiting ice parks will be a good idea. I live in a perpetually sunny place so snow is so alien to us and so is the cold winter. I have been dreaming of spending winter time in a really cold place so ice parks will be a good bet to try.

Some countries will have longer winter season than others. Choose the one depending on your time availability to make the most of your wintertime vacation.

Here are some famous ice parks in the world to visit:

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in China

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is one of the most famous winter festivals around the world. It is famously known for the beautiful ice sculptures and play area for everyone to enjoy so much snow and cold in one place. It starts on 5 January 201 and will run for a month.

Harbin is located Heilongjiang Province in the northeastern part of China. The location of the place makes it a perfect place for snow and ice festivals due to its arctic climate which provides natural ice and snow.

Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival in South Korea

Taebaeksan Provincial Park in Jungang-ro Street of Taebaek-si, and Hwangji Pond Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do provide a wide array of events and activities for winter fun!  Guests can even participate in the Snowman Festival and snow sledding with the scenic Taebaeksan Mountain as a nice backdrop for the whole event.
The event runs for almost 2 weeks from January 21-31, 2016. 

Ouray Ice Park in Colorado, USA

The Ouray Ice Park is a very unique and interesting winter attractions in the world. It is a human made climbing area in a gorge in Ouray, Colorado.  The best thing about this man-made attraction is that is is free and open to the public. Many activities will run from January to February 2016. 

Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido, Japan

This is a festival held yearly in Sapporo, Japan. It is one of the famous winter festivities there that millions of visitors check out the festivities. It runs for a short period of time compared to the other winter festivals in other countries. The Sapporo Snow Festival will run from February 6 – 11, 2016.

Quebec Winter Carnival, Canada

Quebec, Canada is one of the wintry places in the world to enjoy ice and snow during the cold season. For the last 60 years, it has been home to fun and festivities due to the Quebec Winter Carnival. This year, the whole festivities will start from 29 January to 14 February, 2016.

Ice Music Festival in Geilo, Norway

(Photo credit: by Emile Holba/Ice Music Festival)

If other  ice and snow festivals in the world evolve around sculptures, this event takes on a different turn in Norway as artists are required to make a musical instrument out of ice. These ice musical instruments will accompany the artists with their performances as they use them to make beautiful melodies.

It will run from 21-24 January, 2016 in Geilo, Norway.

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Ski Resorts in Lebanon

Lebanon has picked up some bad rep over the years because of the security and instability of the political scene in the country. However, one must not forget that Lebanon is a beautiful country with long stretches of fine sandy beaches, lush valleys and mountains, delectable cuisine and best of all, lovely and nice ski resorts to visit during the winter time.

Not too far from Beirut are several skiing resorts to visit. They are usually frequented by Middle Eastern folks who don’t want to travel to Europe to enjoy a good ski activity, snow fun and the cold temperature up on the mountains.

There are 6 well-known ski resorts in Lebanon. They are:

Photo credit:

Faraya-Mzaar or Mzaar Kfardebian

Photo credit:

This resort is located 1 hour drive from Beirut on the Mount of Lebanon. It is surrounded by mountains and is the largest ski resort in Lebanon.

The Cedars

Photo credit:

The Cedars is located at very high altitude compared to the other ski resorts in the vicinity. Since it is in a high altitude, it has longer winter season than other areas in Lebanon.  It has several ski-lifts that can take you to the peak for a downhill skiing.


Photo credit:

The Laqlouq is both a ski and summer resort located on a plateau. It is surrounded by jagged edges and plenty trees which makes it a great cross country skiing resort.


Faqra Resort is also know as the Faqra Club which is an exclusive private resort. It has nice chalets and gardens which are perfect for both seasons.

Qanat Bakish

This resorts is less crowded and has very nice snow quality that is perfect for all ski levels.


Photo credit:

This resort is the closest to Beirut. Since it is north-facing, the Zaarour resort offers scenic vista of Mount Sannine and the valleys of Skull.

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Winter [Sport] is Coming….

Posted in lifestyle, travel tips, winter activities, winter sports
on October 11, 2015
Yeah, summer is over. The leaves are falling. The cold is setting in. No need to be sad though!

It’s a pretty exciting time of year if, like me, you’re into winter sports. I don’t even just mean the typical ones. People find the craziest things to do when it starts snowing. Here’s a few you have to try at some point!

Mass Snow Fights

Pic: Wiki

Facebook has made it easier than ever to organise mass snow battles. Especially prevalent in college towns and small cities, these have been taking off in a big way. You can kind of compare them to the buzz over mass pillow fights, but they are way simpler to organise. Not to mention far more brutal.

Hiking in the snow

This is one for adventurer/explorer fantasists. I’ve been snow trekking all over the place, but I always go with a friend who knows the area. Also, invest in the right gear. Get a decent jacket, and if you can, the best snowshoes for sale in the area. It really pays off.

Huskey Riding

I’ve always wanted to do this! Not only are huskies the cutest looking dogs in the world, they also strong, energetic and work together like a pack of wolves. That’s why in an arctic region they are the perfect mode of transport. It looks like a lot of fun.

Pic: Wiki

Ice Lake Fishing

Okay, fishing can seem like a lonely pursuit at the best of times. When it’s out in the middle of a frozen lake it looks even more lonely! Still, that can be cool. It’s supposed to be a relaxing, mind-clearing exercise. And if you can get a dinner out of it, that’s doubly good right?

Ice Diving

Pic: Pixabay

Usually when you think of scuba diving, you think of the world’s most exotic locations. The coral-rich Great Barrier Reef, The Caribbean, Sharm el Sheikh etc. But some of the most beautiful underwater scenery is only visible if you’re prepared to go down to the icy depths…


It’s a classic, but skiing is still one of the most adrenaline-pumping things you can do in the snow. The first time you go, you’ll definitely need someone to show you the ropes, so go with someone who’s been a couple of times. They’ll help you pick the right equipment and teach you how to get on your feet.

Ice water baths

All around the world, insane people are diving into rivers and lakes of ice. In California, it takes the form of a slide competition called the “Polar Bear Plunge”. Meanwhile, in Canada and the Far East, they are a fun way for village kids to show their manhood. As for residents of Northern Russia, it’s just an Easter tradition as banal as chocolate eggs!

There’s a serious amount of fun to be had in the snow. And it doesn’t stop there. So before you go somewhere for a winter holiday, check beyond the standard activities and experience something new!

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Step By Step Guide To Planning A Dream Ski Holiday

Posted in ski, ski holiday, ski resort, travel tips, winter activities
on October 1, 2015

Winter presents a whole range of unique travelling opportunities. For many people, it means going on a ski holiday! If you want to go skiing this winter, follow my step by step planning guide:

Decide On When You Want To Go

Naturally, ski holidays are a winter thing. So, you won’t be booking a summer ski holiday! Your first decision will be to pick the best time for you to go. Some people choose to go skiing for Christmas; others pick February as the best time to go. It will depend on your schedule and the schedule of anyone you’re going with (unless you’re going alone). Most ski resorts will get very busy during the middle part of winter, so be aware of that. You may want it to be busy, you may want it to be quiet, it’s up to you! The important thing is to pick a time before you move on in the planning process.

(Image Source:

Pick The Perfect Location

Picking the location is key to planning your perfect ski holiday. You want to go somewhere where the slopes are sublime, and safety is a priority. If you’re looking for a European ski holiday, then the French resort of Meribel is a great choice. For years, families have been journeying here to enjoy the snow and ski throughout winter. You may not have heard of it, as it’s not as famous as some other French places, so look for some information about Meribel before you commit to it. Of course, this isn’t the only option for you, there are plenty of other ski resorts out there. Make sure you pick one that has positive reviews and you know will lead to a good time.

(Image by PublicDomainPictures

Book Your Accommodation In Advance

As soon as you’ve picked where you want to go, you have to start looking at places to stay. All ski resorts will have a range of accommodation for you to pick from. There are different types of ski lodge that come in different styles. The trouble is, accommodation sells out very quickly. So, you have to make sure you’re booking it well in advance. If you’ve decided to go on an impulse ski holiday, don’t be surprised if you can’t find anywhere to stay. Book as soon as you can, it will make things a hell of a lot easier.

Get All Your Gear Sorted

The final thing you’ll do is get all the gear you need to bring. This means buying suitable clothing for a ski holiday. You’ll need to buy waterproof ski trousers and jackets. As well as some ski goggles, a helmet and ski gloves. I’d also recommend you get sunglasses too – I know this may sound weird but bear with me. If the sun is out, it can reflect off the snow and be a real pain if it then shines in your eyes, so sunglasses are important. Of course, you’ll need your ski poles and skis too, if you have any. If not, some ski resorts let you rent them during your stay. Although, it’s more comfortable using your own things.

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