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How To Keep Your House Safe While You’re Traveling

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My family and I are big travelers. We always make it a point to travel together annually to our choice-of-the-year destination. And with that, we often leave the house by itself during our week-long sojourns. Are we concerned about our house’s security? Definitely! But we’re not really that scared about someone breaching the security and safety of our home because we live in a high-rise building with a tight security personnel and system everywhere. No one is allowed to come in as security system is in place so you can check if your home is safe from breaking in and unexpected accidents. That gives us the chance to do home security audit when we come back from our leave.

How about if you don’t have the same living conditions as ours? Here are some tips to help secure your place while you are on the go.

Cancel or put a hold on your subscriptions while you are away

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One tell-tale sign of an empty house is the number of unattended subscriptions and mails piling on the gate or your doorstep.

If your subscription has an option to put a hold while you are away, avail of that. If not, maybe you can ask a relative to swing by and collect the mails on a regular basis. You can also request your trusted neighbor to pick them for you only for the duration of your leave.

Secure your premises with security cams and motion detector lights and alarms

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Security cameras are deterrent to thieves let alone a combination of alarms and lights that will get triggered when the security system is compromised. Some security cameras have features where you can track them on your smart phone and can disable and enable other security features with a click.

Install alarms in your doors, gates, and windows to ensure that your place will be secured while you are away.

These types of security is really worth investing and I will definitely recommend that.

Have some of your relatives or trusted friends to come and house sit while you are away

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I have friends who leave their keys to us so we can check on their place and bunk in if we want to just to keep the house secured while they are on a long vacation. You can do the same. Have an entrusted friend or relative come over and stay while you are on a sojourn to house sit and keep things running even when you are away. This is another way of having your subscription issue sorted.

Keep some lights on

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Whenever we go on a long vacation, we keep some lights on in the house to give off the impression that someone is in there. We usually leave the kitchen, back yard, and few rooms on to illuminate the house and give that lived-in feel.


So, if you embark on a vacation with the whole family and you want to secure your home, follow these tips and enjoy your vacation without the worries!

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Safety Tips For Pregnant Travelers

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on December 30, 2017



Pregnancy is the most exciting period of every woman. Looking forward to having another member of the family often feels fantastic for both the mother and father. But sometimes, there could be worries about traveling and doing other fun activities. If you are you are pregnant and planning to go on a trip, there is no need to worry. We are about to share some tips that will help you travel safely without having any complications.

Consult your doctor

Regardless of the stage of your pregnancy, there is a need to talk to your doctor before traveling. Pregnant travelers need to know of all the risks involved when going on a trip. Health experts say that uncomplicated pregnancies have a small risk of developing problems when on traveling. But talking to your doctor will help you know what to avoid doing during your trip.

Pack sensibly

There are things that you should not forget to carry for your trip. When packing for your trip, keep your pregnancy in mind and carry everything that will make you comfortable. Ensure to bring comfortable shoes for walking. Some of the things you should not forget include wipes, diapers, ID card, insurance documents, contacts of the nearest hospital and your people at home. Whether you are some months away from delivering your baby or a few days, carrying prenatal records is essential. It will help the doctors treating you in the event you need medical assistance during the trip. Not only will the doctors have a starting point you will make your treatment quick.

Travel by road

While flying can be the fastest way to reach your destination for the trip, traveling by car can be useful. This is because you have more access to medical emergency medication and can have frequent stops to ease yourself or stretch. While traveling by a vehicle can have more advantages over other means, do not be on the move for more than six hours. Ensure you take pregnancy nausea medications ahead of traveling.

Stay hydrated

Drinking lots of water when you are pregnant is imperative but is also critical when traveling. According to experts, pregnant women need to drink 12 glasses of water daily. Drinking lots of water help to make sure the production of milk is on course and there is a renewal of the amniotic fluid. Drinking plenty of water helps avoid false labor pains.

Eat healthily

Though you are away from home, eating healthy is vital for your health. Avoid eating fast foods and instead, pick a healthy alternative to control your pregnancy desires while traveling. Eating small meals and frequently may help avoid nausea and hypoglycemia. Eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can. It will help you gain more minerals and vitamins and prevent constipation. If some foods may not be available at your holiday destination, ensure to carry them along.


It is normal for any pregnancy women to feel tired. Ensure to have enough sleep and take breaks regularly. Resting will be helpful to you as you will get the energy you need to move around.


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Packing Checklist For A Lady Of Leisure



There is no greater way to spend your time than visiting other countries and seeing the world. However, your holiday can be less than relaxing if you get to the airport or even your accommodation and realise that you’ve forgotten something really important. The easiest way to avoid this is to write a checklist of everything that you need to take with you and tick it off as you go along. Luckily for you, I’ve already written down the basics, so you just need to remember the small stuff.

Passport & Boarding PassYou’re not going to go anywhere if you’ve forgotten your passport or boarding pass, so you need to be sure to check and double check that you’ve got it in your bag. These days you can often have your boarding pass saved on your phone, so be sure you do this and have a paper copy, just to be safe.

Large Handbag or BackpackAs well as a big suitcase, it’s likely that you’re going to want to take a large bag with you as carry on luggage. This bag should be filled with essentials for the plane, such as snacks, water, a book or kindle, your phone, your purse, and anything else you need. This bag can then be used during your holiday for days out and store snacks and essentials or can be doubled as a beach bag and look after your towel.

Phone & ChargerSome people use a holiday as a way to escape the stresses of everyday life, but this doesn’t mean that you have to leave your phone behind. Your phone can be used for a range of different things on your trip, such as for maps and directions, for music, as a translator, and to call the home or emergency services, just in case there is an emergency.

MoneyDon’t forget to exchange your currency before you go away. If you do it at the airport or when you get to your destination, it’s likely to cost you a lot more for the same amount of money. Shop around for the best rates a couple of weeks before you leave, and make sure you have this cash with you when you leave.

ClothesYour destination and the length of your trip is going to determine the type and number of clothing articles that you need to take with you. For example, if you’re going to The Caribbean for a week, then you’re going to need a floral dress or two, shorts, a swimming costume, and at least three t-shirts, whereas a weekend in Paris would require jeans and a comfortable jacket.

ToiletriesIf you’re only going away for a short while, then you should only need travel sized bottles of shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner. If you’re going away for a couple of weeks, it might make more sense to buy these things while you’re out there. You should also remember deodorant, sunblock, your toothbrush and toothpaste, razors, insect repellant, sanitary products, and plasters for blisters.

Travel AdaptorAs already mentioned, your phone is incredibly important, but it will be absolutely no use to you if you’ve forgotten that your travel adaptor. Not every country has the same plug type, so you need to ensure that you have an adaptor to be able to charge your phone (and any other electricals you decide to take with you). If you like to travel a lot, then a worldwide travel adapter may be the best option for you, as you then don’t have to buy new adapters whenever you go somewhere new.

EntertainmentYou may have chosen a destination specifically because of its amazing weather, but there’s always a chance that the weather is going to turn, and that you are going to get stuck in your hotel room with absolutely nothing to do. To avoid this, make sure that you pack something that can entertain you. If you’re going with your family or friends, then board games and card games are a great option. You could also download films, tv shows, and books onto a tablet, which is perfect for during your flight.

Remembering to pack everything you need for when you go away can be a difficult task, so there is always going to be something that you leave behind. If this happens, try not to stress; I’m sure you’ll be able to find somewhere that sells what you need. Regardless, this list should reduce your chances of forgetting anything, leaving you to relax.



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Things To Check Before Going On A Road Trip

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The Fall season is a good time to travel because of the beautiful foliage, the colorful sceneries, and the cool weather. It is a nice way to take a vacation, even if it just a weekender in a nearby county or a drive across a state to unwind. And in doing so, we need to also consider many things before we take the road trip.

Whether you are traveling nearby or taking a long road trip for your vacation or have been taking road trips regularly, it is still wise to check these things for your safety, security, and ensure your car’s road-worthiness to enjoy a fun time with your family or friends.


Schedule for a car check-up

Even if you are a pro in taking regular road trips near and far, it is imperative and smart to have your vehicle checked before the drive. Go to a reliable motor vehicle inspector and service unit to ensure everything in your car is in good condition, like the battery, tires, lights, and the brake is working properly.


Make it comfortable

Bringing small stuff toys and pillows for your kids can make a big difference in giving them comfort especially on a long drive. And as for the driver, a good back seat accessory to provide lumbar support is a perfect addition to keep you comfortable. And if you have toddlers traveling along, you may want to ensure they have proper car seats that is not only high-quality made but has met the highest standard in quality and safety.


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Bring your supplies

There is nothing wrong with being prepared. It is wise to carry first aid kit and some medications in case someone else falls ill and no immediate medical attention is at hand.  While it is understandable that a road trip will make people hungry, bring snacks like cut fruits, biscuits, and lots of water.

Also stock your vehicle with another kit that will be very useful in case emergency arises like a bag filled with spare batteries, flashlight, gloves, socks, blankets, and spare basic clothes.


Update your GPS

Make sure that your GPS system has been updated properly so you are on the right track. Set your GPS to pick up information on traffic congestions, road blocks/work/constructions, and even pit stops for those necessary potty breaks.



It may just be a weekend getaway or maybe a longer one, no matter what the trip is and how long it will be, if you have the extra budget to cover yourself and family, do purchase an insurance coverage that will give you a piece of mind while on the road, and on your vacation.


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