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Fast Weekend Getaway in Subic in a Budget

If you’re feeling cooped or has been dreaming of a weekend getaway with your family or friends without overspending, then Subic is a perfect destination for you.

Subic in Olangapo is a place in the Philippines that is teeming with beautiful beaches, mangroves, and plenty of fun activities to do. It is in the northern part of Luzon which is very close to Manila. Getting there is not very complicated if you are already coming from nearby metro areas like Caloocan, Manila, and Quezon City, and nearby towns along the North Express Way which is one of the main artery leading to Subic, Olongapo. You can either take a public transportation via bus or drive your own car for faster navigation. What ever your choice is to get there, you will surely find your way with GPS, the traditional map, by following the directions given by your travel guide or Subic Hotel booking confirmation’s details, or simply follow the street signs.



There are many accommodations to choose from in Subic. You do not have to spend a fortune to book a family room too. An example is, a family room for max. of 6 pax in Golden Slumber Resort for an overnight stay and the rate is based on today’s date in some hotel booking providers when you search for Subic hotels is only around Php 3,800 inclusive of tax. You can use the resort’s amenities like the pool for a quick dip.


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There are plenty of things to do in Subic while you are there over the weekend.  You can visit Zoobic Safari and experience nature up close, go trekking or even pet small animals too.

Entrance rates vary for adults and kids:

Adult: Php 545
Kid:  Php 445 (4 ft. and below)
FREE: kids 3 ft. and below

And if you buy your tickets online, you get 10% discount! (Based on Zoobic Safari’s website)

If the zoo is not your thing, then you can head on to Ocean Adventure and watch cute dolphins and sea lions perform their acts in front of many spectators. Ocean Adventure has a 4+1 promo right now which costs Php 3,155 for 4 pax and plus 1, making it a 5 pax rate! However, the rate is valid only until 16 Dec. 2016 but the reservation is not required for the 4+1 promo.


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Is your group into hiking and marveling on the beauty of mother nature? Then enjoy Pamulaklakin Forest Trail. Here you will get to walk for 30 minutes along a trail with a guide who will teach you how to follow a trail and even give trivia on some of the plants’ medicinal properties that you will find along the way.  The entrance fee is also relatively cheap.

Is thrilling activities and adventure your group’s thing?  Feel like a superhero or Tarzan as you zip through one tree to another with Tree Top Adventure’s adrenalin pumping rides like the canopy ride, superman ride, silver surfer, and others. Rates vary per ride or as combination. However, with your Php 100, you will surely have some activity to do in Tree Top Adventure.


Aside from the thrills and nature encounters, there are plenty of food outlets to try to satisfy your cravings without burning a whole in your pocket.  Check out some local food outlets in Subic and stretch your budget to enjoy your meals.

Hotshots – a Garden Fresh salad will cost your Php 179 and the Filipino Style Barbecue is only Php 159.

The Coffee Shop Restaurant – known  now for their coffee but for their giant tacos for only Php 90!

Or you may even try the ubiquitous McDonald’s, Jollibee, amongst others.

So, stop thinking about that weekend trip you have been longing to take and just do it! Having fun with your family or friends need not be costly as you can split the cost amongst other members of the group so everyone gets to enjoy and save too! Happy trip!


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Planning a Trip to the Mount Rushmore State

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on February 15, 2018

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The USA is such a vast place that it can often be difficult to choose just one place to visit. While some people opt for a road trip, skipping from one state to another, many of us have responsibilities back home that means we have to limit the period of time that we’re away. If you’re going to visit just one state, why not consider South Dakota, otherwise known as the Mount Rushmore state? Here’s everything you need to know in advance of your trip!


Now, South Dakota is 380 miles long and 210 miles wide. With this considerable sizes comes relatively dramatic variation in weather and climate from one region to another. For general travel purposes, you can expect South Dakota to be split into two different climates. The Eastern region has a humid continental climate. You expect a humid atmosphere and moderate precipitation. The Western half is perhaps preferable, with a semiarid steppe climate. This means that you can expect plenty of sunshine and low levels of rain.

Where to Stay

As with any state, there are various options at hand when it comes to accommodation while you are away from home. The key to a successful trip is to find something with plenty of room, comfort, and sufficient amenities. You will probably see various hostels advertised. But the low costs that come hand in hand with these come at a price. You won’t be able to expect a room of your own or even a toilet or wash facilities of your own. For something reasonably priced but with privacy and comfort, consider a hotel along the lines of Comfort Inn & Suites Custer. There are poolside facilities to lounge at and accommodating guest rooms to settle down in at the end of the day. You can also look forward to extras such as Wi-Fi, free parking, a fitness centre, a business centre for any meetings you may have arranged, and plenty of reading material (such as local guides and a daily complimentary newspaper).

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Things to Do

Mount Rushmore

Of course, South Dakota’s main attraction is Mount Rushmore. Nearly three million people visit the site every year. So how should you go about seeing this tourist hotspot from the best angle possible? Well, if you want to avoid the crowds, give the months of June, July, and August a miss. This is the season where most people have vacations booked and time off work, so it figures!

If you want to learn more about the figures carved in stone, you can also take a Presidential Road Trip. A specially devised itinerary will take you along a route stopping off on all sorts of historical sites pertaining to the presidents.

Black Hills National Forest

While you’re in South Dakota, you should make the most of the natural beauty of the area. Start with the Black Hills National Forest. You may not be able to make your way around all of the best spots in a day (it’s an astounding 1.2 million acres of trees). As well as taking in the landscape and scenery, you can take part in all sorts of activities such as hiking, rock climbing, mining, and taking a look at the local wildlife. If you want to stay a little longer, you can even camp in the area!


As you can see, South Dakota holds a lot of potential for any wanderlust-stricken traveller. So add it to your travel bucket list!


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Can Work And Travel Mix? Hint: Yes They Can!

Posted in lifestyle, travel
on January 26, 2018


From the outside, it seems as if business travelers are incredibly lucky. Working while being abroad is something the majority of employees would kill for in a job. What could be better than sitting by the pool and messing around on the laptop? The truth is that business trips are not as fun or as exotic as they appear. There’s lots of commuting, stress, and no time to see the sights. Still, there’s no reason to assume that business and pleasure don’t mix because they do.

Here are the worst parts of working away and the solutions.

Dingy Hotel Rooms

Anyone who likes living in a hotel for weeks on end is mad. There can’t be anything more boring while you are away from home. The only saving grace is the privacy, but you would much rather be in your own bed. To stop depressing hotel rooms driving your crazy, you have to book into a decent establishment. The room should be clean, the pool swimmable, and the bar atmospheric. That way, it is possible to wake up every morning and get out of bed without wondering “when will it end?!” Plus, the nightlife always helps to take off the edge.

Economy Seats

Flying is great when you do it once or twice a year. When you do it a couple of times a week, the novelty wears off quickly. Budget flights are cramped, noisy, and drag on longer than physically possible. If only you could sit in the first class section – that would be amazing. Well, it is possible if you rack up enough air miles over the course of the year. The best American Airlines credit card allows you to purchase items and pick up points along the way. Once you have enough, you can trade them for a better seat on the plane.

No Free Time

People assume there’s little work to do and lots of sights to see. In reality, the bosses have you working around the clock and there is no free time. When there is, the last thing you want to do is check out the local cathedral. A cool trick is to fly to your destination in advance and take in the culture. Single people don’t have commitments, so it’s perfectly acceptable if you are unattached. Another tip is to mix work with the local lifestyle. Instead of sitting in a hotel, you can go to a coffee shop in a vibrant town square.

Public Transport

You haven’t been on a bus for years, yet you have to take public transport everywhere in a foreign city. Like back home, it’s long, boring and smelly. Travelers may enjoy the “experience,” but you want to get to work and back as quickly as possible. An affordable and realistic option is to hire a car. As long as you have a license, you are eligible to drive. Plus, picking it up and taking it back to the same place cuts the cost in half.

Business trips aren’t perfect, but they are manageable. So, do you think this tips could work for you?


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Does It Make Sense for You to Buy an RV?

Posted in lifestyle, RV rental, travel, travel tips
on January 22, 2018

There are many different styles of travel, but for many people, nothing beats the traditional road trip. A road trip allows you to set the pace and itinerary of your vacation and provides you with the opportunity to explore what your own country has to offer in terms of attractions, scenery, and sites. If road trips are your preferred type of vacation, then there’s also a good chance you’ve at least entertained the idea of purchasing an RV. Because it can be a fairly sizeable expense, it’s not a decision you want to rush into it.

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If you find yourself on the fence as to whether it makes sense for you to buy an RV or not, here is some information you can use that should make the decision process a little easier.

Compare the Expense of Renting an RV to Buying One

A great place to start is with the actual numbers. For most people, it comes down to cost, so take a look at what it would cost you to buy a modest-sized RV versus renting one. It’s important to factor in how many times you would travel in the year, and add up all those rental costs. At the end of the day, it’s always going to be cheaper to purchase your own RV over renting one.

Compare the Expense of Buying an RV to Staying in Hotels

Now, you can use the same exercise again, but this time, compare it to how much it would cost you in gas for your car, hotel accommodations, and meals since you can’t prepare any food in your room. With an RV, you at least can make your own meals, which is a lot more economical. Again, owning your own RV is likely going to come out on top as the cheaper option.

How Often Do You Take Road Trips?

Another factor to consider is just how often you take road trips. If you take more than one or two a year, then it’s clear it is your preferred style of vacation. The thing is that if you buy an RV, you are pretty much making the decision that this will be your main, if not your only style of vacation moving forward. This means you have to be okay with that choice.

Make a Little Money When You’re Not Using the RV

If you don’t plan on using your RV all year long, then it can also be used as a source of income. That income can then go towards paying it off or using on your various road trips if you like.  Rather than leaving your RV parked in your driveway for weeks and months at a time without being used, why not look at ways that you can “rent my RV“.

There are actually rental management services that will make sure the rental process is done smoothly and properly so that you and your RV are protected. You can rent it out as much as you like over the course of the year. Typically, people make anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 in the span of one year.

So, while buying an RV might not be worth it for everyone, for those who take a few road trips a year and prefer this style of vacationing, it could make perfect sense.


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Perfectly Picturesque: The Prettiest Destinations For Sightseers

The best thing about travel is being able to see new things. A different part of the world with different types of architecture, terrain and landscape, weather conditions and more. So if you want the type of vacation where you will be taking in the sights rather than just lying on a beach- you won’t be disappointed with any of the following locations.

The Lake District and The Peak District, UK

When most people picture the UK they think of dreary weather and busy London town. However, the UK is also full of amazing, natural beauty. The lake district in located in the north of England, it’s a mountainous region and offers some of the most stunning scenery in the country. From spectacular lakes to forests, rivers and mountains you’re sure to snap some fantastic photos. In the peak district, in central England, you can expect to see limestone valleys and stepping stones with lots of interesting terrain. As well as breathtaking views you can find out more with the various educational programs they run. There are all kinds of trails you can hike with varying levels of difficulty depending on your fitness. There are caverns, a reservoir and lots of historic buildings nearby that you could look into. Both destinations have quaint villages nearby that you could take a walk into and see what English life is all about.


Noto Peninsula, Japan

If you want to see mountains, hot springs, stunning gardens, dramatic coastlines and gorgeous seaside villages then Noto Peninsula- a peninsula off the main island of Japan is definitely one to consider. If you look into Japan cycling tours you’ll see this is a popular destination as it’s so pretty. Visit in spring or autumn if you want warm, dry weather. The summer is hot and humid, and there’s often snowfall in the winter so it all depends on the kind of trip and weather backdrop you’re after.

The Arctic Region

The Arctic isn’t a country or destination within itself, it’s actually an area made up of parts of Alaska, Sweden, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Russia. The Arctic has varying levels of snow and ice cover throughout  the year, and provides incredible scenery since it’s one of the most unspoiled areas in the world. There are all kinds of wildlife which in the Arctic making it the perfect place to view different animal. Plus snow covered peaks, frozen bodies of water and ice everywhere really does look magical- a great place if you want to see some mind blowing views.

Florida, US

When you think of Florida you might think of Disney, built up areas jammed with tourist attractions. Which might be fun, but don’t really provide a whole lot of scenic viewing. However there’s so much more to the Sunshine State than being the home of Mickey. From stunning sandy coastlines to idyllic gardens in Miami, palm trees and the Florida Keys where you can watch or swim with wild dolphins. With the year round sunny weather it provides a gorgeous backdrop to the beaches, plantlife and rolling hills.


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Escape The Harsh Winter And Travel To The Caribbean


I wish I live in your place! That will be my common quip because I love winter. However, if you’ve been living in a country where the winter gets so crazy then I will completely understand the need to go on a vacation to somewhere sunny – the Caribbean!

The Caribbean region lies in the Caribbean sea and consists of approximately 7,000 and more independent and territories of other countries. It is situated in the East of Central America, Southeast of USA, and north of the South American region. And because of this, the Caribbean islands enjoy a nice tropical/sub-tropical climate with a dry and wet season but still enjoys a year-long sunshine.

This region is a hit to many who wants to enjoy the warm weather throughout the year. You can do many activities here such as sightseeing, water sports, lots of swimming and snorkeling, and diving too while forgetting the harsh winter climate back home.


Here are just some of the countries listed in the Caribbean region for you to consider if you want to ditch your winter wear in exchange of a beach wear and the cool (bot not freezing cold!) breeze on your face. Then head off to this Caribbean paradise!




Cayman Islands





Puerto Rico

Saint Lucia

Trinidad and Tobago

Turks and Caicos


(Photos are from credit to the owners)

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Travelling with Purpose: Picking a Theme for Your Next Adventure

Posted in lifestyle, tourist attractions, travel, travel ideas, travel tips
on January 13, 2018

Now, there’s nothing wrong with looking at a map of the world, throwing a dart, and deciding to travel to whatever country that you hit. And there’s nothing with looking at exotic photographs of far-flung destinations and deciding “I want to go there.” However, there’s also another way to travel, and that is by picking a theme you already love and picking destinations around that subject. If you do this, you know you’ll have a good time, and will most likely visiting places that most people never think to visit!


A Literary Tour

You can travel to different countries and periods through the power of the written word. But now that you’ve travelled there through literature…why not travel there in real life? There are two ways to do this. You can visit places that famous authors have immortalised, or you can visit the places where they lived and worked. Love reading Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays? Then take a trip to Stratford Upon Avon, and the Globe Theatre in London. How about Ernest Hemingway? You can get recreate his travels through France, Spain, Africa, and everywhere else, drinking in the same bars he drank in along the way (be warned: there are a lot of them).

Tasteful Travels

We live in a global world, and it’s never been easier to get food from all over the world, regardless of where you live. However, drinking a glass of delicious French wine at home isn’t the same as drinking a glass of delicious French wine as you’re sitting in France, overlooking a vineyard, with a setting sun in front of you. Japanese food, Italian food, Sangria, and so on: they’re all given another level of deliciousness when you’re in a place that mastered them in the first place.

Life’s Mysteries

How about taking a trip that connects with you the spooky goings-on on earth? There are plenty of real haunted houses across the globe; pick your destination, and take a tour of some of the homes where spirits are said to roam. And there’s not only earthly concerns you have the option to explore: take a trip to Roswell, and you’ll be able to do your own bit of investigatory work about what really happened there in 1947. Did a UFO really crash there? The locals certainly think so.

The Sound of Music

Of all the human inventions, it’s hard to find one that people love more than music. There are musical icons, classic venues, and urban legends about musicians located all over the globe. If you have a favourite type of music, incorporate it into your next travels. No fan of The Beatles, for example, can call themselves a true fanatic if they’ve never been to Liverpool.

Movie Magic

Finally, to the big screen. You don’t have to go to Hollywood to get your dose of movie magic; film sets are located all over the world. Have an all-time favourite movie? Visit the famous locations! Whether you choose to recreate the scene is up to you, though.


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